The Monkees Season 2 Quotes

33. “It’s a Nice Place to Visit” Quotes

Play Micky: We gotta get out of here!
Davy: But Angelita!
Mike: Angelita? Are you kiddin’, man? You heard what that guy said; that’s El Diablo’s girl, and if he catches you with her, he’ll kill you!
Davy: Well, every couple has its problems, you know.

Play Mike: Wait a minute, don’t you think maybe we oughta take something out with us, like a club card or some badges?
Micky: Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!

Play El Diablo: They call me El Diablo, also known as the Bandit Without A Heart!
Micky: They call me El Dolenzio, also known as the Bandit Without A Soul!
Mike: And they call me El Nesmito, also known as the Bandit Without No… Wi-without Any Conscience.
Peter: And they call me El Torko, the Bandit uh… Without A Nickname.

Play Peter: Uh, buenos días, el guardo. Uh, como va? Uh, yo guardero el prisonero usted of uh, oh, party-o.
Bandit: Yes, yes?
Peter: Uh, El Diablo, uh, lots of food, uh, there’s a party, uh, fiesta, lots of carryin’-ons, uh, over the hill.
Bandit: Yes?
Peter: …Booze.
Bandit: Ohh!

Play Davy: Oh no, no, Mr. Bandit, please, I didn’t mean it, honestly. It was a joke, honestly.
Peter: Davy, it’s me, Peter.
Davy: Peter who?
Peter: Peter Tork.
Davy: Oh, Peter!
Peter: Davy!
Davy: Peter!
Peter: Davy!
Davy: Peter!

Play [Davy is tied to the tree]
Peter: How do you untie a square knot?
Davy: Square knot, uh, let me see, oh yeah, yeah. You know the knot? Well, there’s a loop underneath it. Peter, my finger, don’t pull on my finger, will ya?
Davy: Stick it through the figure eight! Now do it, will ya? Now underneath, you see, you see the string hanging down, the one that’s criss-crossed like a figure—well, you kn—an eight, an eight… it’s like, it’s shaped like this
[Davy draws a figure eight shape in the air, then puts his hand behind the tree]
Davy: An eight! You got that? Well, anyway, you take that, and you take the loose end. Been here for twenty-five minutes!

Play Mike: El Dolenzio, wha-what you’re doing?
Micky: I’m just trying to mingle!

Play [Mike and Micky arrive]
Peter: Mr. Bandit, please don’t!
Micky: Don’t what? It’s Mike and M… I mean, it’s Micky and Mike.
Peter: Micky and Mike who?
Micky: “Micky and Mike who?!”
Mike: You know “Micky and Mike who”. What do you say “Micky and Mike who?” for?
Peter: Well, Davy did it to me.

Play Mike: Look, man, you’ve been challenged! What are you gonna do?
Micky: What am I gonna do? Micky Dolenz in a challenge? What do you think I’ll do?
Mike: You’re gonna split!
Micky: Right!

Play Peter: Are you scared?
Micky: No, I’m not scared; I’ll welcome this duel. The symbol of good against the symbol of evil, and I know I’m gonna be the victor.
Davy: Because the symbol of good always wins?
Micky: No, because the lead in a television series always wins.

34. “The Picture Frame” Quotes

Play Micky: Hey Pete! Hey, you missed the big hold-up scene!
Mike: Yeah, the movie scene!
Peter: Yeah, I know, man; I went to stage one at two o’clock instead of stage two at one.

Play Sergeant: Alright, Monkees. Come on out. We know you’re in there.
Micky: Hey, what do they want us for?
Peter: Oh, that library book—it’s a week overdue!

Play [watching the hidden camera tape from the bank]
Davy: I thought this was gonna be in color!
Micky: Hey, if I’da known this was gonna be in black and white, I wouldn’ta done it.

Play Micky: I’m glad you cut out the part where I tripped, ’cause that wasn’t a very good scene at all.

Play Davy: We were shootin’ a movie. Some cat came up and said, ‘You wanna shoot a movie?’. We said, “Yeah, we shoot a movie”. So we shot a movie.

Play Mike: W-well, y’s-see, it’s like I told ya, but we thought we were, we were doin’ a movie.
Sergeant: Still stickin’ to that story, huh? Well, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll change your tune.
[Mike plays the harmonica]
Mike [in a high voice]: Well, it’s like I told ya, we thought we were doin’ a movie.

Play Davy: Even Peter thinks we’re guilty.
Peter: I don’t think you’re guilty; I just don’t see how you could possibly be innocent.

Play Harvey: Hey, what are you doing here?
Peter: I can’t tell you that.
Harvey: I’ll make you a big movie star.
Peter: No, I still can’t tell you.
Harvey: I get it; you’re snooping!
Peter: You guessed!

35. “Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik” Quotes

Play Davy: Tell me, has the princess ever had a crush on anyone before?
Shazar: Yes, there was a boy like you once. She loved him, but he rejected her.
Davy: Oh. Does she still see him?
Shazar: Oh yes. She visits him every week and puts a wreath on his grave.

Play Davy: This king kidnapped me, and he wants me to marry his daughter!
Micky: Nice looking?
Davy: Well, you know he’s not bad—
Micky: No, no, his daughter, his daughter.

Play [King Hassar Yaduin brings in a model of a temple]
Davy: What’s that, what’s that?
King Hassar Yaduin: This is where you would live.
Mike: That’s a little small, isn’t it?

Play Davy: I’m gonna make you the Director of Forests. How about that?
Peter: You would.

Play [Shazar takes a bite of the food]
Peter: How is it?
Shazar: It’s… poisoned… and… a little rare…

Play Colette: It’s so nice spending these last few moments alone.
Davy: What do you mean “these last few moments”?
Colette: At sundown, we must separate, and then we’re forbidden from seeing each other until the wedding.
Davy: Oh. Then we’d better kiss a little faster.

Play Davy: Oh, that’s sweet: Nehradian cupid.
Colette: No, Davy! Someone’s trying to kill you!
Davy: Ooh!

36. “Monkee Mayor” Quotes

Play Davy: You’d think at three in the afternoon, there’d be somebody at City Hall.
Micky: Maybe they’re on their coffee break.
Peter: How long is their coffee break?
Mike: From nine to five.

Play Mike: They’re gonna tear down a stadium and build a parking lot.
Micky: They’re gonna tear down a hospital to build a parking lot.
Peter: And here’s the kicker—
Davy, Micky, Mike: They’re gonna tear down a parking lot to build a parking lot.
Peter: Hey, how did you guys know?
Mike: Well, that’s the oldest joke in the world.

Play Peter: Hey, lookit, it’s a half a check for a hundred dollars!
Mike: It’s two halves of a hundred dollar check!
Peter: It’s a check for two hundred dollars!… It’s two checks for fifty dollars.

37. “Art, for Monkees’ Sake” Quotes

Play Duce: What’s with the hat? The hat’s not needed.
Peter: It’s Mike’s hat; it’s knitted.
Duce: I know it’s knitted, but it’s not needed.
Peter: How did you know it was knitted?
Duce: I can tell it’s knitted, but it’s not needed.
Peter: Oh, for a minute, I thought you knew Mike.

Play Duce: What’s the most important thing for an artist?
Peter: Paint.

Play Peter: The man who painted that was brilliant.
Davy, Micky, Mike: That means they’ve switched the paintings.

Play Mike: The modest but powering Texan needs no introduction. Hm-hm.

Play Mike: That thing was almost a thousand years old.
Peter: Oh, well, thank goodness it wasn’t new.

Play Peter: He’s in for a lot of trouble.
Micky: Why, because we’re switching the painting?
Peter: No, because I put hot mustard on those sandwiches.
Micky, Peter: Ha. Ha.

38. “I Was a 99 lb. Weakling” Quotes

Play Micky: I guess that’s why I fell in love with you, Brenda; I wanted a girl with some intelligence.
Brenda: Yeah, intelligence.

Play Peter: I wish Mike were here.

Play Davy: Hey, you. Stan’ up!
Bulk: Who, me?
Davy: Yeah, you. Stan’ up! … Step over that line. … Step over that line. … Alright, step over this line.
Bulk: Okay, now what?
Davy: Just as I thought; you’re always taking orders. Naaah!

Play Peter: Did I hear somebody yell for help? Did I hear somebody yell for help?
Brenda: No.
Peter: What do you mean, no? Look at that man’s back; it’s covered with spots!
Brenda: Uh! Help!

Play Peter: Hey, mister! Would you throw us back our ball?
Davy: [to camera] Ha ha ha ha ha!
[Bulk struggles try to pick up the ball]
Bulk: Ohh! Aie! Uhh! I can hardly lift it!
Davy: [to camera] Shouldn’t think he could. Lead, you know. Ooh!

Play Davy: Where’s that uh, diri—diri—blimp headed for?
Peter: Bayonne, New Jersey.
Davy: Bayo—Bayonne, New Jer—You know, I used to have a girlfriend in Bayonne, New Jersey.
Peter: Anything like the Secaucus girl?
Davy: No, I dunno. Her name was Mary Ann.

Play Davy: Take a deep breath.
Micky: Hi, Brenda. How are you?
Davy: No, deeper, deeper, deeper.
Micky: Hi, Brenda. Deeper? Hi, Brenda.
Davy: Beautiful.

Play Shah-Ku: Maybe this time you’ll believe me.
Micky: I’m a believer, I’m a believer.

Play [about Micky’s “food”]
Davy: Do we kill him now or later?
Mr. Schneider: Does hunger justify murder?
Davy: Oh, man, they’d never convict you if they tasted that!

Play Shah-Ku: You, too, if you stand up, you may join us.
Davy: I am standing up.

Play Davy: Um, before I came to Shah-Ku’s, I used to be 6'2".
Shah-Ku: Next testimonial, please!
Davy: And then, uh, it put so much weight on my shoulders that it squashed me!

Play Micky: Sh—she wants his mind… uh, no, that’s not—uh, I have a mind—no, I don’t have a mind, I lost mine. I have body though.

39. “Hillbilly Honeymoon” Quotes

Play Micky: Safe at last!
Ella Mae Chubber: I knew you’d come!
Micky: But I’m not the one!
Ella Mae Chubber: I love ya, Davy!
Micky: But I’m Micky!
Ella Mae Chubber: I love ya, Micky!
[Ella Mae kisses Micky]
Micky: Well, I tried.

Play Paw Chubber: Well, I don’t care who it is; Ella Mae’s gotta get married because tomorrow she’ll be sixteen years old, and I don’t want nobody calling her old maid.

Play Peter: Hey look, where’s Davy?
Paw Chubber: Judd Weskitt took him up to his cabin at gun point. But I wouldn’t fret none about him.
Peter: Oh, how come?
Paw Chubber: Because he’s probably dead by now.

Play Ella Mae Chubber: I think you’re cute!
Mike: So does my wife and kids.

Play Paw Chubber: Hold it! You two wasn’t thinking on runnin’ out on me, was ya?
Mike: What, and leave our buddy Peter here?
Micky: It’s a thought.
Peter: Micky!

Play Ella Mae Chubber: I love you, Micky!
Peter: I’m Peter!
Ella Mae Chubber: I love ya, Peter!
[Ella Mae kisses Peter]
Peter: Well, I tried.

Play Mike: I’d play my nose now, but I’m… it’s… my nose is… out being fixed!
Micky: Right!
Mike: Out being fixed! Yeah, I sent my nose out to have it fixed, and this a cheap loaner, and I don’t—I can’t play this.

Play Micky: Where’s Davy?
Mike: In the sack.

Play Mike: Okay, Davy, you’re free! And back with your friends! Davy?
Micky: Davy? Davy?
[Mike and Micky cry]
Davy: Hey, hey, hey! What’s the matter?
Micky, Mike: It’s Davy Jones!
Davy: Oh no!
[Mike and Micky and Davy cry]
Micky: What do we do now?

Play Paw Chubber: Now, of his own free will, repeat after me: Ella Mae, honey.
Davy: Ella Mae, honey.
Paw Chubber: I wanna…
Davy: I wanna…
Paw Chubber: Go ahead. Go ahead.
Davy: I wanna… I… I wanna be freeeee… free! Free! Like the blue, blue biiiirds!
Paw Chubber: Anybody who sings like that deserves to die.

Play Paw Chubber: Come on, sonny. Say it: “Will you marry me?”
Davy: Will you marry me?
Mike: Ten million chicks madly in love with him, and he’s gonna marry an old man.

Play Micky: Where’s Judd?
Maw Weskitt: Over there!
Mike: Where’s Judd?
Maw Weskitt: Same place!

Play Davy: Knock knock.
Mike: Who’s there?
Davy: Wa.
Mike: Wa who?
Davy: That’s right, wahoo.
Micky: Wahoo!

40. “Monkees Marooned” Quotes

Play Micky: A treasure map. That’s one of the dumbest things you’ve ever done, Pete.
Peter: That’s not fair, Micky.
Davy: Uh, that’s not true, Micky. He’s done dumber things than that, I know.
Peter: Thanks, man.

Play Davy: If we hurry, men, we can destroy the British at Trenton.
Micky: Davy, you are British.
Davy: Oh yeah. I forgot.

Play Davy: No, that wasn’t a rifle shot, man. That—this is a deserted island; it was probably a car backfiring or something.

Play Mike: What are you, what are you g—what are you doin’?
Micky: Hiding behind you.
Mike: What? Hiding behind me? If he finds me, that means he finds you.
Micky: Oh, right, we better hide Mike.
Peter: Hide Mike, hide Mike.

Play Thursday: Who writes that stuff?

Play Mike: I think, my good compatriots, that the time has come to split up.
Davy: Oh, no, man!
Peter: No, man! What about the buh-luh-lum?
Micky: Here we come… Hey, hey, we’re The Monkees.
Mike: Wait a minute, please! I mean that we should split up so that the major, in his quest for our hides…
Peter: Oh, you mean split up together here, because of the… okay.

Play Davy: Let’s go then.
Micky: We can’t use your hand, Davy; it’s in meters, man.

Play Micky: Wait! Our footprints! Great Scott! That means we’re lost! We’ve been going around in circles!
Davy: Ah, Micky, Micky. It’s a small set, man. We have to use the same place, you know, different bushes, trees…
Mike: Yeah. Don’t you remember, like, like The Lone Ranger and the big rock?

Play Thursday: Relax, men. I’ve defected.
Peter: I’d see a doctor about that.
Mike: That’s not… that’s not what “de-defected” means…
Peter: Yes it is.

41. “Card Carrying Red Shoes” Quotes

Play Davy: Uh, now let’s understand this. You mean you’re gonna shoot us, and keep him because of his face?
[Natasha nods]
Davy: Well, what do ya think this is, chopped liver? Yeah, these two, yeah.
Peter: Well, it can’t be you every week, Davy.

Play Micky: Now, now, look, miss. You know, guns really never solved anything. They’re not the solution to the problem; they’re only a coward’s way out. Wouldn’t you rather talk it over instead of hiding behind a gun? Now, why don’t you give it to me?
[Natasha hands over the gun]
Micky: Alright, hands up! You’re takin’ orders from me!
Davy: Oh no! Oh, please!
Micky: Not you, ding-a-ling!

Play Micky: Shut up, face!

Play Natasha Pavlova: And then they came, and they took him away, and they said they will make him talk.
Micky: Talk? Never. They can torture him, beat him, drug him… he’ll never talk. There’s only one torture he can’t withstand though; I pray they don’t use that.
Natasha Pavlova: What’s that?
Micky: The direct question.

Play Davy, Micky: Together we will march. Together we will fight. Together we will win. Together we will find ourselves in places we don’t have any business being.

Play Micky: I don’t wanna be a chicken. I don’t wanna be a chicken. I don’t wanna be a chicken. I don’t wanna be a chicken. I don’t wanna be a chicken. I don’t wanna be a chicken. Ward, I don’t wanna be a chicken.

42. “The Wild Monkees” Quotes

Play Mike: Where did you, where did, where did you, where did you get that water?
Peter: From the car, like Micky said.
Mike: Where in the car?
Peter: From the radiator?
Davy: Oh, Micky. Don’t worry. Listen, it’s a good job he didn’t get it from the petrol tank—
Peter: That’s what I meant, the petrol tank.

Play Micky: Isn’t that dumb?

Play Peter: What kinda people have you got coming up here? Senior citizens visiting their grandparents? Ha ha ha ha…!

Play Mike: Where’re you going?
Davy: I’m go—going to the kitchen to get something to eat.
Mike: Yeah, but the kitchen’s that way.
Davy: Yeah, but the one back at the pad isn’t; it’s that way, heh heh.

Play Davy: Please don’t kill me! Please… Kill me, kill me, ah ha ha, kill me some more… ha ha! And again, and again.

Play Mike: Oh! The picture of the male I most remind you of? Of course, of course I’d like to see it! Let me see it! Ah ha ha! It’s a cocker spaniel!

Play Mike: Mick, will you shut off your engine? We can’t hear a word you’re saying.
Micky: Wh—what, Mike?
Mike: Micky, I said will you shut off your engine, we can’t hear you!
Micky: I can’t hear you, Mike; my engine’s running!
Mike: WILL YOU SHUT OFF YOUR ENGINE [Micky shuts off the engine] WE CANNOT HEAR Y—!

Play Micky: Alright, now, let’s take the pledge. It says here in the script—
Mike: Handbook!
Micky: —handbook.

Play Mike: Do not explain it to them like that. They are nothing but ordinary chicks.
Micky: Yeah, right, just a chick.
Peter: Yeah.

Play Davy: For initiation, we kill our new members.

Play Mike: Now, look here, Butch. You can’t… you can’t keep pushing me like this, Butch. You’re gonna get, uh, too far with it here in a minute… and I’m not going any farther.
Butch: How come?
Mike: Well, because I can’t get over this desk.
Peter: No more room!

Play Mike: Order, order, can I have some order, please?
Davy: Uh, bagel with cream cheese and a cream soda.
Mike: Not that.
Peter: Don’t do that.
Davy: Oh, excuse me.

43. “A Coffin Too Frequent” Quotes

Play Davy: Hey, I’d didn’t know you could read.
Peter: I’ve been able to read since I was fifteen years old.

Play Peter: Sixty years of service… ruined?

Play Henry Weatherspoon: I told you, I am a scientist.
Micky: A mad scientist?
Henry Weatherspoon: No, but I will be if he keeps making those remarks.

Play Micky: Now that’s a trip!

Play Micky: Ah ha ha ha, isn’t that dumb?

Play Peter: I know why everybody joins hands at a séance.
Davy: To make sure they have contact?
Peter: No, ’cause they’re scared silly.

44. “Hitting the High Seas” Quotes

Play Micky: Boy, Pete, you sure know how to use your mouth.

Play Harry Hooker: Reynolds?
Frank Reynolds: Here!
Harry Hooker: Dolenz?
Micky: Here, sir.
Harry Hooker: Tork?
[Micky and Davy begin talking]
Harry Hooker: Shut up!
Davy: But you said we could talk!
Harry Hooker: Shut! Up!

Play Captain: Davy Jones on my ship. Oh, what a tremendous stroke of luck!
Davy: Yeah, you’re right. That is very lucky.
Micky: I don’t feel so lucky.

Play Captain: Take him to the galley!
Davy: Oh, please! Not the galley! Oh, the galley, no, please, don’t hang me! Don’t hang me!
Micky: No no no, not the gallows, the galley.
Davy: Oh. You had me worried for a minute there. Heh heh.

Play [Peter and Micky sing “Tear the Top Right off my Head”]

Play Peter: I incited the men.
Davy: Boy, are they mad!
Peter: When I incite, I incite!

Play Davy: We told you not to try it!
Peter: We said single-handed mutinies never work, stranger!
Captain: “Stranger”? I thought you came aboard with him!
Davy: Him? No! We’ve never seen him before! We wouldn’t hang around with long haired weirdos like that, would we?
Peter: Dirty Commie!
Davy: Yeah!

Play Peter: I’m innocent! I never impersonated a parrot in my life! I can’t even do a good cow! Moo?

Play Davy: Also, tell me, who’s ringing that bleeding bell all time here, heh?

45. “Monkees in Texas” Quotes

Davy: What is this “bang bang bang” stuff?
Peter: Well, I hate violence. Besides, I have more shells than you. Bang bang bang…!

Play Black Bart: Have you had enough, nestors?
Mike: The name is Nesmith, and if you’re gonna scream it out here in the middle of the war, get it right! That’s Nesmith!
Peter: I thought Mike’s name was Nestor.
Mike: N-E-P-K-Y-O-R-J-B—
Aunt Kate Nesmith: No, no, “nestor” means “farmer”. He’s right; he means “nestors”.
Mike: Ohh. Oh, hey, I’m sorry, uh, I didn’t realize, you know, and it seems like you were right in the first place, so go ahead with your speech.

Play Mike: Oh I’m, I’m afraid I don’t know this lady here. Oh my.
Aunt Kate Nesmith: Don’t you remember your baby cousin Lucy?
Mike: Huh? Lu—Lucy! Are you Lu—well, what, well, whatever happened to the, the buck teeth, the knocked kneed, uh, stringy haired, bad complexion, little girl that I used to hang around with? Heh heh.
Aunt Kate Nesmith: That’s your other cousin, Clara. She still looks the same.
Mike: Oh merciful heavens.

Play [Peter is dressed as an Indian]
Peter: Hey Micky, how come I have to wear all this?
Micky: ’Cause Aunt Kate said they don’t like strangers in town. Besides, you look very psychedelic.
Peter: Oh, heh heh. How!
Micky: Well, it’s the peace symbol and the beads mostly.

Play Marshall: Oh, I can’t come this afternoon; I’m busy shooting.
Micky: Oh, outlaws?
Marshall: My TV series.

Play Ben Cartwheel: Water my horse, will you, son?
Davy: Water your horse? I’m not a stable boy!
Ben Cartwheel: I don’t care about your mental condition; water my horse!

Play [woman approaches Micky when he walks into the bar]
Micky: Not now; this is a family show! Yuh!

Play Red: [to Micky] I think you’re bluffin’!
Peter: [amused] How’d you know, Red?

Play Black Bart: Are you a killer?
Micky: Yeah, sure. I’m a killer.
Black Bart: Well, kill him! [pushes Peter to Micky]
Micky: I can’t—I can’t kill him. He’s my best friend. I’ve known him for two yea—
Black Bart: Ahh!
Micky: Oh, we’re in a lot of trouble.

Play Aunt Kate Nesmith: Ben Cartwheel’s the kindest millionaire in the whole valley. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.
Micky: Flies, no, but if you’re a human, he’ll kill ya!

46. “Monkees on the Wheel” Quotes

Play Peter: [with a British accent] You must be joking!
Davy: That’s my line!
Peter: [with a British accent] I’m sorry.
Davy: You must be joking!

Play Biggy: Hey! Who are you?
Davy: I’m the maintenance m—no, I’m not the maintenance man; you’re the maintenance man.
Biggy: I’m the maintenance man.
Davy: No, you can’t be; maintenance men don’t come that short.
Peter: Yes, they do. I mean, he’s not so short. Hey, show us—stand up and show them how tall you are.
Biggy: I am standing up!

Play Micky: [sings] Della, sweet as any fella, Della…
Davy: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Micky, Micky, she has a line. She has a line!
Della: No.
Davy: You don’t have a line?
Micky: [sings] Della, Della…

Play Micky: How do you make a capital M?
Mike: Capital M? You take one line, forty five degree angle, ninety degree angle to that line, forty five degree angle to the end of the line.
Micky: Got it.

Play Policeman: Now where’s the money?
Mike: Some crooks stole it.
Policeman: The stolen money you stole was stolen?
Mike: Yeah—uh, yeah.
Policeman: Come on, you can think of a better story than that.
Mike: Okay, dig, uh, there was this, uh, a bean you see… with this duck with this cow that this cat had, he got for some beans…
Policeman: What was his name?
Mike: Jack.
Peter: Yeah.
Micky: Jack.
Policeman: Jack.
Peter: And he grew up into this beanstalk.

Play David Pearl: Take this Wizard Glick!
Mike: Ooh, guh! …Who?
David Pearl: Wizard Glick.
Mike: Man, I’m not Wizard Glick.
David Pearl: Oh, you’re not. Oh, sorry… [walks away]
Mike: No, I’m not Wizard…

Play Micky: Number please, professor.
Peter: Two-twelve green.
Micky: Two… two-twelve green?
Manager: Two-twelve green? Are you nuts? Put some glass in those glasses, you dumb dumb!
Micky: There’s no two-twelve green.
Peter: They can’t win.
Micky: Good thinking!

Play Mike: Now then, over here, yeah. For all practical purposes, y’see, the show is over, but we have in the television industry what they call a “tag”, which is some sort of just complete laugh riot at the end of a show, so that you all tune back in next week, you see, because it’s so hilarious. Now the tag we’re gonna do this week is called a “Here We Go Again” tag, and Davy and Peter are gonna do it. It involves Micky [quickly cut to picture of Micky].
Davy: To think none of this would’ve happened if Micky [quickly cut to picture of Micky] hadn’t got the gambling bug.
Peter: Boy, but we’re sure not gonna get involved in that scene again, are we Micky? [quickly cut to picture of Micky]
Davy: Never again.
Peter: Micky? [quick cut to Micky] Micky? [quick cut to Micky]
Davy: Micky? [quick cut to Micky]
Peter: Micky? [quick cut to Micky]
Davy: Micky?
Mike: Okay, now wait a minute, hold it, guys. Now y’see, we cut over to Micky, and you see him playing with a gambling machine. [cut to Micky]
Mike: And now you cut back to us… [cut to Micky]
Mike: And now you cut back to us… [cut to Micky]
Mike: And now you cut back to us… [cut to Micky]
Mike: And now you cut back to us, and we’re supposed to give a pained look to the camera… Isn’t that funny kids? A ha ha ha ha… woo, ha ha!

47. “The Christmas Show” Quotes

Play Mike: We’re the band that Mrs. Vandersnoot hired for the party is who we are.
Butler: There must be some mistake. We were expecting four gentlemen.
Mike: Uh, would you accept four ladies who shave?

Play Micky: I. uh, still get spells sometimes that I can’t account for. AHH!
Davy: Aaaah!

Play Davy: Listen, that’s it. I’m mad now. I’m gonna take a crack at him. You know, he’s almost as big as I am.
Micky: You’ve got a good chance then.

Play [Peter rides in on a bike]
Salesgirl: Where’d he come from?
Davy: Left on Gower, through the studio gates, and right on the set here.

Play Doctor: That’ll be twenty dollars.
Davy: Twenty dollars?
Peter: [groans]
Doctor: Well, since it’s the Christmas holiday… make it $19.95.
Davy: Ah, well that’s a much better deal, that is, isn’t it?

Play Micky: How come I’m all clean, and you’re all dirty?
Davy: Don’t you mean how come you’re all dirty, and I’m all clean?
Micky: Yeah!
Davy: Well, you see, you’re always on about me being little teeny tiny weenie little David, y’see, so I figured I’d come down the middle of the chimney and avoid the sides, y’see?
Micky: Oh, right! Pfft!

Play Davy, Micky: ♪ Deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪
♪ Tra la-la la-la, la-la la la ♪
Mike, Peter: ♪ ’Tis the season to be jolly ♪
♪ Fa la-la la-la, la-la la la ♪
Davy, Micky: ♪ Don we now our gay apparel ♪
Mike, Peter: ♪ Fa la-la, la la-la, la la la ♪
Davy, Micky: ♪ Troll the ancient Yuletide carol ♪
Mike, Peter: ♪ Fa la-la la-la ♪
Davy, Micky: ♪ La-la la la ♪

48. “Fairy Tale” Quotes

Play Princess Gwen: Help! Help! Here we are, stuck in the mud in some filthy little town. Help!

Play Mike: Ooh! Wow! What a great lookin’ chick!
Peter: She’s beautiful.
Princess Gwen: Harold, get me outta the mud, will ya please!?
Mike: She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on! Look at those sideburns and that body!
Davy: Cool it, cool it, Mike. Cool it.

Play Princess Gwen: Harold, you better get this carriage outta the mud!

Play Micky: Right, sandwiches, yeah.

Play Princess Gwen: Oh, my very favorite: leftovers! Mm!

Play Davy: A what kinda dragon?
Peter: A impenetrable dragon.

Play Fairy of the Locket: You shall forge a kitchen knife into a sword that can cut through iron.
Micky: Right, forge, yeah right, heh heh.

Play Fairy of the Locket: But remember: you must not drop or crush or lose the locket.
Micky: Ah, ’cause it’ll lose its magic, right?
Mike: Way to go, Mick!
Fairy of the Locket: No, ’cause I’ll be killed, stupid; it’s my home!

Play Magic Locket!

Play Peter: Why me? Why do I have to go into the scary forest and face the dragon and save the princess? I don’t even like her anymore!
Mike: Don’t even like her? Man, that’s the grooviest lookin’ chick I ever saw! With them side—
Davy: Cool it!

Play Goldilocks: Oh, don’t worry; nothing can happen to me.
Peter: How come?
Goldilocks: ’Cause I’m a mean little girl!

Play Mike: Hey, town crier baby, what’s happenin’?

Play Micky: We’ll split up, go in three separate directions, leave a trail of breadcrumbs wherever you go, and we’ll follow them back.
Mike: What if the birds eat the crumbs?
Micky: Follow the birds.
Mike: Hey, good thinking!

Play Micky: Hi! Where you going?
Little Red Riding Hood: I-I-I’m going to my grandmother’s house. You see, she’s sick, and I got some good things for her to eat.
Micky: Oh, hey!
Little Red Riding Hood: What?
Micky: I just got a hunch that your grandma’s been eaten by a big bad wolf.
Little Red Riding Hood: That’s true. I know.
Micky: Oh, so where’re you going?
Little Red Riding Hood: I’m going to other grandmother’s. Ah-hah.

Play Goldilocks: Help! Help! Oh, help me, woodsman! Oh, help me! The two bears are chasing me from their house!
Davy: Two bears? I though there were three bears?
Goldilocks: Yeah, well, the papa bear kinda wanted me to hang around, heh.

Play Princess Gwen: Wait a minute, you dingbat. Who’s gonna feed the goldfish?

Play Peter: Micky! Davy! Peter—uh, Mike! You’ve come!

Play Princess Gwen: Boy, I’m sure am glad this worked out this way; you know, I could have been wasted.

Play Peter: Princess?
Princess Gwen: Yes?
Peter: Princess, will you marry me?
Princess Gwen: No, I won’t marry you!
Peter: You won’t marry me?
Princess Gwen: Of course not, man!
Peter: Why won’t you marry—Michael!
Princess Gwen: Yeah, I’m already married, man, you know, Phyllis and Christian…
Peter: Oh.
Mike: Oh wow, she’s married, man, what a bummer!
Peter: Well, it’s a good thing you thought of it.
Mike: Mm!

Play Bert Schneider: What do you think Christian’s reaction’s gonna be?
Peter: Ga-goo ge-ga.
Davy: Same as a Jew, I should suppose.

49. “Monkees Watch Their Feet” Quotes

Play Davy: Micky, I thought you were putting your clothes on.
Micky: Yeah, I did put my clothes on, but my clothes took off! Could it be my clothes are putting me on?

Play The Secretary: Is this young man the world’s fastest exhibitionist? Is this the work of an overly amourous teeny bopper?

Play Micky: Uh, did you guys see, uh, see one of my tom toms?
Davy: Nope.
Peter: No.
Micky: You didn’t see? Then it’s gone!

Play The Secretary: Here he comes, walking down the beach. He gets the funniest looks from everyone he meets.

Play Davy: Hey Micky, isn’t that a spaceship over there?
The Secretary: Notice the powerfully persuasive argument of the space alien.
Micky: What does a spaceship look like?
Davy: Well, I dunno; I never saw one before.
Micky: Then how do you know it is a spaceship?
Peter: He’s right, man; it’s probably some new drive-in.

Play Micky: They also have insufferable tortures here on earth. [phone rings] Whenever a pussycat cries, they tear off its head, then they holler in its ear, and then they put the head back on the body; I don’t know how it stays alive!

Play Davy: Micky, what’re you doing?
Micky: I’m going to dispose of all of you.
Peter: Oh, that’s good; for a minute I thought he was trying to get rid of us.

Play Micky: Micky is in the spaceship. They are questioning him before we invade.
Peter: Oh, well they won’t find out much from Micky.
Micky: Why not?
Peter: Well, he doesn’t know too much.

50. “Monstrous Monkee Mash” Quotes

Play Davy: What a kiss! I’ve never felt this way before!
Lorelei: You fool! It is not my kiss, but the magic necklace!
Davy: What a necklace! I’ve never felt this way before!

Play Micky: Don’t do that!

Play The Count: Won’t you come in?
Micky: On second thought, no!
Mike: Now wait a minute. Uh, we’re friends of Davy Jones.
Lorelei: Won’t you come in?
Micky: On third thought, yes!

Play Mike: This is a book here that tells you how to be a vampire.
Micky: Me be a vampire? I don’t wanna be a vampire! Why does it tell me to be a vampire, Mike? Mike, why?
Mike: It’s not you, it’s everybody.
Micky: Oh.

Play Bat: I want to drink your blood!
Peter: That’s not at all nice to say.
Bat: I want to sip your blood!
Peter: Much better.

Play Micky: I told Davy a thousand times, man, stop hanging around with vampires!

Play Mike: Now look, if the uncle comes back in, pretend that everything is ga-roovy.

Play Mike: Peter, you search the house.
Peter: No.
Mike: What do you mean “no”?
Peter: I might find something. And I’d rather stay here where it’s safe, with you, Michael.

Play [The Wolfman comes towards Lorelei menacingly]
Lorelei: What do you want, Wolfman, what do you want?
Davy: He wants a better percentage of the profits, he wants cookouts on the weekends, and… he wants to play his own music!

Play Peter: Hey, aren’t you Davy’s girl?
Lorelei: No, no!
Peter: Oh, well, heh heh…! What a kiss! I’ve never felt this way before!
Lorelei: You fool! It was not my kiss, but the magic necklace!
Peter: What a necklace! I’ve never felt this way before!

Play Mike: Peter!
Micky, Mike: He’s gone!

Play Micky: You oughta get a hair cut; they won’t let you in Disneyland.

Play Micky: What a kiss! I’ve never felt this way before!
Lorelei: You fool! It is not my kiss, but the magic necklace!
Micky: What a necklace! I’ve never felt this way be—
Lorelei: Oh, shut up.

Play Micky: What are you doing in here? This is our fantasy!
Davy: Yeah, yeah, we’re The Monkees! You see, in every show we do a fantasy sequence where we romp around and jump and do funny things, and nobody interrupts us—nobody!

Play Mike: Here I am, Mummy Man!
The Count: You are the Mummy Man?
Mike: Watch this… MUMMY!
The Wolfman: [scared noises]

Play Mike: He’s really biting my hand, you know.

Play The Wolfman: I love hot dogs!

51. “The Monkees’ Paw” Quotes

Play Micky (as Young Mendrek): I came all this way to, to, to find The High Llama. Where is he?
Mike (as The Regular Llama): Oh, well, I’m afraid you’re out of luck; he’s out back, sleepin’ it off.
Micky (as Young Mendrek): You don’t mean!
Mike (as The Regular Llama): Yeah, that’s what I mean; that’s how he got his name.

Play Davy: Go toe, go! Sock it to me, baby! Heh! That’s a pun! Heh heh!

Play Mike: Oh, Micky, come on. You can talk; there’s nothin’ wrong with your voice.
Peter: Are you kidding? Have you ever heard him sing?

Play Mike: No, man, he can’t come… Well, I don’t care who you are, he, uh, he can’t come… Well, because he don’t like barbecue, I guess… I don’t know… hoo, what a pushy guy.

Play Mike: In twelve hours, he forgot how to talk. I mean, anybody can forget how to talk in twelve hours.
Peter: Well, then it’s simple; all we do is teach him to talk!
Davy: How?
Mike: What… did you say?
Davy: [laughs] How!

Play Davy: Pencil! Oh, it’s no good, he, he won’t be able to sing tonight. He can’t even say “pencil”!
Mike: Do you suppose it has anything to do with the fact that this is a crayon?
Micky: Now “crayon” I can say.

Play Davy: Monkee’s paw… Monkee’s paw… Monkee’s paw… Monkee’s… you know, I can’t find it anywhere.
Daughter: I think you spell “monkey” with a “y”.
Davy: Oh, really? I always thought you spelled it with two “e”s.

Play Peter: Hello…
Mike: Hello…
Micky: Hello…
Davy: Hello, oh, we’re the Monkees.
Mendrek: [cuckoo] I hate these kids.

Play Peter: You are too a hippie
Davy: I am not a hippie.
Peter: You are too. You wear those beads, you’re a hippie. You got long hair, you’re a hippie.
Davy: Don’t hit me with a stick, please.

52. “The Devil and Peter Tork” Quotes

Play Mike: How’d you learn to do that so fast?
Peter: Mr. Zero taught m—he’s gone.

Play Mike: So that’s uh, that’s what [cuckoo] is all about.
Davy: Yeah. [cuckoo] is pretty scary.
Micky: You know what’s even more scary?
Peter: What?
Micky: You can’t say [cuckoo] on television.

Play Mike: We’ve got to remember that we’re dealing with a cool, diabolical mind.
Peter: Thank you!
Mike: I’m talking about the devil.
Peter: Oh.

Play Mike: Oh, I remember reading in the paper where, because, due to lack of interest, tomorrow was canceled, so we’ll have to make it day after tomorrow.

Play Micky: Your honor! I insist that the, uh, prosecution call another witness.
Roy Bean: On what grounds?
Micky: On the uh, on the grounds that um, the television show’s not over, and we have to have one more. Heh.

Play Mike: [foreign language]
Micky: What did you say?
Mike: I don’t know.

Play Davy: Would you please raise your right hand and put your left hand on the Bible.
Zero: You must be joking.

Play Mike: If you love music, then you can play music, and all it takes is just love, because, baby, in the final analysis, love is power. That’s where the power’s at.

53. “Monkees Race Again” Quotes

Play T.N. Crumpets: I say, Peter, would you care for another spot of tea?
Peter: No thanks, I have several spots already! Ahah, ahah!

Play Baron Von Klutz: Now that’s enough out of you, gabby.
T.N. Crumpets: Well, I haven’t said anything else.
Baron Von Klutz: What do you think this is? Open end? Gag him!
T.N. Crumpets: There’s enough gags in this show already.

Play Peter: You know, your pitch is lousy, but you have a pretty good voice. If we don’t find Micky, would you like to join our group?

Play Mike: Before this scene goes any farther, man, what is this gun thing?
Wolfgang: Well, now, now just a minute. We’ve got to have the gun, after all, it’s a prop, ahah!
Mike: That’s horrible, man.
Peter: Put that away!
Mike: It’s bad enough that you’re with a uniform and everything.
Peter: And all the guns on television and everything. It’s bad enough we have a tuning fork!

Play Official: Well, it’s alright with me, except for one thing.
Peter: Yeah, what’s that?
Official: I don’t think he’ll be able to see over the wheel.

Play Davy: I think I’m a little high.

Play Micky: Boy, you sure got a lousy part.

Play Micky: You flew all the way to Hollywood for this part?

54. “The Monkees in Paris” Quotes

Play James Frawley: I got a nice, tight close-up of the monkey.

Play James Frawley: Okay, let’s come in for a nice, tight close-up on the monkey.

55. “Monkees Mind Their Manor” Quotes

Play Davy: Wait a minute, don’t think you’re fooling us guys. We know who you are; you’re Jack Williams, the property man on this show.
Customs Man: Look, sweetie, I might be Jack Williams, the property man to you, but to twenty million teenagers, I’m the customs man.
Davy: Oh… You know, he really is Jack Williams.

Play Davy: Fifty thousand pounds? That’s a little heavy, that is.

Play Mike: Now look, you’ll be just fine as long as you remember everything that I taught you.
Davy: But you didn’t teach me anything!
Mike: Well, then, fake it!

Play [The crowd boos.]
Lance Kibee, The Sot: Booze! I’ll drink to that!

Play Lance Kibee, The Sot: Why can’t you sing?
Sir Twiggly Toppin Middle Bottom: Because I have no experience!
Lance Kibee: Bah! I saw four boys on television the other night, and it would’ve astounded you!
Sir Twiggly Toppin Middle Bottom: Really?
Lance Kibee, The Sot: You can sing!

Play Peter: I just wanted to give all our viewers and, and listeners who’ve been so nice to us, I wanted to give them our Christmas message which is about love and peace and—
Mike: Now wait a—hold it. You can’t, man, come on, it’s the middle of February, you can’t give them a Christmas message now.
Peter: Well, why not?
Mike: Why not? Well, because, you just, you don’t, buh wuh uh… well…

56. “Some Like It Lukewarm” Quotes

Play Micky: That means that one of us is gonna have to be a chick.

Play Micky: Money, money, anything for money!

Play Micky: I think he’s kinda cute.
Peter: You would.

Play Micky: He likes you.
Peter: All you have to do is go out with him, and we’re a cinch to win.
Mike: Yeah, as a matter of fact, if you let him kiss you, you might own a television station.
Davy: One more remark like that, and I’ll hit you with me purse.

Play Daphne: Wait, my darling! You forgot your high… heels?

Play Daphne: …and you’re only wearing one shoe.
Davy: Well, that’s what happens when you get dressed in the dark! Ha!

Play Jerry Blavat: Oh! Yeah! Girls! My heart now is amended.

Play I know a girl, her name is love
She is the girl that I dream of
She shows me love I never knew
She’d show you how to love me too

57. “Monkees Blow Their Minds” Quotes

Play Frank Zappa (as Mike Nesmith): You know that after I quit the show, I’m gonna join The Byrds, don’t ya?
Mike (as Frank Zappa): No, I didn’t know that.
Frank Zappa (as Mike Nesmith): When you quit The Mothers, who are you gonna join?
Mike (as Frank Zappa): I may join The Byrds, too.

Play Frank Zappa (as Mike Nesmith): Tell me, Frank Zappa, I’ve always wanted to have you show me how to conduct, because I heard you were really spiffy at it.
Mike (as Frank Zappa): Well, you follow me, that’s where we’re…
Frank Zappa (as Mike Nesmith): Come on, you’re on television, I’m just one of these unpopular musicians. Teach me!
Mike (as Frank Zappa): No, it’s the other way around. You’re a popular musician; I’m dirty, gross, and ugly.

Play Oraculo: Eh, Mr. Tork, why don’t you join me in a cup of tea?
Peter: Do you think we’ll both fit?

Play Micky: Uh, well, bye, Pete. Later, Pete. Listen, don’t forget to write, Pete. And uh, remember, the door’s always open to ya, Pete. Uh, you can come home to the pad and all your friends, but write first, ’cause we’re renting your room!

Play Oraculo: You will stay here, and uh, guard Tork at fifty cents an hour.
Rudy Bayshore: That seem a little unfair, master.
Oraculo: Make it half a dollar.
Rudy Bayshore: Oh Master, thank you, thank you! You are generous beyond generous!

Play Oraculo: Now, I want you to free your mind of all thought… good, now, uh, how do you feel?
Mike: Umm, oh, uh, thoughtless.

Play Davy: I’ve got it: experimental psychology.
Micky: What’s that? It sounds complicated.
Davy: Actually, it’s not.

Play Oraculo: You fool! That’s not the way to the door!
Peter: Well, what do you expect from a psychic slave?

Play Mike: Don’t do that.
Davy: Don’t do that.
Peter: Thanks, Mick.

58. “Mijacogeo - The Frodis Caper” Quotes

Play Mike: Peter? Hey, Peter?
Davy: What’s happened to Peter?
Mike: Well, uh, he’s probably not back from his dream yet.
Micky: Impossible, man, Peter doesn’t dream.
Mike: Well, in that case, he’s gone.
Micky: He’s gone?!

Play Davy: What was that?
Micky: Man, I don’t know, I was—Wait, that’s not a test pattern, it was unbelievable!
Mike: You’re tellin’ me it was unbelievable? And you think that was somethin’, you oughta see what happens after the commercial!
Micky: Uh-huh?
Mike: Well, there’s this weird guy named Wizard Glick…
Davy: Wizard Glick?
Mike: …who’s real evil. And then the people who live next door…
Micky: What happens to the people who live next door?
Mike: …are all in trances too. Oh, it’s incredible! We go and we save the world as usual.

Play Davy: Nyles! Oh no! Has the TV got you too?
Nyles the Neighbor: What TV? Man, I’m always like this.

Play Mike: Hey, wait a minute guys! You know what? It’s 7:30/6:30 central time! It’s time for The Monkees! I wonder if anybody around here’s got a television set?

Play Micky: We gotta concentrate real hard on Peter, and now we gotta repeat this chant that I learned.
Mike: Yeah. A chant you learned while studying transcendental meditation under an Indian mystic, right, that’s it.
Micky: No, no, it’s a chant I learned when I sent in a cereal box top.
Mike: Well, that makes a whole lot more sense.
Davy: Oh, yeah.
Micky: Right, sure.

Play Micky: Nam myoho renge kyo. It’s working… it’s working…
Mike: How do you know…? How do you know…?
Micky: I saw the last scene… I saw the last scene…

Play Nyles the Neighbor: Yeah, Frodis Room!

Play Glick: I don’t wanna fight anymore. I just wanna lay down in the grass and be cool.