April 1967 Articles (46 articles)

16’s All-Star Birthday-Address-Gift Guide16
All the FactsMonkee Spectacular
Contest News16
Davy Goes HomeTiger Beat
Davy’s Early YearsTiger Beat
Do They Play Their Own Instruments?Monkee Spectacular
Don’t Miss…TeenSet
Everywhere with The MonkeesMonkee Spectacular
Foto FunMonkee Spectacular
Geegee’s Gossip16
Here’s What Davy Jones Expects from MarriageMonkee Spectacular
Hollywood UndergroundTeenSet
How It All BeganMonkee Spectacular
I Visit with The Monkees (Part 4)Tiger Beat
Introducing Lynne Randell16
IntroductionMonkee Spectacular
It’s Happening in HollywoodTiger Beat
Letter from the Guest EditorTiger Beat
Mail SceneTeenSet
Meow…w!Tiger Beat
Message from The MonkeesMonkee Spectacular
Micky’s Secret PhotosMonkee Spectacular
Monkee TalkTiger Beat
Monkees & Me16
Monkees’ Favorite FoodsMonkee Spectacular
Monkees PrimerTeenSet
Monkey MeasurementsMonkee Spectacular
Music Maker ProfilesTeenSet
My Life in Pictures by Davy Jones16
My Life Story in Pix by Micky Dolenz16
My Life with The Monkees (Part 2)Tiger Beat
Peter Tork: More Pics of His Outasite LifeTiger Beat
Peter Tork’s Secret Past (Chapter 2)16
Questions and AnswersMonkee Spectacular
Romance in Their Futures?Monkee Spectacular
Star Light… Star BrightTeen World
The Happiest Day of My Life16
The Lo-Down16
The Monkee-Mailbox16
Tiger TalkTiger Beat
Trippin’ Out16
Very Personal Monkee BusinessTeen World
What Are They Really Like?Monkee Spectacular
Win a Day with Davy Jones16
You’re Telling Me16