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True story of the Raiders Permalink

TIGER BEAT strikes again! Today I got my tuff book, “True Story of the Raiders,” and wow! The pics are outa-site, the separate sections on each of the guys—especially Mark—are boss!

The only thing wrong is I have to stay anonymous, because if I told any of my friends, they’d go out of their minds with anticipation!

Tucson, Ariz.

A doll—cute guy—swell guy.
I wish he were mine!

A good singer—THE funny one.
If he were mine—wow!

A lucky guy—good-looking.
I want him!

Nice guy—cool guitar player.
He’s a cool-head!

Monkee Fan Missie
Modesto, Calif.

Oh-lala! That January story on Davy Jones was the grooviest thing I’ve ever read in my whole life! Davy is so out-a-site, and that luvable, kissable picture was too much! Thanks a lot!

Kathy Stephen
Buena Park, Calif.

I loved Ann Moses’ January article on the Monkees! I think she’s the luckiest girl in the world to be able to meet those four groovy guys! I just love ’em, and I’m always trying to get more pictures of them. I think I have a dream about them almost every night. I hope in my lifetime I’ll have a chance to meet them!

Katie McConnell
Alton, Ill.

I know this is ridiculous, but it’s the honest to goodness truth! I hate to read about girls who visit with groups, and have to announce it to every other girl in the world who reads TiGER BEAT! I really don’t blame them, ’cause I would like to do it too, but it makes me mad!

In your January issue Ann Moses wrote about her visit with the Monkees, and I hated that article! The pictures were fab, but no girl wants to read about other girls visiting their faves! Please don’t print any more articles—just the photos, okay?

Debbie Kelton
Murfreesboro, Tenn.

I’ve just read one of your magazines, and I have drawn the conclusion that it is not worth too much, because it doesn’t stand for much.

Why should any girl go “wild” over some long-haired kid who plays a guitar? Who wants to spend money for a maga zine just to find out what color somebdy’s [sic] eyes are? HE doesn’t even know you exist!

My argument is that the famous just don’t care. They are too busy being successful to bother with the kids who love them. If I’m wrong or misguided in my thinking, please correct me. I just don’t see the light!

Andi Ellis
Chicago, Ill.

I think anyone who doesn’t think girls should start singing groups is really O-U-T! Here in Little Rock we have four great girls who call themselves the Rangers.

Betti, Debbi and Cathi play guitars. Joni plays the tamborine [sic] and sometimes drums. I think their singing is great and they hope to make records soon. They’ve written six songs and they are great kids to know, too.

So come on, people! Let’s give these girls a little confidence in themselves and quit putting down all-girl groups!

Debbie Margrave
Little Rock, Ark.

Do you think a group of girls could make it as a folk-rock group? And if so, should we dress like boys or girls? My brother, who is no help, said we should not even try. He says we would be laughed at and disgrace him. Would you teens really think it a silly idea? We hope not! (I would give my full name, but my brother would kill me!)

Pittsburgh, Pa.

When I received my February TiGER BEAT I couldn’t wait to open it and read it as Davy Jones was guest editor! But when I showed my girlfriend the section he wrote, she said it wasn’t likely he had written it. I said of course he did, yet she still doesn’t believe me.

Would you please tell us the truth?

T.B. Reader
Glastonbury, Conn.

Each month our guest editor either prints or writes his messages himself. Davy personally wrote his own greeting.

I’d like to know why the Monkees have made it. There isn’t really anything uniue [sic] about them at all. But what really matters is that these guys went straight to the top, and just six months ago there wasn’t any such thing as the Monkees. They didn’t have to prove that they were good, or even fight their way to the top like most bands have to. A pedestal was built, and these four guys were just placed on it. It seems very unfair to all the other bands that have really tried hard.

I don’t even like the Monkees at all!

Tucson, Ariz.

TiGER BEAT is the greatest magazine ever! When I received my January issue (and it’s the best one you have ever had) I said it must be so great because Phil Volk edited it. The color portraits were very nice, and very good color, too! The articles were groovy and you had the best Monkee story I’ve seen.

Please keep it up, and I’ll be a fan forever!

Margo Nuland
Redondo Beach, Calif.

This is to Gina, who wrote in your December TiGER BEAT that she looks just like Dino Martin: How could a girl possibly look like Dino? He’s a boy if I ever saw one! I think it’s an insult to Dino to say a thing like that! I feel sorry for Gina, because no girl should look that much like a boy, even a handsome one like Dino.

Dino Fan Forever

TiGER BEAT is my favorite magazine for one main reason. You seem to have plenty of information on Paul Revere and the Raiders. I’m a true Raider lover, and I love all the pictures you have on this group.

Take the January issue for instance. You had two pictures of Mark Lindsay, my fave of the group, one picture of Fang, who is my next favorite, and a group picture too! And that story by Mark on “The Way I Feel About My Fans” was so beautiful! I wish people could understand these fellas as well as I can!

Wandy Boyd
Oregon City, Ore.

I love Dino Martin. I think he’s the dreamiest boy on earth. I can’t seem to get him off my mind. I made a low grade in one of my subjects at school, just thinking about him.

I try hard not to think about him during class so my grades will go up, but it just doesn’t seem to work I’m too much in love!

Cortez, Colo.

In one of your past issues a girl wrote in saying Herman had been hit in the eye with a soda bottle during a concert and he started crying and ran off the stage. What a baby!

When George (the great) Harrison got hit in the eye with an apple, he got a black eye, but did he start crying and run off the stage? No, of course not! He’s not a baby! He just stood there and kept playing his guitar!

George Forever
Tulsa, Okla.

A friend of mine and her sister were asking a Ouija Board questions about the Monkees. My friend asked the board, “When will Mike Nesmith get married?” and it replied, “He is married—to Phyllis.”

What do you think of that!

Anita Perry
Los Angeles, Calif.

So many people are writing in and asking a lot of questions about their favorite groups that are rather personal. Some fans write in and say their idol’s hair is too long, or he’s not wearing the shirt they sent in for him.

I’m not trying to say this is wrong, because I know how fans love their faves. I know because I’m a Monkee fan. But at least let them have a few secrets to themselves!

The fans just have to know everything! Did they kiss anybody? Are they going steady? Why not just leave them alone? They’re doing all they can for us!

Franklin Square, N.Y.

About that “California Girls, Bah!” letter in November TB, I think that girl was jealous.

I’m a girl from Ohio and I think California girls are groovy. They do have something we don’t—CALIFORNIA!

Linda Becker
Parma, Ohio

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In your January issue you had a picture of Dave Clark on page 66. Apparently he isn’t wearing any clothes! Would you please tell us if he is or not?

Peggy & Donna
N. Bergen, N.J.

Yes, Dave is wearing swimming trunks.

What do you do when you’re feelin’ down and out? What do you do when your Mom is yellin’ and screamin’ for nothing at all? What do you do when you want to “get it on” but you can’t leave the house and besides that, you’re flat broke?

WELL… here’s what I do: I go in my room where there is Paul Revere and the Raiders, Elvis Presley and any of my other faves. Anywhere I turn there are pictures, records, and TIGER BEATs all over the place! May I make a suggestion to all of you? Fix up your room like mine and escape, escape, ESCAPE!

Vista, Calif.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 8
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9