Monkee Talk


A new TiGER BEAT monthly column from us to you… by Davy, Peter, Mike, & Micky

Each month in TiGER BEAT the Monkees tell all about themselves and their lives… in their own words!


Peter Tork

Some of you have asked me in your letters what I’m interested in. Well, this is a little hard to put down in the little space given me each month, so I’ll just tell you a few of the things I’m interested in.

People interest me. I like to know what people are like inside, not just what they look like. Talking with people who visit us on the Monkee set is a great thrill for me sometimes. Other times, it isn’t. The people I like to meet have opinions on things and something to say. It doesn’t have to be on a subject that I’m turned on about particularly, but it should be about something.

I think you all know people who really aren’t interested in anything except themselves. They’re so wrapped up in what they are and what they think that they never give any time to other subjects such as the war in Viet Nam or the race for space or any of the other major interests of the day.

It isn’t necessary to be what people term an ‘intellectual’ to have opinions on things. Some girls are afraid to express themselves because they think guys may feel they’re too brainy for them. This is wrong. Anyone who has an opinion should express it.

Going along with this theory, I think it’s necessary to keep up on what’s happening in other places besides Hollywood so I like to read as many magazines as I can. Sure, I like to look at fan magazines, too. All magazines are fun to read and you can always learn something from them.

Maybe my major interest is music. This is a topic all by itself so maybe I’ll talk to you about this next month. Music is sort of my life. Wtihout [sic] it there wouldn’t be much sense to anything. I bet a lot of you feel this same way.

Thanks for listening,


Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith

This month I’m inviting you to spend a few minutes with me in my dressing room. It’s a very private place removed a few feet from the actual shooting set. I like to keep it pretty dark inside except for the colored lights I’ve rigged up that keep going on and off. Some people have described this place as looking like a Christmas tree. But I like it very much. I think you would, too.

On the walls I’ve put up lots of safety pins, match covers, and some of the letters from fans that I think are outstanding. I like to read the fan mail I get and try to answer as many letters as I possibly can.

It’s quiet inside my dressing room usually and I have a phone in it that I can talk on if I want. But mostly I read mail while I’m here. Sometimes I have friends over and between scenes we talk about music and things like that.

Sometimes my wife and son visit me here, but usually I’m just by myself. For those of you who’ve never been in a dressing room before, it’s very small, with a table to sit at and look in the mirror, a couch to lie down on (but we never get time) and a closet to hang our clothes in. The dressing room is just like a little house all by itself. But it’s a very small house.

Each Monkee has his own dressing room and they all look different inside because we like to put up different things on the walls. Maybe, someday, if you ever come on the set, I can show you what I’m talking about first hand. Hope someday we get to meet.



Davy Jones

The things I’m thankful for are so many that I think I’ll devote my space this month to telling you some of them. First of all I think I’m thankful for my family. My father, my sisters and their respective families. They are all very close to me and my only regret is that an ocean separates us. It’s groovy when I can be with them like I’ve told you about in this issue.

The second thing I’m thankful for is my health. Without this I couldn’t be doing the things I’m doing now. I really do try to eat health foods when I can to keep my energy up. My life’s really groovy right now but it is a bit of a struggle to keep going and smiling every minute when you’re really uptight. When I’m home I eat health foods like wheat germ. It really keeps me going.

The Monkees is another thing I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for our TV show and the people associated with it. Our records are another thing I’m thankful for and then, of course, our public appearances.

My friendship with the other Monkees is one of the grooviest things in my whole life. Besides being Monkees, Micky, Mike and Peter are real honest to goodness human beings… and pretty great ones at that. I can’t say that I’m closer to one more than the other. Each of us has things in common with each other and we enjoy being together. It’s lucky we do. I can’t think of what would happen if we didn’t. Sure, we get uptight with each other once in awhile, but this doesn’t happen too often. I want to go on record as saying that these are three of the best people anywhere and I feel lucky to be associated with them.

Perhaps the most important thing I’m thankful for is YOU. Yes, without people like you who watch our show and listen to our music, our lives wouldn’t be very important. You have made my life important by caring. Believe me, if I could, I’d write each and everyone of you a special thank you letter telling you how I feel. Because this is impossible, the next best thing is to tell you through this column. I’m very thankful for YOU.

Till next month,


Micky Dolenz

I get a lot of laughs out of life. I guess I always have because maybe I look for the funny side of things. If you’ve read where I try to crack up people on the set while we’re shooting a scene, it’s true. I can’t resist goofing off if I see the opportunity. Don’t get me wrong… I’m serious about doing a good job acting in the Monkees, but I think if something happens to make people laugh, it’s great to take advantage of it.

When you think life is fun, it really is. For instance, there are a lot of things I really think are outasite. Maybe you’d be interested in hearing about them.

To me, driving a car is a big thrill. I told you last month that I want to build my own racing model someday and I really do. But in the meantime I just get fun out of driving cars.

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz

I love to go out at night. When we’re through shooting I don’t really like to just go home and sit around watching television. I like to take out a girl and go to a really outasite movie or go out to dinner or even to a place to dance. While I’m out, I get a kick out of watching other people having fun. This really makes you have a better time yourself. Have you ever noticed that? It’s just like going to see a funny movie in a drive-in theater. It’s not as funny in a drive-in theater because you can’t hear the other people laugh. When you’re in a regular theater and can feel and see all the others enjoying themselves, it becomes a wilder experience.

Another thing I enjoy is keeping my hands active. When I get the chance to put anything together (even Tinker Toys) it gives me a charge. Maybe this comes from my days as a mechanic. But anyway, it’s fun.

Next month I’ll tell you some more things that I enjoy.



Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 8
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 10–11