Contest News

“Five errors” contest winners

(From—January Issue)

Colleen Hillock, 12, Montreal, Canada
Linda Whitt, 14, Attalla, Ala.
Suzanne Morin, 10, New Britain, Conn.
Diane Martinez, 12, Satellite Beach, Fla.
Sherry Johnson, 14, Euless, Texas

Each of the above receives a $10 cash prize.

Win Fang’s “fang” contest winners

(From January Issue)

Janel Leonard, 16, Atlanta, Ga. (wins Fang’s gift package and Fang’s “Fang”!)


Barb Ertner, 14, Spokane, Wash.
Lesley Glienke, 14, Anaheim, Calif.
Pam Tice, 13, Nashville, Tenn.
Beverly Underwood, 14, Detroit, Mich.
Debbie Nancy, 11, Cape Girardeau, Miss.

Each of the above receives an autographed picture of Fang and a full-year’s subscription to 16 Magazine.

“Monkees’ treasure chest” contest winners

(From January Issue)

Barbara Fabby, 14, Ft. Wright, Ky. (wins the Monkees’ Treasure Chest!)


Betty S. Pettit, 14, Bruce, Miss.
Susan Ainsworth, 15, Weogufka, Ala.
Joanne Prebarich, 15, Eveleth, Minn.
Linda Johnson, 15, Peru, Vt.
Sharon Lester, 13, Bluefield, West Va.
Margie Gillis, 14, Flagstaff, Ariz.
Kathy Ray, 13, Sewart A.F.B., Smyrna, Tenn.
Shirley Griffith, 15, Albuquerque, N.M.
Robi Snelson, 14, Honolulu, Hawaii
Patricia Opdyke, 13, Barringron, R.I.

Each of the above receives an autographed copy of the Monkees’ Colgems LP and a full-year’s subscription to 16 Magazine.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 11
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 49