Very Personal Monkee Business

Find out the latest “tidbits and treats” in the lives and loves of those Monkee lads!

Who’s “wild,” “cute,” “funny,” “very zany?” You’ve got it—The Monkees! These “goofy” guys have their own ideas about life ’n living. Personal Monkee Business is what we call it—it’s inside info on what really goes on in Monkeeland.

PETER TORK—Monkee Pete’s quite a musical guy. He plays the guitar, ukulele, five-string banjo, bass, piano, and the French horn (and he plays them all well!). Up until about a year ago, his “scene” was Greenwich Village, where a good musician has the opportunity to exercise his talents in a variety of different places.

Pete, who’s 22, is the intellectual Monkee. At one time, he wanted to be a college professor, but luckily for us, he changed his mind! He doesn’t change his mind about what he likes in girls, though—he likes them brainy.

“A girl with ‘the smarts’ understands me,” says Pete. “She doesn’t get all upset about the things I do—like being late for a date, or forgetting to call when I said I would. She knows there’s nothing to get in a huff about. Her natural intelligence tells her it’s just the Monkee in me!”

DAVID JONES—Davy left home at the age of 14 to “make something of himself.” No one can dent that he did just that! His first stop was at England’s Newmarket Racetrack where he landed himself a job as a trainee jockey. He became a pretty good jockey, too! But between riding jobs, he was becoming intrigued with the new musical sounds that were catching on with England’s young set. This influenced Davy’s decision about wanting to go into the theatrical business.

Today, Davy, who claims to be the only legitimate English Monkee, is living in West Los Angeles in a swinging bachelor pad with fellow-Monkee Micky Dolenz. However, he does make frequent visits to Manchester to spend some time with his sisters and father. It’s been six years since Davy first left England, and there’s no doubt about him doing exactly what he set out to do.

MICKY DOLENZ—Monkee Micky is a born natural for his role. He’s a drummer, singer, and all-around nutty noise-maker. He’s also quite an athlete, which anyone can see from his bouncy, energetic antics. He went to audition for The Monkee part after he read an ad in Daily Variety which called for “insane boys” for a new comedy series.

“I just knew it was going to be right for me,” Micky confessed. “I’ve been in show business since I was ten, when I starred in a series called ‘Circus Boy’. I had fun doing that, but when I read that someone really wanted “insane boys,” well, I just knew that they wanted me!”

MIKE NESMITH—Mike, who’s better known as “Wool Hat” because he always wears a green knitted wool hat, is also a “born Monkee!” He’s an individualist who likes to dress as he wants (green wool hat, faded levis, and a wild shirt), listen to folk-type ballads, and frequent coffee houses (where he can discuss anything and everything for hours on end).

“When I was nineteen,” Mike told us, “I taught myself to play the guitar. I didn’t know any songs, and I couldn’t read notes, so I wrote my own material. I started as a country-western guitarist, and eventually found my way into ‘Today’s sound.’ I never really intended to make a career out of music or acting,” Mike continued, “but after I was chosen to be a Monkee, there was no doubt in my mind that it was for me—Monkee Business, I mean!”

Magazine: Teen World
Editor: Elaine Moss
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Publisher: Reese Publishing Company, Inc.
Page: 13