The Monkee-Mailbox

Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork

Now you can write a letter to your favorite Monkee—or to all four Monkees—and be sure that you will get a personal reply!

FLASH! Attention all 16 regulars! Presenting The Monkee-Mailbox—the only place in the world where you can write a letter to your favorite Monkee and be sure to get a personal answer. Since the letters to Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike are already flooding the offices of 16 Magazine, the boys decided to get an early start—so here’s a surprise for some of you lucky 16’ers who have written inquiries about the Monkees or sent personal letters to your fave in care of 16 Magazine:

Dear Micky,

What is your real name—Dolenz or Braddock? Also, are you left-handed? I heard you are.

Oakland, Calif.
Constance Baker

Dear Constance,

My real name is Dolenz. I used Braddock for acting for a while when I was performing in Circus Boy.

After my father’s death; I switched back to the family name. I am very much right-handed, though at times I think I might have two left feet!


Dear Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike,

I read in a newspaper that you are a “Xerox copy” of the Beatles. This writer even accused you of copying, tune for tune, one of the Beatle’s LPs. I think you are very much individuals, and I would like to know what you think.

New York City
Nancy York

Dear Nancy,

If you’ve seen our TV show and heard our LPs, you know that we’re not a “Xerox copy” of anybody. There is always a similarity between any rock ’n’ roll singer or rock ’n’ roll group in that we all sing to the same beat and have a tendency to follow the fashion and hair-style trends of our time. That writer was probably too lazy to interview us and find out what we are like as individuals, so he copped out by accusing us of imitating the Beatles (like who could imitate the Beatles? They’re outasite!). Hope you still like us anyway, and thanks for writing.


Dear Davy,

I have been reading 16 for several years and I found a picture and a story on a guy named David Jones in the November ’65 issue of 16. Is that you? I also read in one place that you are five feet and three inches tall and in a recent issue of 16 that you are five feet and five inches tall. Which is true?

Toronto, Ont., Can.
Arlene Jung

Dear Arlene,

The picture you saw in the November ’65 issue of 16 was indeed me. It was the first big story done on me in American teenage magazines. Several months before that, Gloria Stavers, the editor of 16, printed another picture of me with my fan club address (so you can see why I’m a real 16 fan to this day). Speaking of 16, I am five feet and five inches tall, and anything you see printed in the pages of this magazine you can believe!


Dear Peter,

I am all confused. I have read different names and ages for your brothers and sister. Would you kindly straighten me out?

Chester, N.Y.
Patricia Wyckoff

Dear Pat,

I have a brother named Nicky, who is 21 years old and is working on his Master’s Degree in English. I have another brother who is 14, named John (aka Chris), who is a junior high student. My little sister’s name is Ann Elizabeth, and she is ten years old.


Dear Mike,

I heard the rumor that in private life the Monkees really don’t get along at all. They said that you all are moody and temperamental. Is this true? I hope not.

Raleigh, N.C.
Charlotte Mills

Dear Charlotte,

Completely wrong. We all get along splendidly together—otherwise how could we do the kind of work we are doing? We are each quite different from one another, but that somehow makes us “jell” when we’re together. We are not the kind of guys who pretend. We really do like each other and we really do like our work. Hope we will be pleasing you for a long time.


Dear Micky,

Is it true that you are the only one in the group who was not a musician before the Monkees were formed?

Altus, Okla.
Roberta McKernan

Dear Roberta,

Boo-hoo. Why do they always pick on me? I’ve been a musician for over two years, playing guitar and singing. Last year I was with a group called the Missing Links. When they broke up, I started playing drums—and now that’s what I play with the Monkees.


Dear Davy,

I read in one of those “grown-up” magazines that “teenage birds” bore you and you think they come on too strong. I cried for a whole day after I read that. I’m a teenager and I am heartbroken.

Austell, Ga.
Tanya Turner

Dear Tanya,

Stop crying—here are true words to mend your broken heart. I never said such a thing. I like all birds—little, medium, big, young, middle and old. I have a special weakness for teenage girls with long hair. I’m sorry that this mistake was made, but it wasn’t my fault. Take care.


Dear Peter,

Did you once sing and play in a place in Hollywood called the Troubadour Club? Have you ever been back there since you got famous?

Anaheim, Calif.
Mabel Christy

Dear Mabel,

I sure did. Before that, I used to wash dishes at the Golden Bear at Long Beach. A couple of months ago I went back to the Troubadour one night and got up and sang. It was really a gas to be back there playing and singing for my old friends. Thanks for writing.


Dear Micky,

Do you and Davy Jones live together? I read somewhere that you did and that you don’t get along with each other! I also heard that you are going steady with a girl named Annette. Is this true?

Brooklyn, N.Y.
Helen Zrake

Dear Helen,

Many, many months ago, Davy and I roomed together for a couple of weeks. We got along very well and we have never had an argument before, during or since. Later, Davy moved in with Pete for a while, but now all of us Monkees have our own private digs. I am not going steady with a girl named Annette or with a girl with any other name, for that matter. However, I am open to all bids. How ’bout you?


Dear Davy,

I heard that you have real curly hair and that you have to have it straightened for the TV show. Is this true?

E. Peoria, Ill.
Margie Ashcraft

Dear Margie,

I’ve had super-straight hair all me life, but rumors like this can cause your hair to curl, can’t they?


Dear Mike,

Is it true that you have written, arranged and sung some of the tunes on the Monkees’ LPs?

New York City
Barbara McCartney

Dear Barbara,

Yes, indeed, it is. Papa’s Blue Jeans (Papa Gene’s Blues) and Sweet Young Thing are the two I did on our first LP.


Dear Micky,

I’m very confused about when you were born. Would you please get me straight for once and for all?

Worthington, Ohio
Sharon Kayati

Dear Sharon,

I was born on March 8, 1945, in Los Angeles. Davy was born on December 30, 1945. Peter was born on February 13, 1942, and Mike was born on December 30, 1943 (Actually 1942). Hope that straightens you out.


Dear Monkees,

I heard that your show may go off the air. That is the most terrifying news in the world. Is there anything I can do to prevent this catastrophe from happening?

Brooklyn, N.Y.
Jo Ann Fasulo

Dear Jo Ann,

We haven’t heard these rumors—but, just to be on the safe side, why don’t you write to both NBC-TV, 3000 W. Alemeda, Burbank, Calif., and NBC-TV, Rockefeller Center, New York City, and tell the Program Director at each address that you want The Monkees to stay on the air? Thanks in advance.


That’s all there’s room for this month. If you want to write us, either as a group or individually, send your letters to The Monkee-Mailbox, 16 Magazine, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York City, 10022. Then be sure to pick up all future issues of 16 and look for your letter and our answers.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 11
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 28–29