Davy’s Early Years

Told Exclusively to Tiger Beat by his Father, T.H. JONES Part 2.

Did Davy’s long hair bother you at first? Does it now?

I don’t like it and don’t think he needs to have it so long and he knows what “right to the wood” means. Anyhow, I’m not bothered, really, but I hope he shortens it to come home. I am sure David needs no long hair gimmick. Long hair is not necessary to him.

How has Davy’s success changed your family’s life?

I no longer live in a four-room house. He has bought a larger house for me near a park where I can get plenty of fresh air. Being off work ill for three years, I am entirely dependent on him. He is a marvelous son and helps me all he can. Also, he never misses writing me.

What are some of the things Davy likes to do, now, when he comes back to England to visit you?

He’ll spend two or three days at home, then off to the Racing Stable at Mr. Foster’s at Middleham Yorkshire where he’ll be up at 7 a.m. riding horses. I am really sorry that on these outings I can’t go with him. Mr. Foster invited me as well but I can’t make it because of illness. He loves horses and would have probably made a good jockey. What I’d like to impress on you is that Davy entirely lacks being Big Headed. He’ll ride with the stable boys who, incidentally, like him very much and think he is a good sport. That is what I like—no side at all, just an ordinary lad who makes hosts of friends everywhere he goes. Considering he has been entirely on his own in America, whatever success he gets is entirely to his own credit.

How did you feel when Davy told you about his job in the Monkees?

Thrilled, but I really wanted him on the stage. Still, he informed me that he likes filming the series so I hope it leads to pictures. I don’t mind what he does as long as he likes what he is doing. That’s the main thing!

Do you like their music?

Yes. We all think it’s good and hope everybody else likes it. Especially in America.

Were you excited about seeing The Monkees when it came to British TV in January?

We were very excited! January just couldn’t come fast enough for us over here. Of course, we’d think it was a HIT no matter what. All Manchester was waiting to see those real Monkees!

Do you feel David’s success has hurt him in any way?

No. When we lost his mother I told David to get out and make a career for himself, travel the world, be self reliant and when he said he wanted to be a jockey, well, that was that. He then tried show business. I think those few years in America have taught David a lot and I sincerely hope he remains the unspoiled Dave all Manchester loves. Also America, by the letters I have received from there. Incidentally, I’m longing to hear those words from him, “Hello, Dad” again!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 8
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 36–37