What Are They Really Like?

  • Davy Jones
  • Micky Dolenz
  • Mike Nesmith
  • Peter Tork


Davy Jones

There’s no one adjective that can completely describe Davy. He’s energetic, talented, enthusiastic, always cheerful, professional about his work, and overly generous with himself and his money.

Davy’s a delight in every way… even more so in person than on your TV screen. He’s considerate, kind, and goes to all sorts of trouble for people he barely knows.

Davy Jones

Because of his personality, Davy is rarely ever alone. He has more friends than he can count and it’s no wonder. Davy’s friends are not just around him because he’s a famous star. They are there because Davy’s what he is… an all-around superior person.

As popular as Davy is, he prefers to spend most of his time at home. He enjoys entertaining his friends there by cooking them an outasite dinner. Then they all sit down and watch color TV.

Davy can’t resist a fan. He’ll do almost anything for his fans and they, in turn, will do almost anything for Davy. Though it’s hard to believe, Davy seems to have time for everyone and time to do everything. He’s just plain fantastic.


Micky Dolenz

Micky has a million things going on inside his head at the same time. When he cuts up on the set, he’s already planning ahead for his next joke. Of all the Monkees, Micky’s the most extroverted. He has a laugh for all.

There’s a serious side to Micky. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to performing. He wants everything to be right… from acting to singing and performing in front of an audience.

Micky Dolenz

Looking good is important to Micky. He spends a lot of time thinking about what clothes to wear and he’s fussy about his hair. He has dynamic energy. On tour, Micky’s the organizer of the wild and wacky games the Monkees like to play in the hotels where they stay.

When Micky talks to you he speaks slowly and thoughtfully. Micky’s been in show business longer than the other Monkees, so he’s both professional in his attitude and helpful to the others. No matter how uptight the boys’ schedule may become, Micky remains easy-going and fun loving about life in general.


Peter Tork

His life revolves around music. This is the key to Peter. He’s many different people, all at the same time. He can be very happy. Then, almost immediately, this happiness can turn into a quiet mood that makes you feel he doesn’t want anyone around him.

Because he uses every spare minute of his time doing things: reading, talking to people; observing life as it passes by; studying new musical instruments; Peter always tries to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. This is difficult because the Monkees are forever on the move. But Peter thinks life is so important that he always wants to be wide awake during the day.

Peter Tork

Peter is like no one else in the world. You can’t call him an extrovert or an introvert. He has qualities of both. Though he’s very intelligent, Peter wouldn’t be considered an egg head type. He can be funny and make people laugh. He can also be serious and make people think.

Above everything else, Peter can make music. And when he makes music, he makes sense. This is why he’s a Monkee. No matter how wacky they all seem, the Monkee make sense to their fans because they’re real people with talent and love in their hearts.


Mike Nesmith

Mike’s the quiet Monkee with the drawly, groovy voice. He’s cool without trying to be. And yet, at a minute’s notice, he’ll do the most insane things you’ve ever heard of… like putting tin foil on the ceiling of his dressing room.

He’s probably the most conscientious Monkee… especially about his fan mail. He would like to be able to answer every letter personally.

Mike is saving money so someday he can build his dream house for his family. Often, he wakes up at four o’clock in the morning and goes for a walk for absolutely no reason at all. He enjoys being free to do these things.

Mike Nesmith

He has an outasite sense of humor. At first, it’s hard to get on to it, but later you learn to laugh at the things he says and understand why you’re laughing.

Mike enjoys being with people who make sense, because he makes sense. There’s a way-out side to Mike, too, and you can be caught up with one of his stories and never know what hit you.

Above all, being around Mike Nesmith is an experience you’ll never forget as long as you live.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 8–11