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Davy Jones, Gloria Stavers
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THOSE NEW “Monkee Pads” I wrote about in the last issue are being called Monkees Stage To Stardom. They will still be a cross between a disco and an ice cream parlor and will feature records and live talent, but the kick now is that new groups (local, probably) will be introduced at these Stages and if they are good enough they will not only be awarded contracts with Colgems Records, but they will also get to appear on The Monkees TV show—and the groups can be all boys, all girls or mixed. So grab your Gretsch (preferably one of those which bears a MONKEES endorsement) and start strumming, Rebecca, cos tomorrow you may be a star! . . . Our ed, glamorous GLORIA, got another W-O-W thrill when her buddy DAVY JONES barged into 16’s New York offices recently to pay her another surprise visit. This time he brought along other buddy, DAVID PEARL, who politely took a picture of the event . . . Both MICKY DOLENZ and MIKE NESMITH got groovy surprises after their Hawaiian concert last December. MICKY’s mom, MRS. JANELLE SCOTT, and MIKE’s Mrs. Phyllis, turned up backstage after the show, each having secretly flown all the way from California to catch the MONKEES’ first-time-ever concert. Quelle super surprise! . . . Oh, yeah—MIKE’s mom, BETTE GRAHAM, got quite a surprise when MIKE flew in to Dallas two days before Christmas and presented her and MIKE’s step-dad with “his and her” Honda motor bikes. MIKE gave PHYLLIS a gift a day for a week before Christmas, climaxing it all with a fabulous present of a chinchilla coat (it’s the most expensive fur you can buy, dears), with a matching mini-skirt. MIKE gave PHYLLIS’ folks a new LTD Ford . . . All the MONKEES really groove! Each and every one of them buried their families and friends with marvelous gifts this Yuletide—and were sincerely thrilled and pleased to be able to do so . . . Speaking of those outasite MONKEES, one of their favorite clothing stores in Hollywood is LENNY’S BOOT PARLOR (they sell everything—boots, shirts, pants, etc., in all sizes—including those small enough for girls to wear). If you wanta find out what’s available from LENNY’S, just send them a note requesting their free catalog (be sure to include your name and full correct address when you write to them) and presto, babes—you’ll have it in a flash! Write to Lenny’s Boot Parlor, 1448 Gower St., Hollywood, Calif. . . . Squelch that rumor that sweet HARPO RAIDER is secretly engaged. NOT SO! . . . Douse that rumor that madman MARCUS RAIDER whacked off his pony-tail. NOT SO—but he did grow some groovy sidies (as did HARPO).

Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Don Steele, Peter Tork
Info Don Steele & Friends

L.A.’s top deejay, “THE REAL” DON STEELE, of KHJ radio, scored a coup recently when he got visited by three little monkeys who have grown up to be great big MONKEES—namely, MIKE, MICKY and PETER . . . GARY LEWIS is getting his Army basic at Ft. Ord, Calif., so you can write to him there . . . DAVE CLARK says it’s not true that he is going steady with London’s “Queen Of The Mods,” CATHY McGOWAN. She was just his date for the opening of CLIFF RICHARD’s new film, Finder’s Keepers . . . Wail, golden fingers! BOBBY and JOY HATFIELD had a little RIGHTEOUS baby and named him ROBERT, JR. Welcome! . . . A Star Trek episode early in March will feature SPOCK falling in love (well, love is cosmic, after all). The girl in this spaced out romance will probably be DAVID McCALLUM’s ex-Mrs., JILL IRELAND . . . NOEL HARRISON is really flipping for the California sun. He is now renting his London flat to STONES’ manager ANDREW OLDHAM. His best friends in “Boss” Angeles are CHRIS JONES and BOB LIND. Good company! . . . PETER QUAIFE rejoined the KINKS and is rumored to be secretly married to a Danish girl . . . Hey, if you ever do make it to L.A., be sure to flop by JERRY HOPKINS’ turned on specialty shop—it features ancient clothes, stained glass, sandals, mandalas, feathers, painted rocks, posters and many other goodies (including free coffee). It’s called HEADQUARTERS and is at 1144 Westwood Blvd., Westwood Village.

Hooray! PETER NOONE is going to star in a flick called Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter. Shooting starts in England in April . . . YALE SUMMERS may get his own TV series . . . HAYLEY’s next is Pretty Polly, based on some NOEL COWARD stories . . . JOHN DAVIDSON’s next (for DISNEY) will be called The Family Band . . . SONNY & CHER are now calling their movie New Times Happy Times . . . SALLY FIELD has been signed as a regular on NBC-TV’s Hey, Landlord! . . . STONES’ film all set to roll . . . DONOVAN will be doing a flick this coming summer . . . No LPs recommended this month, but I would like to call your attention to one of the greatest jazz albums to hit the scene in eons. It is PAUL HORN’s smashing Monday, Monday on RCA-Victor. It is PAUL’s interpretation of the top pop hits of 1966—and it is ultra-outasite! Go get.

The pop scene has finally got everything including the Kitchen Cinq—a group of five boss Cats (pictured here with their producer Suzi Jane Hokom) who are recording on LHI Records. Their first single is You’ll Be Sorry Someday—but I bet we never will, cos they’re the greatest thing since running water . . . Monkees’ TV debut in Great Britain an instant smash—mass hysteria and super great reviews!!

GeeGee’s special guest in the photo up there this issue is none other than swingy little LYNNE RANDELL of Australia—who hopes to become a pop star here soon! We hope you do too, LYNNE!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 11
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 50–51