The Lo-Down

The Beatles battle royal is raging in a lot of directions. Now George Martin is in it. Seems George helped Paul write the music for the two tunes Paul did for Hayley’s flick, Family Way (Paul can’t write music, so he hums it and George puts it down on paper for him). Anyway, George was so smitten by the tunes that he decided to release Paul’s music (Love In The Open Air and Theme For Family Way) as single instrumental records. Meanwhile, back at the movie studio, the producers decided to do the same thing. So now the sides are being released by both EMI and DECCA Records in London! Paul is keeping his mouth shut (under that big moustache of his) about the whole thing . . . Paul has another project already started. He’s staging a “carnival of light” at London’s Centre 42’s Round House (whatever that is). This is a show of electric music combining with lights coming from 15 automatic projectors playing across screens 60 feet high—and that’s about as high as you can get (if you’re a screen, that is).

Anyhoo, Ringo is still looking for a “job” acting—so why don’t one of you groovies write him a script? . . . John is all agiggle over the publication of his two books into one book. It’s called The Penguin John Lennon and (boo-hoo) you can’t get it in America. I got a pic of how he looks on the back cover of it for you though, dollies! . . . As for George Beatle—well, I have no news about him lately. I can’t find him. Have you taken him and hidden him somewhere? No fair—bring him back!

Mick Jagger and Chrissie Shrimpton publicly announced that they have broken off their three-year romance. Wanna bet? . . . Absolute rave of London is the world’s thinnest and most popular new model, the hauntingly pretty-sad-tiny-girlish Twiggy. She’s 17 and has just cut a record called Beautiful Dream. Why not? . . . Russian poet Yevgenii Yevtushenko (if you think that’s hard to say, try spelling it) met the Monkees when they were in Hawaii and also saw their concert . . . Love DD&B’s single, If You’re Thinking Like I’m Thinking. Also do cattersaults every time I see those guys on Action. Look carefully and you will see that Dino darling is learning to play his bass in a unique new manner . . . What star of what top American group is now doing almost all the record-making almost all by himself? (But it’s O.K., though—cos the rest of guys can lip-synch just fine).

Advice to a certain young teen idol: Don’t take it all so seriously and get all snooty and egocentric and uptight. Be a cool little kitty and purr along with the rest of us. Sic transit gloria stardom, you know . . . Why can’t the British groups stay together? Except for a couple, all of them are making splitsville noises . . . I nominate Keith of Mercury Records as “Pussycat Of The Month” (hope you don’t mind, Keithie). I think he looks a lot like me. I mean, we both have lots of groovy fur—and like that. Meowrre later!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 11
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 38