Lulu Articles (35 articles)

This Is Where It’s AtRaveMike Grant1967/06
Geegee’s Gossip161967/08
Geegee’s Gossip161967/09
Davy, Micky, Mike & Peter by LuluMonkees Monthly1967/09
Davy Jones—As I Know HimFlipKeith Altham1967/10
Keith Altham’s English SceneFlipKeith Altham1967/10
Meow…w!Tiger Beat1967/10
My Daily Diary of The Monkees TourFlipRic Klein1967/11
On the Flip SideFlip1967/11
The Monkees in EnglandFlipKeith Altham1967/11
The Monkees in England (Part 2)FlipKeith Altham1967/12
Davy Jones Plays “Words!” with YouFlip1968/01
Lulu and The MonkeesFlip1968/02
Stop PressMonkees Monthly1968/02
Questions and Answers About The MonkeesFlip1968/04
Geegee’s Gossip161968/05
Letter from the EditorMonkees MonthlyJackie Richmond1968/05
Stop PressMonkees Monthly1968/05
Stop Rumourmongering Says Jackie RichmondMonkees Monthly1968/05
Geegee’s Gossip161968/06
Hollywood ReportMonkees Monthly1968/06
How Davy Sees Himself—TodayTiger Beat1968/06
Life-lines of the Grooviest Girls AroundTiger Beat1968/06
New Luvs in Davy’s LifeTiger Beat1968/06
Davy’s Dept.16Davy Jones1968/07
(Adorable) Davy Jones As Know HimMonkee SpectacularLulu1968/07
Davy: ExclusiveMonkees Monthly1968/07
Monkee MailMonkees Monthly1968/07
Monkee RumorsMonkee Spectacular1968/08
MeowTiger BeatAnn Moses1968/09
MeowTiger BeatAnn Moses1968/10
Tiger TalkTiger Beat1968/10
Letter from the EditorMonkees MonthlyJackie Richmond1968/12
MeowTiger BeatAnn Moses1969/03
The Monkees StoryMonkees Monthly1969/04