New Luvs in Davy’s Life

The girls who date Davy Jones are probably the luckiest in the world because Davy is just one of the grooviest people around! When he takes a girl out—whether it be to a movie premier, to dinner at a fine Beverly Hills restaurant, or to his house to watch TV—she can count on having the time of her life because Davy is sure to be thinking of her happiness only.

Davy is still enjoying his life as a bachelor and continues to date many girls. Two of the newest names in Davy’s “little black book” (his is red actually) are Linda Haines and Lulu, the girls pictured here.

Davy met Linda, who’s 5'6" and hails from Hawaii, when she dated David Pearl for a year. Now Linda is a favorite date of Davy’s and she was his guest in Palm Springs when the Monkees filmed part of their movie there.

Davy plans to open a string of clothing stores in the Hollywood area very soon and Linda will be designing many of the things for the shop. She’ll be doing that from Hawaii, however, since she has recently returned home.

Lulu, that darling lass you first met in “To Sir With Love,” first met Davy when she was on the Monkees’ concerts in London. Davy thinks she’s a fine entertainer and they began corresponding last summer.

When Davy was in London over the Christmas holidays, he saw Lu’s show and later they went to dinner with friends. Davy was on hand for Lulu’s opening night show at the Coconut Grove and they dated during her two-week stay. Lulu even got to spend an entire day on the Monkee movie set as Davy’s guest. She had a fantastic time!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 10
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Page: 54