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Just read a groovy, new, wild, crazy, insane, fantabulous, funny magazine called LAUGH-IN. It’s just like the TV show! Guess you know I liked it. But the biggest surprise was seeing that it was published by the same company that publishes TIGER BEAT. Is it really one and the same?

Harriet Fried
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Yes! We kinda like it too, but we’re prejudiced.

For all of you crazy nuts out there who like to do crazy things, here’s a game we thought up just by accident.

First you get a big, heavy cushion from the sofa. Then you lay down on your back, balancing the cushion on the tips of your fingers. Throw the cushion back and forth around the room from person to person.

You may not think that this sounds like fun, but it is!

Bunch of Nuts
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Ever wonder what happened to Don & the Goodtimes? Well, in early ’68. Bobby Holden (drums) and Ron, “Buzzy” Overman (bass) quit the group. Bob is now drumming for a Portland group, the Redcoats. Meanwhile, Ron has organized a brand new group, also in Portland, called the King Biscutt Entertainers.

The “old” Goodtimes have two new members, Bruce Hammond on bass and a drummer named John. Don Gallucci, Jeff Hawks and Joey Newman are still in the group. They are recording a new album in Los Angeles right now. I hope anyone interested in joining the Goodtimes’ National Fan Club will contact me.

Wilma Ele, Vice President
Don & The Goodtimes
Nat’l Fan Club
3224 Belle St.
Alton, Ill. 62002

I have only one thing to say to all of you faves. Don’t ever worry about the untrue things they print about you in some books. You’d better be glad you don’t have to worry about having a name like mine!

Bonnie Parker
Alexandria, La.

What’s so great about Davy Jones? I don’t think he’s half as cute as Sajid Khan. I’m tired of reading and hearing about Davy. People are always talking about him!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting Davy down. But I think he’s getting too much attention. Why not use more room in your magazine to print stories on Sajid? He’s the grooviest of the two!

Connie Lusk
Knoxville, Tenn.

I know Sajid Khan is cute, nice and all that. I think he’s a doll! But you have so much on him in your magazine that people are going to get sick of him! You did the same thing with Davy Jones!

We all went around school saying how cute Davy was, and how we just couldn’t get over him. But now we are sick of hearing about him. We can’t stand him anymore!

Please stop doing this to Sajid before it’s too late! I know everyone agrees with me!

Fan of Both
Cleveland Hts., O.

Do you agree with her?

Micky Dolenz is the most appreciative guy around. I sent him a couple of pictures of old movie stars, and he was more than thankful. His personal letter convinced me that he really cares about his fans!

Pamela Powell
Jacksboro, Tex.

My girlfriend and I have been having an argument, and I hope you can help us. I say that when Desi Arnaz, Jr. was little, he played the part of little Ricci on the “Lucy Show.” My girlfriend says it was somebody else. It certainly looks like it was Desi from the pictures I’ve seen of him as a baby. Who is right?

Akron, Ohio

Desi did not play the baby on The Lucy Show. The part was played alternately by identical twin boys.

Have you ever sat reading a Monkee magazine with the stereo playing Beatle tunes, the radio going full blast with Sonny and Cher, your brother’s band belting out Rolling Stone songs, your father running up and down the hall singing the latest Raider tune and lastly your mother singing softly to herself?

You ought to try it sometime. Whew!!

Donna Darnell
Poway, Calif.

I’ve heard that Vince Melouney and and Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees are married. I’ve also heard that they aren’t. I know I can believe you, so please tell me the truth!

Confused Fan
Tulsa, Okla.

Barry Gibb is married, but he and his wife Maureen, who he met in Australia, are now separated. Vince Melouney is married to a lovely girl he met in Australia named Diane. Bee Gee drummer Colin Petersen tied the knot in June while vacationing in the Bahamas. He married his manager’s secretary Joanne. So Maurice and Robin are the only single Bee Gees.

I have a terrible disease and I was wondering if you would help me with it. My disease is that I adore Tiny Tim! If you’d please print some pictures and information about him, I know I’d get better fast!

New York, N.Y.

Don’t worry—your cure is on the way! Watch TiGER BEAT for lots of pictures and stories on this fab entertainer.

A friend of mine told me that Peter Tork now has a personal fan club of his own, just like Micky and Davy do. Is this so? I love Peter and I’d love to join his fan club. Help!

Barbara Sippel
Philadelphia, Pa.

Peter does have a personal fan club which works very closely with Peter and his grandmother. You can find out more about it by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Peter Tork Personal Fan Club, 147 Tenth Avenue, Kirkland, Washington 98033.

I just want everyone to know how considerate the Monkees are. I once met them at the airport, and I found out they were going out on our plane! After being chased by fans you’d expect them to be tired once they sat down, but they weren’t!

They came around the plane shaking hands and talking to everyone. (I’ll never wash my hand again!).

Cathy Eberbach
Indianapolis, Ind.

Lulu is cute, but she knows she is! She shows off like she owns the world. I do not like her at all!

Lulu Hater
Riverton, Kans.

When I saw a picture of Davy hugging Lulu, I was terribly jealous. I thought all sorts of hideous things about her! Then I saw Lulu perform on the Woody Woodbury show, and I was all ready with claws and fangs showing.

Then she came on, and my opinion changed. They may sound corny, but I think she’s a delightful and lovely person! And I’m terribly ashamed of not liking her at first. Now I love both her and Davy!

Karen Thompson
Inglewood, Calif.

I can’t seem to find TIGER BEAT on the newsstands in my town, and I would like to know how I can get it every month.

Dana B.
Mt. Healthy, O.

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Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 6, 9