Davy’s Dept.

Davy Jones
Davy denies some rumors about him and the birds—and tells you what’s really happenin’!

Hullo, luvvies! It’s nice to be back with you again in my very own department in 16 Magazine. Now let’s see what groovy things I have for you this month.

Wow! There are so many rumors about me and birds that I don’t know which one to deny first. I guess we had better start with Lulu. Don’t get me wrong. Lulu is a lovely girl—and she really is a good friend of mine—but there is absolutely no romance between us. I have dated her a few times, and when I go to England in May to visit my father I probably will see Lulu and appear on the TV special she will be making then. That is really all there is to it.

Deana Martin: although we do not date any more, I often drop by the house to say “hi” to Deana and her family. The Martins are fine people, and I deeply enjoy their company. The girl named Linda whom I was dating for a while is also still a good friend, but there is nothing serious between us. I guess what it comes down to is that your boy Davy Jones has an eye for the girls. I dig being with them and I dig dating them, but I also like being single, foot-loose and fancyfree. It is a good way to be—don’t you agree?

One of the most challenging things to happen to me lately is the opportunity to do a big production number in the forthcoming Monkee movie. My number is called Daddy’s Song and it’s going to be a real big Broadway-type song and dance number. I have been rehearsing so hard that I lost five pounds! I hope you see the movie and think it was worth it!

Getting to things more domestic, I thought you might like to know that my dog “Susie” managed to chew a great big hole in the wooden fence around my house. I guess “Susie” (who is a he, not a she) doesn’t dig being fenced in! Unfortunately, I have to have a fence or else some of my ever-luvvin’ fans might get onto my property. The last time I was “invaded,” someone released the brake on one of my cars and caused it to crash. Remember?

Before I go, I want to send a special and confidential thanks to Beth Valentino of Northport, N.Y., for the taped letter and drawing she sent; to Merilyn Peek of Auckland, New Zealand, for the groovy picture she drew for me; to Debbie Damico and Linda Kindland of Erie, Pa., for the special strand of love-beads they made for me, and to Janet (no last name) of West Covina, Calif., for the beautiful Indian beads she made for me with my name on them.

I will sign off by inviting you to join my fan club. I have personally designed the kit and I think you will really groove it. If you are interested, send me a note to Box 1077, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90210, and I will send you full information on how to join the only official Davy Jones Fan Club.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 44