This Is Where It’s At

RAVE man Mike Grant with news and gossip from around the pop scene

The Move’s first album, called “Move Mass” and due out soon, contains some really weird tracks. All the titles and tracks aren’t fixed definitely, but there’ll be one called “Kilroy Was Here”, and another provisionally titled “Roy Wood’s Toytown Band”, which features the group playing toy instruments. There’s a very un-Garland like version of “Zing Go The Strings Of My Heart” and “Walk Upon The Water”, which tells us not to drive and drink.

Groups have always had problems of one sort or another, but one particular problem that the Herd had was with the words of their song “I Can Fly”. Everybody said it was about drugs, but the Herd say it’s not, it’s a Freudian love song. On “Juke Box Jury”, Ray Davies said, “It should be banned,” and Pete Murray said, “Is it anything to do with B.E.A.?” Pete Frampton of the Herd says, “Younger fans buy records and listen to the words afterwards, but the older ones always want to try and make them out to be controversial. Anyway, the record is selling very well, thank you!”

Where does Scott Engel go now? His tour with the Walker Brothers over, Scott talked briefly but determinedly to me about his future plans.

“Composing has now become as important to me as singing, and I must do the two things together,” said Scott. “I have two numbers by Michel LeGrand in the can and I want to interpret some of the great work of artistes like Edith Piaf.

“I promise you one thing—the sounds and songs that I have in mind will be completely original. I’m working on an entirely new musical concept. I hope the time may come soon when I can do something in the Albert Hall with a full orchestra.”

Lulu informs me that she is really looking forward to meeting Davy Jones when she performs at the Monkees’ concerts.

“I think people underrate Davy,” said Lulu. “He’s obviously a very shrewd boy and he’s been in the entertainment business long enough to know what he’s doing.

When I read in the papers that the other three wanted to split with their recording manager and Davy did not, I thought then he knows where it’s at. Where would the Beatles be without a George Martin.”

The Tremeloes have leapt straight up the Charts with “Silence is Golden” and “Here Comes My Baby”, and are now planning a possible Stateside trip in July. But they won’t be deserting us. “Now we’ve made the comeback here” said Chip Hawkes “we’re going to concentrate on England. It’s still a wonderful feeling to be a big hit in your own country rather than anywhere else in the world.”

Ex-Yardbirds’ guitarist Jeff Beck made an effective dent in the hit parade with “Hi Ho Silver Lining”, but in pop circles the flip-side, which was his interpretation of Ravel’s “Bolero”, attracted even more attention. Jimi Hendrix rated it the most exciting guitar work he had heard in Britain.

“I’m absolutely delighted Jimi should think that,” said Jeff. “‘Bolero’ is really the kind of work I’m trying to get over to people. I’m also working on a guitar concerto which is to take up the first side of my first L.P.

“Coincidence here that just three months ago I was in ‘Flanagans’ restaurant with Brian Jones and he remarked upon the fantastic rhythms being played on a number coming through a ‘Muzak’ speaker. That was Ravel’s ‘Bolero’!”

Ever wondered what a Beatles recording session is like these days? Well, here is an eye witness account of the scene during that mammoth session which included Mike Nesmith, Mick Jagger, Donovan and Klaus Voormann during a take on “In A Day In The Life Of”.

“There was a forty piece orchestra in evening dress being conducted by George Martin wearing a huge false nose. The members of the orchestra were also given false moustaches, wigs and teeth. A tap projected out of the side of a double bass, Crazy Foam was produced and liberally distributed. Coloured patterns were projected onto the white shirt fronts of the musicians and the whole scene was being filmed by anyone who could operate a movie camera. Paul McCartney is estimated to have spent £10,000 filming the album being made!”

Alan Price describes the final flight which broke the Animals’ back—the last time he boarded a plane.

“We were flying up to Manchester where ‘Top Of The Pops’ was being transmitted from in those days,” recalled Alan. “The plane was a De Havilland Comet—we came down from the clouds at Manchester, and there was lightning, sleet bouncing off the wings and the most terrifying buffeting shook the plane. We hit the runway and a tremendous crosswind took the plane—we bumped and went straight up again. Next thing I knew we were in Glasgow! That was enough for me—I’d finished with flying.”

“I saw him sitting there posing in those photographs, looking all pretty with his velvets and silks and his lacquered fingernails and I thought—‘damme’—then I met him, and he was the nicest person I’ve ever met. I couldn’t believe it! He is so nice.”

Jimi Hendrix on Donovan

Noel Redding, bass guitarist with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, was pursued the length of Luton High Street recently by a pack of devoted fans, until finally he found himself surrounded and began signing pieces of paper frantically.

Paper ran out and the fans were clamouring for more, so he whipped out a pound note, signed it a dozen times, tore it up into strips and threw it into the air—then ran for cover. Now that is DESPERATION!

It’s the new, streamlined, smooth-haired Tom Jones folks, and if you want to know how Tom got that long, lean and hungry look, the answer is a very special diet. He was advised to substitute cigars for cigarettes, drink champagne instead of beer and cut out potatoes. Nice if you can afford it!

Pete Townshend receives a good many requests from fans who want one of his smashed up guitars. Where do all the broken guitars go seemed a fair question to put to the man himself.

“What people don’t realise is that as soon as I’ve thrown one across the stage the fans nip up and help themselves,” Pete informed me. “Some of the instruments we repair and use again.

“We had a road manager called Gordon some months ago who collected about twelve smashed guitars together and was going to piece together working portions and make a couple of whole guitars. We haven’t seen him since!”

Oh Gordon! Where are you?

Lulu was right. The best thing in “Privilege” is Mark London who plays Paul Jones’ publicist.

Reg Presley raving about Paul Newman’s cowboy film “Hombre”.

Pete Townshend has some interesting views on advertising.

John Lennon seen entering EMI studios in full Chinese dress and carrying a handbag!

Scott Engel saddened by Frank Sinatra’s TV. “debacle” with Nancy.

Mitch Mitchell, drummer with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, bought a £50 fur jacket plus a life subscription to the anti-blood sports’ league!

American eye witness reports that it was not so much a smack in the face for Buddy from Dusty as a teapot on the head!

Brian Jones and Anita Pallenberg now not so close.

Jayne Mansfield certainly showed the pop world one or two things while she was here!

Who let the Beatles’ tape out of the bag in the U.S. before Capitol released the album?

How now Cathy McGowan?

Ray Davies played more football matches than bookings with the Kinks in ’67!

Jimi Hendrix a Donovan convert.

Manfred Tom McGuinness interested to know whether the fact that he is getting fatter will get him any publicity.

When the Moon is full he goes looking for Simon Dee with his axe.

One up for RAVE! A group called the Raves has turned up in the States. They’ve got a record out called “Mr. Mann”.

Jimi Hendrix and Walkers’ fan club secretary Carol are just good sparring partners.

Gordon Waller and John Maus considering launching a club on board a boat.

Keith Moon sold his Bentley to Roger Daltry.

Graham Nash and Gary Leeds working on a composition for the Leeds’ next single.

John Maus and Engelbert Humperdinck chess opponents.

Elvis’s wedding no surprise to his friends!

The Fylde Coast Jazzmen would like us to point out that their Trad Jazz Club is on Thursdays at the Victoria Hotel, Cleveleys, near Blackpool, not at the Raikes Hall Hotel, as stated in April RAVE.

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