The never-before-told stories about your favorites from the gal who PERSONALLY knows them all—ANN MOSES

ON THE MONKEE TRAIL: LONDON: DAVY got to see his family . . . PETER wrote two songs, one inspiration was the girls gathered outside the hotel, the other is unknown . . . they traveled to their Sunday afternoon concert in a laundry van . . .

MICKY walked around the park next to the hotel at six a.m. and drew quite a crowd of fans (he got them to sing some songs with him) . . . PHYLLIS flew to London to be with MIKE for their two days there . . .

PETER bought an MG . . . the night before they left London, the MONKEES were guests of honor at a party with over one hundred guests including JOHN LENNON, GEORGE and PATTI HARRISON, PAUL MCCARTNEY, JANE ASHER, SAMANTHA JUSTE, DUSTY SPRINGFIELD, LULU, ERIC CLAPTON of the CREAM, plus the WHO, PROCUL HARUM and the MANFREDS in force . . . the MONKEES watched “The David Frost Show” and “Top of the Pops” on British TV . . .

MIKE had to be revived with oxygen when he became ill at their matinee concert . . . MICKY had a bad cold . . . DAVY cut his hand and injured his ankle . . . BRIAN JONES visited them one night and they sat around playing guitars and dulcimers . . . KEITH MOON was in the audience at one show shouting jokingly, “We want the WHO!” . . . MICKY was seen taking pictures of SAMANTHA backstage . . .

Back in America, MICKY played hostess on their private plane from Jacksonville to Miami . . . what precautions did the police take before the MONKEES arrived at their concert in Jacksonville?—they took a lot of vitamins!

While the RAIDERS were still on tour, I got a wild phone call from MARK and CHAS (that’s MARK’S nickname for CHARLIE COE!) and I didn’t stop laughing for quite a while. “Tell me about your new clothes,” I said to MARK. “I’m getting some very groovy new shirts,” he told me eagerly. “What are they made of?” I asked. “Oh… simulated window screens, flexible iron, you know, really new fabrics!” he joked.

Before CHARLIE left on his first tour with the RAIDERS he was terribly excited about his new El-Dorado. But he was not so excited (more enraged) the morning after he got it when he walked outside he spotted a brightly psychedelic-painted-by-fans El Dorado. He had to postpone a drive to Idaho for two days while the car was completely repainted.

THE BEE GEES gave an outasite luncheon while they were in Hollywood (for three days) hosted by SONNY and CHER. SONNY has lost a lot of weight and looked great and CHER looked very bouncy in her green mini-dress. The BEE GEES have to be the most friendly and funny guys to come out of Britain (via Australia) yet!

The five handsome lads are scheduled to make a full-length film on location in Africa at the end of this year. The story, titled “Lord Kitchener’s Little Drummer Boys” tells of five young boys who enlist in the Army as boy musicians and then become involved in a war. The group will be writing the complete musical score and will perform several of the songs in the film.

The “Magic Mushroom,” a new version of North Hollywood’s Cinnamon Cinder club, opened in July cashing in on the “tune in-turn on” commercialism. It’s doubtful that this club, that is too small and not adequately ventilated, will have much success especially if they book acts like that on opening night.

HEAVEN performed three long and very boring songs only to be followed by THE FRATERNITY OF MAN, a freaky, but most meaningless group. The only thing which made the evening worthwhile was the appearance of COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH who combine polished musicianship with great songs and humor, too!

I saw darling JON PROVOST at the “Magic Mushroom” opening (also MAMA CASS, LEE KEIFER, DEWEY MARTIN, JON’S brother BILL, THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS, NANCY SINATRA, PAUL PETERSEN, and CHRIS of CHRIS and CRAIG of the PENNY ARCADE) and he told me about a funny (but not at the time) happening.

JON had a friend stay over night at his house and thought he might surprise his friend with a groovy breakfast. As he began cooking eggs, he got distracted and when he turned around the whole stove was on fire! Luckily JON wasn’t hurt, except for a burned hand which has now healed, but the kitchen was hurt to the tune of $1200.

DO YOU SHARE A BIRTHDAY WITH A STAR? One year older this month are: JOHN LENNON and JOHN ENTWISTLE of the WHO, the 9th; PAUL and BARRY RYAN, the 24th; PHIL VOLK, the 25th; KEITH HOPWOOD, the 26th; and L’il DON GALLUCI, the 31st.

Old news is that MICK JAGGER was sentenced to three months in prison for possession of certain pills and KEITH RICHARD was sentenced to a year for allowing certain drugs to be smoked at his house (they’re appealing the sentences now). How did their friends react? MONKEES MIKE and MICKY wore black arm bands over their uniforms at their London concerts “mourning” the sentences.

THE WHO, in tribute to the STONES, rush recorded and released their version of the JAGGER-RICHARD compositions “The Last Time” and “Under My Thumb.” JOHN ENTWISTLE was honeymooning on the Queen Elizabeth at the time, so PETE TOWNSHEND overdubbed the bass guitar parts.

SHORTIES: THE MONKEES London press conference was the biggest in British history—bigger than the one held for Winston Churchill in 1942.

Informed sources say that HERMAN gained 30 pounds while filming “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter.”

BILLY HINSCHE sings one harmony part on the BEACH BOYS’ new single “Heroes and Villains.”

THE SUNSHINE COMPANY was super-happy about their success with their first single outing called “Happy.”

JOHN PHILLIP’S gardener has “wars” with his neighbor’s gardener—they shoot bee-bees at each other.

BILLY HINSCHE bought a British racing car when he turned 16 in June.


Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 62–63