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What’s new with your favorites from coast-to-coast!

DINO, having finished his movie A Boy A Girl, dyed his hair back to its normal color—what he calls “dirty blond” . . . PAUL McCARTNEY—who shaved off his moustache—and JANE ASHER have not broken up; another one of those rubbish rumors . . . MIKE NESMITH recovered nicely from his tonsillectomy—singing right back on key again . . . An outasite restaurant, THE TIN ANGEL, at 145 Bleeker St. in Greenwich Village, is the place where the hippies all fall by to scarf (that is to dine, me luvs). Regulars include PETER TORK, MAMA CASS, BYRDS, BILL OCHS, the WHO, PETER ASHER, BETSY DOSTER, HERMAN and the ASSOCIATION . . . Lovable HOSS; former road manager of the RAIDERS, has moved to New York and is now working for the BLUES MAGOOS . . . Look for DESI, JR., when he does a guest spot on one of the first episodes of NBC’s new TV series Mothers-in-Law, Sunday nights, 8:30 EDT this fall . . . The LEWIS & CLARKE EXPEDITION are five groovy guys who include TRAVIS LEWIS (blond) and BOOMER CLARKE (brunet). All five of the L&C will be featured on Monkee segments next season. More on them later . . . Look out for LULU, the 18-year-old British singer whose hit, The Boat I Row, has been released on Epic here. She also appeared with the MONKEES when they did their live concerts in London, Eng.

GeeGee recommended LPs this month include the Bee Gees—sorry, no title at press time—on Atco (say “hi” to their new member, Vince Melouney, far right); the Seeds’ Future on Crescendo; 4 Seasons’ New Gold Hits on Mercury; Tommy James & the Shondell’s I Think We’re Alone Now on Roulette.

Beatle News: JOHN had his $31,000 Rolls Royce made even more beautiful by having it painted in bright colors complete with bouquets, curlicues and the signs of the zodiac on the roof. Welcome to flower land, JOHN . . . PAUL is getting facials from a “beautician” named Madame Narcisa Dadam—not that he needs them; they just feel good . . . All four BEATLES will appear on BBC’s greatest TV show, Our World, which will be shown via Telestar all over the planet Earth to 700,000,000 viewers. They will have a five-minute spot and are writing a song especially for that show.

MOBY GRAPE have done something nobody ain’t never done before—released five single records at once! I’ve heard them all and they’re great, so we can now quietly go crazy trying to find out which is our “grape” . . . KEITH and KEVIN SCHULTZ may have their own TV show this fall—sure hope so. Meanwhile, you can write to them in care of Don Jaye, Box 1214, Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Volume: 9
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