Monkee Mail

Dear Jackie,

I’m in California, lying down on one of the beautiful beaches wearing a bikini, and my face is tanned. Then a beautiful, small, gorgeous looking male, with the most wonderful soft, brown eyes and hair, comes up and we go surfing together. (I don’t know if you gathered it yet, but the male is Davy.) Anyway I wake up with a bump then, to Smoky Stockport, on a wet, misty morning, and reality, because I look terrible in bikini’s, I don’t tan, but I do go red and get freckles, I can’t surf and, come to that, I don’t know if Davy Jones can either. Oh well, I can dream can’t I?

Lots of love.

Mary Wilson,
25 Frewland Avenue,
Davenport, Stockport,

Hi Jackie,

I just had to write and thank you for No. 17. Your mag. has always been real groovy with outasite pix and up-to-the-minute monkeenews n’ monkeeviews, but with the eight whole new pages, Monkees Monthly has become a piece of earthbound heaven! It’s just clean unbelievable! They all, especially Peter, look more beautiful every month.

On behalf of all the fans, I’m sure, I wanna thank you for all the work you put in. (Though with those fantastic phone calls, I know I wouldn’t mind swopping places with you.) I also wanna thank our beloved Monkees for all the tedious times they go through, but keep their patience for us fans. The exasperating moments in filming when there is some minute detail out of place in a shot, after having already taken it so many times that they know their lines backwards. The times, as Peter said, when he wakes up in the morning and wants to stay in bed. But he gets up, and goes to work, not just for his pay, but for the fans. When the poor guys are being torn apart by fans, although maybe annoyed, they would never deliberately harm the fans. Thanks for being patient, Monkees, for being you, for the sake of us. Thanks.

Love and Peace.

192 Cranbrook Avenue,
Cottingham Road,
Hull, E. Yorks.

P.S. All my love to Peter.

P.P.S. To Peter fans: Peter doesn’t live at Van Nuys and never has done. I have a pen pal there and she says the only Monkee who ever lived there was Micky, and that was years ago when he went to Grant High.

Dear Jackie,

I am writing to tell you how I got Davy Jones autograph. Our cookery teacher at school held a competition. We had to write a letter telling her why we wanted Davy’s autograph most. And she chose mine. (She met Davy in Manchester, you see.) I am now the proud owner of Davy’s autograph. On it it says, “My love, David Jones”.

Beverley Colebrook,
23 Ingleby Way,
Rushcroft, Shaw, Lancs.

Dear Jackie,

Now, whenever I read a magazine or pop paper (other than M.M.) it always says, “The Monkees are splitting up” or “The Monkees aren’t splitting up—yet” or “The Monkees still are deciding”. I even heard that Davy was married to Lulu and that Davy was already split up from the other three. I hope this isn’t true. Could you please tell me?

Love ’n’ peace.

6 Marvard House,
Manor Fields, Putney.

Dear Jackie,

I’ve been looking at the Monkees’ work to date and I didn’t realize just how hard they must have worked during these past months. Let’s start with music. They’ve released seven hit singles and four groovy, outta sight L.P’s. Then of course there’s “Birds, Bees and The Monkees” coming any day now. And Mike’s “Wichita train-whistle”. The BBC have shown 59 Monkee episodes (about five of which have been repeats). Then there’s those five concerts at Wembley. Who could forget ’em? Numerous visits to England (some we hardly know about!) Four guest appearances on “Top of the Pops”. Quite a few other TV shows they’ve done too. Micky in Hyde Park (remember?) Hundreds of meetings with the Monkees up and down the country. All the phone calls they’ve made. All the interviews they’ve had. And all the guest columns they’ve written and… well need I go on?

We all know what the Monkees have done for us. Their fans. Whether it has been publicized or not whether they were criticized or not. They did it because they wanted us to have the best. Because they wanted to… because they cared… about us.

Love and peace, a thankful Monkee fan.

16 Perpins Road,
Eltham, London, S.E.9.

Dear Jackie,

(I have just finished reading No. 17 Monkees Monthly.)

What’s all this rubbish about Mike never smiling. Hasn’t that girl ever seen any of the Monkees television programmes. Also I would like to ask her what she thinks Mike is doing on pages 15, 19, 24 and 32 in issue 17. Anyway, look at that lovely picture on pages 20 and 21; Mike doesn’t have to smile, he’s so great and handsome already.

Love and best wishes to all the fabulous four and you too, from

Jean Musgrove,
20 Waun-y-Groes Road,
Cardiff, S. Wales.

Dear Jackie,

I have just been listening to Davy on Radio 1 (Pete Brady show). It seemed to brighten up the afternoon hearing him talk, although he was on only about five minutes. Anyway, I hope Davy enjoys his visit so that he can tell Micky, Peter and Mike what a fab time he had when he gets back.

From a mad Monkee fan (especially Davy).

Janet Mills,
9 Woodside View,
Huddersfield, Yorks.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 18
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 36–37