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Whilst he was over here on holiday with his friend David Pearl, Davy got the flu bug which has been sweeping England. He was due to drive down from Manchester on Thursday, January 11th, to appear on “Top of the Pops” but during the day Screen Gems got a phone call from him saying that he was feeling ill and also the roads were very difficult so he didn’t think he would make London in time to appear on the show.

On Thursday night Davy and David stayed at the White House near Regents Park—on Friday he tried to get into a hotel but when they put up objections he stayed in a service flat for the two remaining nights. On Saturday he drove up to see Lulu appearing at Caesar’s Palace in Dunstable. When Lulu announced that he was in the hall the news was greeted with rapturous applause by the audience.

Peter Tork bought a new bass guitar and an electric piano for his house recently.

His favourite book at the moment is “Stranger In A Strange Land” and he is also reading “The Book of Changes”, “I Ching” and other books by Far Eastern philosophers. Peter has definitely got very interested in Eastern things recently. He has even put himself on a macro biotic diet which consists of Yin and Yang foods.

Davy bought a Honda sports car some time ago and it has finally arrived via a boat from France.

Davy likes it so much that he drives it around town whenever he gets the chance.

He also had his house completely re-decorated while he was away in England.

And the very lucky Davy won the Rose Bowl Football Pool at the film studios. His prize was $1,500 which is just over £600.

His friends report that he gave them very unusual gifts over Christmas. One of the Monkees’ road managers received a rhinoceros foot humidor. John [sic] Anderson [sic], the first assistant director of the Monkees television series, received a stuffed tortoise and Mike Nesmith got a 1900 fur coat and an old circus poster.

Mike liked his Radford Mini so much that he decided to buy another. But this one won’t be just to drive around in, he intends to race it. While he was collecting the second mini—it’s green by the way—he decided to buy another British car—a blue Lotus. His total list of transport is now two Minis, a Lotus, a Cadillac limousine, a Pontiac GTO, a Jeep, a Buick Riviera and a speed boat.

And it’s not only the garage which has been full-up in his new house, he has also been packing it with people holding at least one big party a week since he moved in.

The Monkees’ current single “Daydream Believer” has now topped the half million mark in this country alone. In America, of course, it has already done a couple of million. Sales so far in England mean that it is the second biggest selling Monkees record. The only title which has done better is, of course, the fantabulous “I’m A Believer”.

Micky has also been in a present giving mood recently and Samantha Juste received a beautiful little Siamese kitten from him which she promptly christened George.

Micky is also planning to record a children’s album with his moog synthesizer.

He spent the early part of January on holiday in Hawaii—but like Davy and Peter he had to get back for recording sessions.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 13
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 19