Davy Jones Plays “Words!” with You

Davy Jones
Info THE MANY FACES OF DAVY: When you talk with Davy, you’ll discover that he’s a very expressive talker. As his moods and thoughts change, so do his expressions. Which is one of the many reasons why he’s such an exciting friend to have!

Davy liked his first go-round of “Words!” with FLIP’s Keith Altham so much that he happily went through another groovy game with Keith during The Monkees’ last trip to England. Keith tossed words at Davy, and Davy tossed back whatever came into his mind.

SCRIPTS—“Changed while I cross from dressing room to the set.”

LULU—“Considerate and friendly and professional.”

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE—“Not my cup of tea. I don’t understand their music.”

Davy Jones

HOPALONG CASSIDY—“So old you thought he was going to fall off his horse!”

MIKE NESMITH—“Skinny the Schneid!”

FLUTE—“I carry one around in a little black bag and I’m trying to learn it every spare minute I get—spare minute, what a laugh that is!!”

PLANES—“Sooner or later the law of averages says you must have a crash and I get more frightened every time I go up. I still get a recurring nightmare about a crash.”

Davy Jones

LOVE—“A word which can easily lose its meaning.”

BILL COSBY—“Great. I’ve got a lot of his LPs.”

FANS—“I hate to see them getting hurt. There was a girl outside our Royal Gardens Hotel in London who got trampled on by the others trying to see us and wave to us. I had her brought up to the suite and Mike showed her around, got her autographs, and we gave her a taxi fare and four tickets for the show.”

Davy has lots more to say, and he’ll be telling all about it in the next issue of FLIP—on sale December 7th! Reserve your copy today because it’s a super-scoop you won’t want to miss!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 12–13