Monkee Rumors

Lulu, Davy Jones

Q. I’ve heard several rumors I’d like cleared up. 1. Which date is Jonathan Darby’s birthdate—February 4, 5 or 11? 2. Did Davy ever find his dog Susie? 3. In what part of Texas was Phyllis Nesmith born? 4. How old is Christian and when was he born?

A. 1. Jonathan was born on February 4th. 2. Davy’s dog Susie was stolen and never found. He now has another German Shepherd named Susie II. 3. No part. Phyllis was born in New York City and her family later moved to Texas. 4. Christian was born on January 31, 1964. He is four years old.

Q. I heard over the radio that Davy does not want to be called Davy any more, but that he wanted to be called David from now on: Is this true?

A. No, it’s definitely not true. Davy has been called “Davy” since he was very young. All his sisters call him both Davy and David. All his friends call him Davy, and very rarely David. So, as you can see, this report was not true.

Q. I heard that Mike Nesmith wears his wool hat because he has a bald spot on the back of his head. Is this true or just another one of those silly rumors? If this is not true why is it that he wears it most all of the time?

A. Mike does not have a bald spot, so what you heard is just one of those silly rumors started by someone who has nothing better to do. At first Mike wore his wool hat all the time just because he liked it. When he was chosen as a Monkee, the producers liked the hat and felt it was so much a part of Mike’s personality that they wanted him to wear it for the show all the time. Mike doesn’t wear it as much now, probably because he had to wear it so much on the show, and check in the Monkee movie, Mike doesn’t wear it at all!

Q. I read in a movie magazine that Davy Jones jilted Sally Field and it said something like Dean Martin (Possibly a typo, referring instead to Deana Martin) was involved. I didn’t believe a word of it until I read in Monkee Spectacular that Davy and Sally were not dating anymore. It made me want to break down and cry, what is the real story behind their break-up?

A. Because people in show business have such full lives on their own, it’s very difficult for two people in the business to stay together very long. Publicity follows them everywhere they go, their jobs are very demanding and when their personal life becomes too demanding, it’s just too much. All these things make it very difficult for two people in show business to stay together.

Both Sally and Davy are still very young and still maturing and growing personality-wise. You might say the reason they broke up is that they “each heard the sound of a different drum.” There were no great scenes, no fights, etc. Their interests just suddenly ran in different directions and they agreed it would be better to date others. There were no hard feelings and they see each other occasionally on the Screen Gems lot and are good friends.

Q. Did Peter really play the harp the Monkee Show entitled “The Devil and Peter Tork?”

A. No, as much as Peter told me he’d like to, he can’t play the harp. So the director merely “synced” the harp music to Peter’s unrecorded strumming.

Q. My friend keeps on saying that Davy Jones didn’t get a nose job, but my mother and I both say he did. Could you please tell us if this is true or not?

A. Davy did not get a nose job! It’s plain to see he didn’t if you compare some of his early pictures with those of today. There is obviously no change. The only surgery Davy has ever had was when he had his appendix out.

Q. Do the Monkees, as a group or individually, plan at any time to study with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?

A. At the present time, none of the Monkees has any plans, individually or as a group, to study with the Maharishi.

Q. It’s going around that on tour last summer Sam Juste was trying to get in on one of the stage shows because Micky likes her. Micky got mad at her when she got on stage and slapped her in the face! Is this true? I don’t think Micky could ever do that.

A. You are most certainly right, Micky would never do that. This story is the wildest tale I’ve heard in a long time. Sammy was along on the Monks’ summer tour, but she always watched the show from backstage or the stage wings, and certainly never tried to “get in on the act.” By the way, Micky and Sammy are still dating regularly and Micky is very excited about Sammy’s opening a boutique in Hollywood. She’s currently looking for the “just right” location.

Q. Is it true that Davy Jones was engaged to Lulu? My girlfriend said she heard this on “Happening ’68,” and they said that one of them called it off.

A. This is not true. Davy dated Lulu while she was in Hollywood for her Coconut Grove appearance. However, Lulu and Davy both have continued to make it quite clear that they are just friends. The British newspapers blew up their dates into a big “romance,” but this is really not the case at all and both Davy and Lulu will be more than happy to make that clear.

Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork

Q. In your Monkee Spec number 13, you listed Mike and Phyllis’ baby, Jonathan Darby, as being born on February 4th. Then in Tiger Beat, May issue, you listed it as February 11th. Please straighten this out.

A. Please forgive Tiger Beat. Their typewriter slipped. Jonathan was born on Feb. 4th.

Q. I read in another magazine that Sajid Khan’s recent popularity was so great that they might make him the fifth Monkee. The article said that Sajid could save the show and NBC-TV wouldn’t take it off. Is this true? Although I like Sajid, I think the Monkees are great already. They don’t need anything more!

A. This is definitely not true! This rumor may have started when Davy met Sajid at the Tiger Beat-FaVE Christmas party and suggested he do a guest spot in the Monkee movie. Later they found out it was too close to production time to add any more guests in the script, so they had to forget the idea.

Sajid’s role has nothing to do with NBC axing the Monkees for next season. Their series is canceled, but they are scheduled for several one hour specials on NBC. Sajid, meanwhile, is currently up for several parts in existing TV series for next season.

Q. Could you tell me if David Jones bites his finger nails? My sister says he does, but she can’t seem to come up with any evidence of her idea.

A. Davy doesn’t bite his fingernails. He used to about two years ago but just decided his hands looked ugly that way and stopped. He hasn’t bitten them since, and that’s why your sister can’t find any evidence. There isn’t any!

Q. My parents told me that they heard that Phyllis was not Mike’s first wife and that he had Christian from his former marriage. I know this is not true, but please print it so I can prove they are wrong.

A. Mike was never married prior to his marriage to Phyllis. They are the paternal father and mother of Christian. I can’t imagine where this rumor got started, or how your parents happened to get wind of it, but that’s all it is a rumor. Mike and Phyllis were married on March 16, 1963 and Christian was born on January 31, 1964 so he is obviously their son.

Q. Does Davy Jones know how to play a guitar (electric or acoustical)? My sister, Sandy, is sure that he doesn’t. Does he play electric guitar on “Pleasant Valley Sunday?” Thank you for your time.

A. Davy does play acoustical guitar, but not electric. He began to learn to play guitar about a year and a half ago and does so well at it that now he writes most of his songs using the guitar for accompaniment. However, he does not play guitar on any of the Monkees’ records.

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork

Q. Please answer my question. What is the name of the fifth Monkee album?

A. “The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees.”

Q. I am writing to inquire about Jack Wild, the boy you published in Monkee Spectacular #13. He is the new “Artful Dodger” in the new film version of “Oliver.” I would urgently like to know where I can write to him. I would be very appreciative if you could help.

A. We dig Jack Wild very much and are happy to see you do too. You can write to Jack c/o Columbia Pictures, 1438 Gower, Hollywood, Calif. 90028. Jack is in London now, but Columbia will forward all mail to him personally.

Q. My mother is sure she saw Davy Jones on “The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner.” He only had a few lines. It is a British movie made in 1962. Was it really him?

A. No. The only acting Davy did while he was in England was on the British TV show “Coronation Street” and on the London stage he played in “Oliver.” In 1962 Davy was playing in “Oliver” on Broadway in N.Y.

Q. I heard that Sally Field has moved into a new house just one block away from Davy Jones’ house. That makes it kind of convenient for their romance, doesn’t it?

A. First of all, there is no romance between Davy and Sally. They are friends now, but do not date. Second, Sally lived at Malibu Beach for quite a while and when she began filming “The Flying Nun” series she found it too far to drive, since it takes 45 minutes. She looked for quite a while to find a “just right” house in the Hollywood area. She finally found one and it was before she even met Davy. However, she couldn’t move in for several months, so it may have looked as if she were trying to move closer to Davy, but it was purely coincidental. Also, she lives four blocks away from Davy.

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Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 16
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 16–17, 41