On the Flip Side

LAST-MINUTE OUTASITE BULLETINS!—BEACH BOY CARL WILSON found “Not Guilty!” of draft-dodging charges because his draft board was guilty of illegal procedures . . . The new LOVIN’ SPOONFUL is 24-year-old JERRY YESTER, who replaces ZAL YANOVSKY, who’s out on his own now . . . Jerry’s wife is folk singer JUDY HENSKE and his brother JIM is one of THE ASSOCIATION . . . MIKE and PHYLLIS NESMITH are expecting a brother or sister for Christian Duval early in the new year . . . GRACE SLICK of THE JEFFERSON AIRPLANE thinking of joining The Peace Corps . . . JOHN LENNON’s psychedelic Rolls Royce the talk of London . . . On the next BEATLES album, one of the instruments (the tenor saxaphone [sic]) will be played by ROLLING STONE BRIAN JONES . . . Very sad to report that SONNY & CHER lost the child that they were so happily anticipating.

IS YOUR RECORD PLAYER MONO?—Don’t worry, even though mono records aren’t being sold by as many stores as used to sell them. Stereo records can be safely played on most mono record players! That’s the word from COLUMBIA RECORDS. So, you can buy stereo records and play them on your mono machine. And, if you should get a stereo phonograph, you’ll be all set to listen to your groovy collection without having to buy anything else!

SUPER SCAM WHICH COULDN’T FIT INTO KEITH ALTHAM’S COLUMN—Look out for nursery rhymes on the new ROLLING STONES album . . . LULU a mutual admiration society with DAVY JONES after her concerts with THE MONKEES in England . . . Look out for TRAFFIC . . . MICK JAGGER recorded THE BEATLES’ “When I’m 64” with MARIANNE FAITHFULL but we may never hear the result . . . DAVY calls MIKE “Skinny The Schnide” and MIKE calls DAVY “Limey The Lip!” . . . MICKY DOLENZ would have liked RAVI SHANKAR on their tour . . . DINO DANELLI, of THE YOUNG RASCALS, one of THE ANIMALS’ greatest fans . . . HOLLIE TONY HICKS hoping to buy GEORGE HARRISON’s Ferrari . . . MICK JAGGER handcuffs being sold at alarming prices in London’s Carnaby Street . . . RINGO thanks PETER TORK for his good wishes and compliments.

THE SECRET number for NEXT MONTH is “1010”—That’s our address for FLIP’s offices and that’s the day (10/10) the next outasite issue of FLIP will be on sale! See you then—October 10th!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Page: 33