Flip (May 1968) (20 articles)

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Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation

Here Comes Micky3
On the Flip Side4
“Anything Can Happen!” on the New Monkee Shows10
“Star Shadow” Contest11
Your Instant Monkees Finder14–15
The Monkees Backstage23
Keith Altham’s British BeatKeith Altham24–25
Who’s Dot?30
Davy’s Secret Visit Home31
How Much Do You Really Know About Davy?38
“Blow-Up!” Contest41–42
The Monkees Down on the Farm46–47
Flip Press Club48
My Life Story by Johnny RainesJohnny Raines52
More Miles to The Monkees53
All About MickyRic Klein56
All About The MonkeesRic Klein57
If You Were Peter Tork61–62
You Said It64–65
Davy & Peter on Top of the World66