All About The Monkees

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones

Davy spent his 22nd birthday with his family in Manchester, England. Then went, with David Pearl, to St. Moritz, Switzerland, to relax and get in a few weeks of skiing. He still doesn’t know that he won $1,500 in the Rose Bowl Pool that was run by some of the technicians at the studio!

Peter just returned from England, where he spent New Years. While he was there, he played banjo on a few recording sessions with George Harrison. When he got back, he caught the flu.

Mike bought another Cooper Mini. This one to fix up and race, and when he went down to pick it up he bought a blue Lotus that was in the show window! He just celebrated his 25th birthday.

Micky bought a series of lights for his recording studio which react to the different tones. Yellow lights for high, blue and green for in-between and red for low tones. Also a hologram. It can make three-dimensional pictures using a lazer beam. He’s been collecting antiques lately. Some of them are: an old, roll-up front desk, an old baby stroller, and a nickelodian [sic] that can be played if you put in a nickle [sic].

All the boys are in the process of recording for their next album. Each one is recording and producing three songs for it.

The movie was rescheduled to start shooting in the middle of February.

That’s it.

More groovy goodies next month!

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