My Life Story by Johnny Raines

Johnny Raines

Meet Lewis & Clarke: Conclusion.

My legal name is John Raines Hoenig. I was born in Los Angeles on November 8, 1948.

I spent my childhood in and around L.A. and I didn’t do much during my childhood except the usual—build airplanes and blow them up.

I went to Cangoa Park High School and then I started Pierce College because it was easy and I didn’t want to go to UCLA. I only went one semester and I haven’t really had time to think about it since…

I took up drums about four and a half years ago. I had this friend who was always practicing drums and I went over one day and messed around with it and really dug it. At the time I had a little lawn cutting business going and made a little money.

So I saved up enough money to buy an old drum set. It was a Ludwig, at least 35 years old, with a gigantic bass drum and the whole bit. I paid $125 for it and wish I still had it. Like a fool, when I got a new set I sold it. I got about $200 for it, but I still wish I’d kept it. It was a great drum set and I loved it.

Johnny Raines

You have to join the union to record in this business, so I joined the union. And I went down one day and I saw this card that said “Drummer wanted for Chris and Craig.” So I went down and played with them for a while and John London was also playing with them at the time. Then he left the group and soon the whole thing blew up.

Then I got a phone call from John and I went down to meet him at Tiny Naylor’s, this restaruant [sic] in Hollywood, and got hyped to death on this group he was in which was looking for a drummer.

So he got me into the Lewis & Clarke Expedition and everything’s great now.

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