Flip (April 1968) Articles (19 articles)

Chip Douglas Answers More of Your Questions About The Monkees 3–5
On the Flip Side 6
Micky’s Secret Go-Kart 8–9
“Star Shadow” Contest 13–14
My Dream Day on the Monkee Set 16–17
Micky Dolenz, Director 18–19
Hollywood Tracy Thomas Reporting 21
The Mystery of Mike 23
Questions and Answers About The Monkees 31
My Life Story by Ken Bloom 32
Micky Gets a New Car 39
Keith Altham’s British Beat 40–41
Why The Monkees Work So Hard for You 46–47
Play Ball with The Monkees 52–53
Flip Press Club 55
The Monkees’ Grooviest Change 58–59
What’s Happening with The Monkees 62
You Said It 64–65
Davy’s Quick Lunch 66