On the Flip Side

SUPER SCOOPS ON SUPER STARSSTONES have formed their own record company, Mother Earth Records . . . First star to sign up with them: MICK’s favorite girl, MARIANNE FAITHFULL . . . APPLE, the Beatle boutique full of fantastic surprises, has opened in London . . . If you want to get any information about their groovy goodies, you can write to: 94 Baker Street, London W.1. England and tell them that you’re a FLIP-er! . . . Easiest way to do that is to write your letter of [sic] FLIP’s Official New Star Stationery . . . THE BYRDS are back down to three members, and looking for a fourth . . . In the meantime, a drummer named KEVIN KELLY is backing them up during their personal appearances . . . TURTLE Al Nichols just got married . . . Congratulations also to BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD Dewey Martin, who married a particularly pretty lady . . . PETULA CLARK will be starring in “Goodbye, Mr. Chips,” the “really big” movie of next year . . . MAMAS AND PAPAS are recording again, which is groovy good news. . . . MIKE NESMITH bought still another car . . . At last count, he had seven of ’em . . . HAPPENING ’68, such a smash success on Saturdays, may go night-time and go for a full hour . . . MARK and PAUL flip over their new roles as co-hosts . . . ROYAL GUARDSMEN won’t record any more “Snoopy” records . . . SMOTHERS BROTHERS won their battle with CBS over “censorship” and will be back next season . . . GLENN CAMPBELL takes over their Sunday night hour for the summer . . . Couldn’t happen to a finer “Southern gentleman!” . . . Have you read GROOVE-OUT! yet?

SMALL WORLD—Music makes the world go ’round! To prove it, we kind of stopped the world one day to see what was happening around it! And here’s what we discovered: On the day that THE BEATLES’ record of “Hello, Goodbye” was number one in the U.S. and Britain, it was also the top record in Denmark, Holland, Norway, and New Zealand! It was number 3 in Germany and Spain, number 6 in France and number 15 in Italy! Maybe the UN ought to stop talking and start singing!

MORE SUPER SCAM—The battle to save “Star Trek” is on again! And, like last season, the chances are 50–50 that NBC will listen and keep Mr. Spock on the air . . . THE DOORS are staying together . . . So are THE BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD . . . TRAFFIC One of Britain’s very best groups will be visiting soon . . . COWSILLS went to San Remo to sing in the International Song Festival . . . BEE GEES Barry Gibb revealed that he’s married but that he and his bride of a year have separated . . . THE SCAFFOLD “Thank You Very Much” for making it happen . . . Mike McGear, of course, is PAUL McCARTNEY’s brother, who refused to live off the family name and make it on his own . . . DAVE CLARK is producing a series of TV specials, which will be seen here later in the year . . . Including one featuring some wrestlers.

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