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Mike Nesmith

When I read Mike Nesmith’s Action Answers,” I felt like Mike doesn’t know his fans. He answered the question, “What do you think of your fans?” with, “I like my one!” Anyone who’s a real Monkees fan (and I classify myself as a real Monkees fan) knows that the Monkees wouldn’t be the Monkees without Mike! I think Mike is one of the greatest all-round musicians of our time!

Lesley Pauley
Columbia, Mo.

In the January issue a girl, J.N. from Cleveland, Ohio said: Many people like Davy, Micky, and Peter, but she doesn’t think anybody likes Mike. Well, it isn’t true! Lot’s of girls who like him are doing something wrong. He’s sweet, nice, cute, intelligent, and all that but he’s MARRIED! I love him as a star; I’m his fan and everything else, but just because we don’t mention him so much, doesn’t mean we don’t like him. So please, don’t say we hardly pay any attention to poor “little” Mike.

Manati, P.R.

I must really complain! You really think a lot of the “new” Raiders, well if you really think about the Raiders, what about the “old” Raiders? (Harpo, Fang, and Smitty, and Drake?) Please bring them back into existence again, please put a full page color pin-up of Harpo (Jim Valley) in your next issue of FLIP. Please!

Sandie Reeves
No. Tonawanda, N.Y.

Is it true that Paul McCartney and Jane Asher are planning on getting married?

Shinnston, W. Va.

Close friends wouldn’t be surprised if 1968 is the year that Paul—the only Beatle bachelor—marries Jane. But, as you know, Beatles are unpredictable!

A million thanks to the Bee Gees for their great song, “Massachusetts.” It’s about time someone gave credit to our little state! That’s where the Pilgrims landed, you know!

People of Massachusetts

I would just like to say that the two people from Chicago with the initials L.J. and N.M. from your February issue are right. The kids who scream ARE screaming idiots! The Monkees work hard for days on end trying to get the songs just right. How would you screaming idiots like it if the Monkees just came out on the stage and just stood there to be screamed at. What if they said they would want to quit because of all the screaming. So please, try to keep quiet.

Jennifer Rowson
Ontario, Canada

In the January issue of FLIP, you had an article on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It said that Boomer Clark was the blond. But, in the December issue, you said, “He is Travis Lewis.” Which issue is right???

Lou Lohman
Mt. View, Calif.

We were right in January, making up for our mistake in December.

Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart

Your March issue was missing the best part! The Boyce and Hart column! They are better than the Monkees! Why not write many things about them, instead of a very small picture in one corner. Boyce and Hart have ten times as many records. The Monkees are ungrateful! I hope they fade, and Boyce and Hart rise! Boyce and Hart forever!

Everett, Wn.

Tommy and Bobby are taking time off from their FLIP column to work on about a million other projects. But they’ll be keeping you informed of everything they do. And—J.M.—the Monkees are not at all ungrateful to B & H. They dig Tommy and Bobby, and love to work with them.

I’m just getting sick of girls writing in and complaining about Micky’s hair. Just because he’s popular doesn’t mean he has to do everything his fans tell him to do. He’s got a mind of his own and if he wants to keep his hair that way he has a right to do it. Personally, I think he looks groovy!

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Who says stars aren’t good to their fans? I don’t know about the other groups, but the Association and Neil Diamond are great. I got their autographs when they were in Wichita. While waiting for Russ, some girl asked him if he was in a hurry, and he said he was. This girl thrust her book in front of him and said, “sign this before you leave.” He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get to everyone.” He did too, because my sister was the last one to get his autograph. I believe all stars are this way if they actually have a couple of minutes of time. Many of us take them for granted.

Judy Kimble
Mulvane, Kansas

Why don’t you ever have anything on local groups around Chicago? You have some around Los Angeles and a few from around New York, but never any from around my city? Please help!

Noel Hoekstra
Downers Grove, Ill.

FLIP’s Chicago correspondent—groovy WLS DJ Ron Riley—keeps us on top of all the Windy City action! We will be doing scoops on Chicago groups, The Buckinghams and the American Breed, soon. All over the country, FLIP is where the action is!

How many of you people are real true Monkee Fans? Not very many I suppose. Most girls go crazy over Davy Jones. Some girls go crazy over Micky Dolenz. Some girls like just Peter Tork. Some girls like Mike Nesmith even if he is married. Well, what about the other three you don’t go crazy over? If you’re only going to like just one, don’t call yourself a Monkee Fan. Either call yourself a Davy Jones Fan, a Peter Tork Fan, a Micky Dolenz Fan, or a Mike Nesmith Fan. If you want to call yourself a Monkee Fan, be a true fan and like them all. Don’t forget Mike, even if he is married, remember he is a Monkee. Please be a True Monkee Fan. Not for me but for the Monkees!

Helen Blaske
Auburn, Penna.

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 64–65