Davy’s Secret Visit Home

  • Davy Jones
    Info Davy in England, where he managed to keep his privacy!
  • Peter Tork, Jimmy Savile
    Info Peter wasn’t as elusive as Davy when he visited England. Here he is on “Top of the Pops,” a teen TV show with Jimmy Saville.

The incredible disappearing Davy Jones jetted into London a few days before Christmas to spend some time with his family in Manchester. His visit was shrouded in secrecy and he managed to avoid the press conference which Peter Tork was forced to endure.

But we do know that Davy appeared briefly at Old Trafford in Manchester to see Manchester United play a football match. He was seen leaving the game at high speed in a mini-car for Birmingham. There, he met Mike Wilsher, a friend of his, who plays with The New Vaudeville Band.

Several days later, Davy was seen flitting around the back streets of London on his way to do the only official interview of his visit. He finished some shopping in Carnaby Street and then met up with Peter Tork, who was quickly running out of hotels (which he kept switching to avoid the press).

Sunday, Davy turned up at the London Speakeasy club to ring in the New Year with Tommy Steele, Eric Burdon, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and actress Adrienne Posta, with whom Davy spent some time talking about films.

On Tuesday he left for St. Moritz, Switzerland, and “the winter sports bit,” claiming he couldn’t ski but was “a good learner!” From there he went to Paris and then back to London before flying out to Texas.

That was the Davy Jones that was! As The Beatles described it, “You say hello… and I’ll say good-bye!”

It wasn’t easy, but Davy finally got the privacy he wanted and deserved.

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