The Monkees Backstage

  • Mike Nesmith
    Info A lot of The Monkees’ action takes place off camera, where only those people working on the show and some fortunate friends are able to spend time with Micky, Mike, Peter and Davy. Here, you can spot Mike in an intense off-camera conversation. And, if you’re eagle-eyed, you’ve already noticed Peter behind him.
  • Peter Tork
    Info Now it’s Peter’s turn to get made up. The tissue collar protects his costume.
  • Peter Tork
    Info Peter looks like he’s having a good time! But getting made-up day after day isn’t nearly as easy or as much fun as it might seem. But Peter, like all The Monkees, takes all the off-camera chores cheerfully.

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Page: 23