Your Instant Monkees Finder

The next time you’re on the Hollywood Freeway wondering if it was Micky or Mike or Peter who just passed you in that car, you’ll know! Because here is your Instant Monkee Finder—your groovy guide to the cars which spin The Monkees around!

Micky’s “extra” car is very old but very easy to spot in a crowd! It’s a very patriotic All-American rig: White on top, red in the middle and blue on the bottom! Micky uses it to move things—which he does very often because he’s a gadget nut!—and he lets his friends use the VW for the same thing. All the seats have been taken out of the back and the chances are good that should you ever look inside the car, it’ll be loaded with junk! But Micky loves this old VW, and he would’t [sic] give it up for the world! Not even his shiny new red Mercedes sport coup has dimmed Micky’s love for his red-white-and-blue favorite!

Peter’s sleek, wire-wheeled spectacular is one of England’s most exciting cars! And Peter’s model is in raving red! Even when this MG is standing still, it looks like it’s moving! Peter has decked out the inside in black, which looks fantastic with the red on the outside! Peter’s also managed to put in a stereo tape deck, which means that his car is equipped to hear the grooviest music in the world, no matter where he is.

Everyone in England knows that there are two kinds of Mini-Coopers. There is the regular Mini-Cooper, which costs about $3000. And then there is the specially-built, custom-made Radford Mini, which costs more than three times as much! Mike owns one of these special models, which he picked up the last time he and Phyllis were in London. It’s dark chocolate brown on the outside, and light brown on the inside. The windows are tinted black, so it’s very hard to see into. It’s got all sorts of super equipment on it, and all the equipment is fully gauged. And on the dashboard is Mike’s talked-about sign: NO SMOKING!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 14–15