“Anything Can Happen!” on the New Monkee Shows

Peter Tork

At a press conference in London and in an interview with Britain’s leading pop paper, Peter Tork revealed that The Monkees’ TV shows next season would be totally different!

They will have “little or no plot,” they will often be directed by The Monkees themselves and they will be inspired by The Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour.”

At the London press conference, Peter said: “We thought the present shows were losing their impetus. They were getting harder to act. We felt yoked by their plots. We want our shows to be fun, simple… but inventive, fresh and interesting. Did you see ‘Magical Mystery Tour’? Good. That’s what we like.”

Next season’s shows, according to Peter, will be full of all sorts of surprises. They will be free-wheeling shows; without any sort of plot most times, and a very mild plot sometimes. Micky, Davy, Mike and Peter will write, direct and edit many of the shows themselves. And, if the show calls for it, only one Monkee at a time may be featured in any given episode. So, next season, there will be all-Mike, all-Davy, all-Peter and all-Micky shows!

“We could not do more shows like those in the past,” Peter said in London. “We must go as far afield as possible.”

One of the features which will probably be included in the new shows will be serious interviews with people The Monkees especially admire.

“We also have in mind five-minute interviews with someone we respect,” Peter revealed. “Some have already been filmed. I want to do Pete Seeger. Davy has spoken to a guy he admires called Charlie Smalls. We also plan Tim Buckley and Frank Zappa.”

Along with the thought that “anything can happen” on the new shows, Peter said that amateur film will be used along with the regular professionally-shot Monkee film that you’re used to seeing. This kind of film should add new excitement to the show!

Whatever happens to The Monkees next season, the only sure thing is that they will be even more unusual and unpredictable than ever before!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Page: 10