Flip (February 1968) Articles (17 articles)

Spend a Day with Davy 3–5
On the Flip Side 6
My First Impressions of The Monkees 12–13
Hollywood Tracy Thomas Reporting 16–17
Lulu and The Monkees 20
“Star Shadow” Contest 21
Mike Nesmith’s Action Answers 23
Davy Flips Out 30–31
My Life Story by Boomer Clarke 32–33
Questions and Answers About The Monkees 40–41
Keith Altham’s British Beat 45–46
Me and Micky 47–49
Flip Press Club Members Cover Micky Dolenz 56
We’re OK Again, and Writing More Monkee Songs 57
You Spend a Day with The Monkees 58–59
What’s Happening with The Monkees 62–63
You Said It 64–65