You Spend a Day with The Monkees

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones


Boy, did I ever start something last issue! Now I’m really being buried under Monkee questions! But it doesn’t take a secretarial service to figure out the most often asked question. At least ninty [sic] percent of the questions asked about the Monkees involve “How can I get to meet them?”

Well, now I can’t tell you that, ’cause they’d take away my set pass and I’d have to go back to sulking over my Monkee records.

You’ll have to figure that one out for yourself. You’re typical, ordinary, conniving, clever, ambitious American teenagers, so that shouldn’t be so difficult.

But I can tell you pretty much what is likely to happen if and when you do strike it rich and manage to meet one of American’s four most sought-after singers.

Picture this. Somehow you’ve connived, begged, threatened or just plain barged your way into the hotel where they’re staying, or the set where they’ve filming or wherever.

The first person you meet is Micky. It’ll most likely be Micky because he’s the most outgoing and really loves to meet fans. Actually all of the guys do. After all, a young girl’s attentions are flattering to any guy.

Anyway, Micky will probably walk right up and say “Hi, I’m Micky.” (As though you didn’t know!) Once you recover from that, he’ll strike up a conversation, ask you your name, where you’re from and generally make you feel quite at ease. He’ll clown and you’ll laugh and your general impression will probably be something to the effect of “Gee, what a funny guy.”

Davy Jones
Info If you met Davy, you’d be flipped out of your head!

Next you may run into Davy and if you’re any kind of normal girl, your first impulse will be to throw your arms around him. There’s just something about Davy, I don’t know if it’s his size or what, but girls always seem to want to throw their arms around him.

But with or without your arms around him, you’ll discover a very polite, intelligent young Englishman. He’ll answer all your questions seriously and with thought and then politely excuse himself and be on his way.

After that, if you can somehow get both feet back on the ground and get your mind and mouth of functioning again, you just might manage to run into Mike. He most likely won’t say anything unless you ask him a direct question. He’ll look at you and stun you clean to your toes. If you’re really a hardy youth you may be able to get yourself together enough to say something. If you do, he’ll look at you, answer your question in as few words as possible and go back to what ever he was doing.

By then, you may get the feeling you’re intruding, though really you’re not, and start off in search of the remaining Monkee—Peter.

Peter Tork
Info On the set, Peter will probably be reading a book.

Very likely you’ll find Peter in a corner somewhere with a book. He’ll be slouched down somewhere, comfortable though he may not look it, deeply involved in his latest reading material. Or perhaps he’ll be leaning against a wall talking intently with a close friend. Peter enjoys intellectual conversation.

Anyway, once you get brave and walk up to him, he’ll turn and smile that Peter Tork smile at you (Anyone who doesn’t know what a Peter Tork smile is should have all his teen magazines taken away!) and melt you into total destruction. He’ll look at you, perhaps nod, and wait for you to speak.

Then comes the difficult part—you’ve got to pull yourself together and say something intelligent like “Hi.” That’s the only hard part. Once you get past that major probelm [sic], you’ll find yourself engaged in conversation with a very interesting young man.

Once the whole trauma is over (lucky you) you’ll probably stagger back to reality and try excitedly to tell it all to your folks and friends. Your folks won’t understand and your friends will refuse to believe that you actually met the Monkees, but you’ll have the most marvelous memories—of the day you met the Monkees!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 58–59