Me and Micky

Micky Talks About His College Days!

By RIC KLEIN Micky’s Best Friend

Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz

None of The Monkees particularly likes to be interviewed, and Micky probably least of all. But Micky was over at the house last Wednesday, and while he talked, I wrote down everything he said. It’s the story of how we first met, and became the close friends that we are today. As you’ll discover in the last sentence, Micky much prefers showing me some of his fantastic slides rather than talking about himself. But here is what he said before we went over to his house to watch some of those slides. It brought back some groovy memories for me.

This is Micky talking:

“I was new at Valley College and you had been there for one semester when one day I came to the Student Lounge and asked you where I could find the bathroom. You told me and I followed your directions, only I walked into the girls’ bathroom by mistake. You had been watching to make sure I went the right way and came running in after me. Thank God there were no girls in there at the time. That started a beautiful friendship.

Micky Dolenz
Info While filming a show at sea, Micky proves that he has “sea legs” to stay afloat!

“There was a vegetable stand on one corner of the campus and every day we would go through the garbage and find heads of lettuce to throw around the parking lot. Well, one day a plane, about to land at Burbank Airport, came in for a low pass and you threw the head of lettuces so high that it hit the prop and blew it apart. After that we stuck to just throwing live rabbits around. No, not really, don’t write that down.

“I remember when you, and I took those ‘men working’ signs and blocked off all the streets and main walk ways on campus. Everyone had to walk two blocks extra to get to classes. They stayed up for three days before someone realized that there were no men working!

“We used to cut classes and sit in the Student Lounge and play dominoes and ‘Scrabble.’ You would always cheat. You’re the only guy I know that can cheat at ‘Old Maid!’

Micky Dolenz

“I remember when we bought that Army Surplus 13’ balloon and put it in the chemistry lab filled with water.

“I really don’t like interviews. Let’s get the slide projector and go to my house and show some slides.”

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