You Said It


Davy Jones

What would happen if our government officials were as follows:

President—Peter Tork

Vice-President—Micky Dolenz

Cabinet—Mike Nesmith, Mark Lindsay, Charlie Coe, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Joe, Jr., Robert Vaughn.

Senate—George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Papa John, Freddy Weller, Peter Noone, Geoff Magoo, Mr. Spock, DeForest Kelly, Mike Magoo, Gerg Calvert, David McCallum, Gary Calvert, Ralph Magoo, Desi, Dino, and ?

House of Representatives—Sonny, Dave Clark, Scott Engel, Hump, Mike Love, John Entwhistle, Keith Richard, Dave Dee.

Chief Justice—Davy Jones

Kathy Gotzy
Lansdale, Pa.

We’d have the grooviest government in the world!

I’ve collected all of the Rascals’ life story pics from FLIP and I hope to see more of them in large color pics in FLIP. Rascals and FLIP forever!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Whenever I look in a book that has some Monkee pictures, I usually see a sad picture of Davy Jones. And whenever I look at it, it makes me sad. So could you tell me why Davy almost always has a sad look on his face? Please!!!

Nancy D.
St. Croix Falls, Wisc.

In those few pics where Davy isn’t smiling his glorious smile, he’s usually just resting. And what you think is sadness is really just tiredness after a hard day’s work.

I would like to know everything there is to know about Sajid Khan, who co-stars in “Maya.”

A Sajid Fan
Oxnard, Calif.

Before you do anything else, flip to page 44

When I read Micky’s Secret Thoughts in the December FLIP, I realized how he and the others felt and I cried. It’s just too much to believe that The Monkees would go through all this for us. Please print this letter if possible ’cause I know loads of other girls feel the same way.

Brenda Ebling
Sch. Haven, Penna.

The Beatles are The Beatles. The Monkees are a nice little group which hasn’t been around long enough to establish a decent record. So, stop comparing them!

San Diego, Calif.

In your November issue, you made a dreadful mistake. In the calendar, you have John Lennon’s birthday listed for October 19th. The mistake is that his birthday is on October 9th.

Diane Boyd
Passaic, N.J.

We try not to goof, but when we do, oh boy!

When The Monkees first came out, I thought they were really groovy! Now they are changing. Please, Monkees, I loved the way you were before. Go back that way, and don’t change! Please? I’m sure a lot of other fans feel the same way.

Philadelphia, Pa.

When Hurricane Beulah hit here, the winds increased rapidly. As I was rushing to evacuate, I left my groovy FLIP Magazine on my desk beside the window. When I came back home, I found the window broken! My magazines were wet, torn and scattered all around the room! Thank goodness for your back issues.

Thankful FLIP-er
Corpus Christi, Texas

I hate to say it but you’ve made me completely sick of The Monkees. I luv your mag but I’m tired of seeing so much of The Monkees. Please print more on other groups.

Debbie Couch
Lancaster, Calif.

Here’s a word to all you screaming idiots! Next time you go to a concert, shut up!! We went to The Monkees concert in Chicago, and we couldn’t even hear them! It’s OK to scream at the beginning and the end of a song, but, please, try to listen. This is one of the reasons The Beatles quit touring. John Lennon said, “It insults our music!”

L.J. & N.M.
Chicago, Ill.

I read in FLIP that Davy and Micky really enjoyed the Museum of Science and Industry! That’s groovy because my grandmother is the head guard there and if they come to Chicago again, she would be more than happy to show them everything personally! She enjoys them very much, too!

Kathy Pappas
Chicago, Ill.

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 64–65