October 1968 Articles (22 articles)

Come Home with Davy16Lynda Jones Moore
Davy Talking on the Transatlantic PhoneMonkees Monthly
Flash!!! Micky & Samantha Marry16
Fourth Monkees Monthly CompetitionMonkees Monthly
Geegee’s Gossip16
It’s Happening in HollywoodTiger BeatDuke Lewis
Letter from the EditorMonkees MonthlyJackie Richmond
MeowTiger BeatAnn Moses
Micky and Sammy Forever and EverTiger Beat
Mike & Micky—Their Silent Battle16
Monkee MailMonkees Monthly
Monkee TalkTiger Beat
Returning TV FavesTiger Beat
Stop PressMonkees Monthly
Summer Fun—Davy and SusieTiger Beat
The Lo-Down16
The Many Davy’s I Have KnownTiger BeatHazel Jones Wilkinson
“The Monkees Are My Personal Friends” Says Jimmy SavileMonkees Monthly
The Monkees Story (Part 13)Monkees Monthly
Tiger TalkTiger Beat
You’re Telling Me16