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Here is the official tour schedule of the Monkees on their first Far Eastern tour:-

Sept. 14 Depart from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia.
Sept. 16 Arrive Sydney continue on to Melbourne.
Sept. 17 Press and TV in Melbourne.
Sept. 18 Two concerts in Melbourne.
Sept. 19 Two concerts in Melbourne.
Sept. 20 Travel to Sydney.
Sept. 21 Two concerts in Sydney.
Sept. 22 Travel to Brisbane.
Sept. 23 Two concerts in Brisbane.
Sept. 24 No concert arranged yet.
Sept. 25 No concert arranged yet.
Sept. 26 Travel to Adelaide.
Sept. 27 Two concerts in Adelaide.
Sept. 28 Travel to Sydney—Two concerts in Sydney.
Sept. 29 Two concerts in Sydney.
Sept. 30 Arrive in Tokyo, Japan.
Oct. 1 Press and TV appearances.
Oct. 2 Press and TV appearances.
Oct. 3 Concert in Tokyo.
Oct. 4 Concert in Tokyo.
Oct. 5 Concert in Kyoto.
Oct. 6 Concert in Nagya.
Oct. 7 Concert in Osaka.
Oct. 8 Concert in Osaka.
Oct. 9–13 They return home or possibly play extra concerts in Manila.

Everyone knows that Mike Nesmith loves the outdoor life. Whenever he can he goes off on his own on long hunting or fishing trips.

Just before the start of the Monkees’ tour, he took a few days off and went bear-hunting in one of the wildest of all the American states, the primitive woodlands of Alaska.

In future, JACKIE RICHMOND and all the other people who put the Monkees’ magazine together, will be moving from Westbourne Grove to new offices at 58 PARKER STREET, LONDON, W.C.2. So, if you are writing to the magazine for a pen-pal, Monkees mail or for back issues, don’t forget to post your letter to the NEW address and not to the old one.

D.J., Mark Roman, who many of you will remember from his Radio London days when he used to compere the very fast-moving Roman Empire programme, is now a leading disc spinner in Sydney, Australia.

He rang the Monkees Monthly just before the boys arrived there to report that the Australians were going mad over the Monkees. He was playing Monkee discs almost every hour as were most of the other record-spinners down under.

We have since heard from him that the Monkees’ arrival was a fantastic affair. Thousands turned out to greet the group as they landed at the airport and hundreds of fans surrounded the Sheraton Motor Hotel (Possibly President Motor Inn) the whole time they were staying there.

Davy hopes to fly to England with his friend David Pearl for a short visit when their tour ends in the second week of October.

The Monkees Monthly rang the boys before they left on their tour and they confirmed that they will be singing many of their big hits during their performances. The provisional list of songs which they rehearsed is as follows: “Daydream Believer”, “Last Train to Clarksville”, “Salesman”, “D. W. Washburn”, “Nice To Be With You”, “Sunny Girlfriend”, “I Wanna Be Free”, “Cuddly Toy”, “You Just May Be The One”, “Steppin’ Stone”, “Mary, Mary”.

In addition each Monkee will also be performing his usual solo spot.

One of Davy’s closest friends in the United States is British D.J. Ken Douglas, who emigrated to the States and made a big name for himself spinning discs in Louisville, Kentucky. He got married in September and, naturally, asked Davy to be his best man. So, Davy flew up to Louisville especially for the wedding. Afterwards, he flew on to Detroit where he made several appearances to promote their records and forthcoming movie.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 21
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Page: 23