Monkee Mail

Dear Jackie,

I love the Monkees Monthly, I think it’s a fantastic mag! I’m writing about how wonderful English girls are. Just by reading their letters in The Monkees Mail Bag I can see how un-selfish and thoughtful they are. Many girls raved about getting an L.P. for Christmas. They were so satisfied with it, when an American girl would expect a colour T.V., or a Ferrari. If she ever got an album she’d feel insulted. Also about the girl who baked Davy a cake for Christmas and delivered it to his house, which I think was very thoughtful. American girls get everything they want and are so ungrateful. I think plenty of American girls can learn a good lesson from the English. As for English girls envying us, tell them to forget it. They’d never want to put up with the hate and jealousy we go through. Keep up the great work with Monkees Monthly.

Sandra Brooks (age 17)
40, Hales Court,
Westport, Conn. U.S.A.

Dear Jackie,

I would just like to say something to all the knockers who say that the Monkees aren’t original. Weren’t they the first group to have a T.V. show? Nobody makes a fuss about the groups who say they are going to have a show. That’s original enough for me anyway.

They can’t act, they say. Well—that’s easily settled. David and Micky both have acting experience. Micky started at a very early age, and besides “Circus Boy”, he was also in programmes like “Peyton Place” and “Mr. Novak”.

David must be able to act. Wasn’t he a famous Broadway actor before joining the Monkees?

Singing and musical experience? Micky, Mike, and Peter made a living from singing before the Monkees and David was in musicals.

There, I’ve got that off my chest; I also heard the Stewart Henry Show—anyway a bit—I switched it off in disgust. Even a non-Monkee fan at school said it made her blood boil—so goodness knows what has happened to the Monkee fans’ blood.

Congratulations to Micky and Sammy on their marriage. I hope they are very happy. If any of the Monkees read this, I’d just like to say a gigantic THANK YOU for all the hours of pleasure you’ve provided your fans with—the T.V. shows, concerts, records, everything (and, of course, the film, which I’m dying to see).

Love Caroline Crisp,
73, Richfield Lane,
Mansfield, Notts.

P.S. The Birds, the Bees and the Monkees is great, especially “Auntie Municipal Court”, “P.O. Box 9847” and “Zor and Zam”.

Dear Jackie,

A week ago my friend returned from London after taking her son to Great Ormond Street Hospital to see a specialist. While they were there Davy visited the hospital. He spent some time with the little boy and made them very happy. My friend came back very happy. She said “Davy was the nicest, happiest person. He was so kind that he cheered me up completely”.

This just shows what sort of person Davy is. I was very touched when I heard how Davy had taken time to visit the children. So I’d like to say thanks to Davy for making everyone so happy and this is the only way I could be sure of him hearing.

Marion Baker,
4, Gale Crescent,
Bridport, Dorset

Dear Jackie,

In the July issue you said Micky was locked in the boot of a car to get out of Top Of The Pops, cos Micky and the police (not that the police care) didn’t want us to get hurt. But can’t ANYONE see besides us fans that we don’t care if we get hurt. It only hurts our hearts if we don’t see Micky (or the others). And what good do blacked out windows do? It only makes us rush round the car hoping to get near enough to the window to get a tiny glimpse of them. The Monkees don’t like it, us fans don’t. It’s those horrid authorities that think it’s the best way, but it only gets everyone agitated. Sure they’ve got to have protection but PLEASE lets see them when they’re here.

All my fondest love to Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike.

Love ’n’ Peace,
Jenny Lawson,
31, Alexandra Park Road,
London, N.10.

Dear Jackie,

I just had to write and tell you that the Monkees’ records are being played in Turkey quite often. Also in all the record shops I have seen, their pic’s are all over the wall. One thing that hit me right in the eye was an L.P. that sounded a bit down to earth but… it was the Monkees’ Golden Hits, I thought they had made another L.P. on the sneak, but then I saw it was by another group. I think this is very good. Also, before some American programmes they have “Day Dream Believer” played.

Miss Liz Beirholm,
Hurriyet cad No. 9,
Bornova, Izmir,

The Monkees are so super,
The Monkees are so great,
And if I got to meet them I would simply faint.
I love ’em, I adore ’em for all the world to see,
So let me tell you about the one that’s for me.
He’s handsome, he’s super, he’s adorable too,
Fabulous, Fantastic and Lovable through and through,
He’s tall and married, but I don’t care,
’Cos I’ll love him forever till the world’s no longer there.
So all of you people who love him too,
Write to Mike Nesmith the one we adore,
And make him feel wanted for ever, ever more.

Luv from a Dotty Mike fan
31, Owens Way,
Croxley Green,
Rickmansworth, Herts.

Dear Jackie,

I’ve just read that bit in the M.M. No. 19 about Davy’s movements having to be kept secret “to protect his father from any extra strain”.

Well how would it be if we fans, next time Davy comes home, made it so’s his dad didn’t need protecting? By making ourselves scarce, if you see what I mean.

I know we love Davy, and wouldn’t like to miss the chance of meeting him. But surely we love him enough to allow him, and his father a little bit of peace, after all Love AND Peace is our motto.

I’m sure both father and son would appreciate it.

Love ’n’ Peace
Angie Cummins,
91, Egerton Street,
Bolton, Lancs.

Dear Jackie,

I have never been so mad in all my life as when I went out shopping recently I saw a 1967 copy of an American mag. called Freak Out, U.S.A. After reading the contents I decided that the editor wants locking up. This crappy mag. contained an article on the MONKEES dying in a plane crash and other articles on Davy’s past private life. Things like this should NOT be printed. Do you agree?

From a very tearful and angry Monkee nut.

Helen Cooper,
18, Upper Wortley Road,
Rotherham, Yorkshire

P.S. Give my love to Davy. Thank You.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 21
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 32–33