Fourth Monkees Monthly Competition

  • Peter Tork
    Info Above & [next]: Here’s another eye-opener for all those who criticise the Monkees musical ability. Mike and Peter both played the grand piano when they visited the RCA Recording Studio in Hollywood.
  • Mike Nesmith
  • Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork
    Info Same session again with Micky and Peter singing into microphones.


TO ENTER, draw either one, two, three, or, all of the four Monkees on a piece of paper or card in either pencil, ink, crayon, oils, charcoal or any other writing material. Your entry can either be straightforward, humorous or even a cartoon but the judges will look especially for drawings which are original and not copies from an existing photograph or drawing of the Monkees.

  1. The piece of paper or card on which you draw must not be larger than 10" × 8".
  2. Print your name and address in block capitals on the reverse side of the card.
  3. Only one entry may be sent in by any one person.
  4. Please note that none of the drawings will be returned, so please do not send us anything which you don’t want to lose.
  5. Results will be announced in Monkees Monthly No. 23, on sale December 5th, 1968.
  6. Send your entry to “Fourth Monkees Monthly Competition”, 58 Parker Street, London, W.C.2, to arrive not later than November 10th, 1968.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 21
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 34–35