The Lo-Down

ELVIS held his first press conference in eight years at NBC-TV’s Burbank headquarters to promote his TV spec Elvis—which will be aired December 3. His last TV appearance was in 1960 on a FRANK SINATRA special. ELVIS’ gang (nicked the Memphis Mafia by the press) ran the show—all wearing “Elvis Presley Host” ribbons—and long sideburns . . . Here come the girls: former Supreme FLORENCE BALLARD signed with ABC and her first single is called It Doesn’t Matter How I Say It. (She just married her long-time boy friend THOMAS CHAPMAN in Honolulu—he is also her manager) . . . What U.S pop marriage is on the rocks?? . . . NICO, formerly of the VELVET UNDERGROUND—and looking like a beautiful BRIAN JONES—has her first LP out on Elektra, called The Marble Index . . . London rage JULIE “JOOLS” DRISCOLL chopped off all her “electric” hair and her co-recording artist friend BRIAN AUGER seems to think her MIA-mop is fine. Don’t you love her single This Wheel’s On Fire (writ by the one and only B. DYLAN, of course)? . . . Speakin’ of mop-chops, here’s BROTHERHOOD’s newest member RON COLLINS getting his done by Alfredo The Barber—as PHIL, DRAKE and SMITTY look on.

What star will get drafted if he gets married? (And he sure is dying to get married.) At present, he has a deferment because he is of “national interest”. Seems that if he gets married and loses all his fans, he will no longer be of “national interest.” . . . SAJID showed up with PHYLLIS NESMITH’s little sister JO BARBOUR at TINY TIM’s sell-out show in Santa Monica. No romance—just a favor . . . What international friendship went sour because the girl involved tried to make it look like a romance? . . . It was 3-D time with DAVY JONES, DONOVAN and DUANE EDDY this spring on a London TV show . . . WARREN BEATTY will probably make six million dollars as his share of the Bonnie & Clyde loot. That oughta make the real Clyde turn over in his grave! . . . In June, DAVID HEDISON married his steady girl, a non-pro named BRIDGET FELICITY STRATFORD . . . SONNY & CHER are going to have a baby. They made the announcement in front of the 21,000 people who packed into Madison Square Garden to see the benefit show raising funds for the Martin Luther King Foundation . . . BEAU BRIDGES is a beaut costarring with SIDNEY POITIER in For Love Of Ivy. MAMAS & PAPAS sing the theme song.

NAZZ have the greatest road manager ever! Yep, HOSS is back! HOSS AMANS (formerly RM for the RAIDERS) now controls the conniptions of America’s newest top group—TODD, THOM, STEWKEY and CARSON NAZZ. Designer ED BAYNARD (who created gear for the BEATLES’ Apple and LIZ & RICHARD’s Vicky-Mia) is creating clothes for the NAZZ. Now all you have to do is dig their fab SGC single Open My Eyes and their LP simply called The Nazz!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 54