Peter’s Hollywood Hills Home Articles (21 articles)

Monkee DataUnknown
Peter Tork Speaks Out161967/02
Monkee TalkTiger Beat1967/03
Secret Monkee MapTiger Beat1967/05
Meow…w!Tiger Beat1967/06
My Friend PeterTiger Beat1967/06
Monkees & Me161967/07
How Peter LivesMonkee Spectacular1967/07
Peter by His Coffee TableMonkee Spectacular1967/08
We Squeeze Love Secrets Out of Each OtherTeen World1967/08
Monkees & Me161967/09
Our Girl from HollywoodFlip1967/10
Days I’ll Always RememberMonkee Spectacular1967/11
How Well Do You Know The Monkees?Monkee Spectacular1967/12
Peter’s Secret HomeMonkee Spectacular1967/12
The Monkee-Mailbox161968/01
Here’s the Inside Story on What It’s Like When Peter Tork Asks “Would You Like to Come Up to My Pad?”Tiger Beat1968/03
What Their Neighbors Think of The MonkeesMonkee Spectacular1968/05
How The Monkees LiveMonkee Spectacular1968/07
The Lo-Down161968/08
Peter Tork’s Magic Memories16 SpecSummer 1969