How Well Do You Know The Monkees?

Peter Tork

Take this quiz to check your memory

Would you believe a test that you can actually have an outasite time taking? This one’s just that kind, because it deals with your favorite subject—the Monkees! If you’ve been doing your homework by reading each and every Monkee Spectacular that has come out, you’ll pass with flying colors! Grade yourself like this:

90–100—You’re an outasite, devoted, super-fab Monkee-fan!

80–90—The Monkees are proud you’re one of their fans!

70–80—You’re a Monkee-lover who’s almost with it!

70 or less—Don’t get uptight! It’s fun to study for this one, because the Monkee Spectacular is the grooviest textbook ever!

Choose the best answer:

1) Two Monkees share the same birthday. They are:
(a) Micky and Davy—March 8;
(b) Micky and Peter—February 13;
(c) Davy and Mike—December 30;
(d) Peter and Mike—February 13.

2) Basil Foster was Davy’s
(a) 1st grade teacher;
(b) childhood friend;
(c) horse trainer;
(d) drama coach.

3) A place Davy didn’t visit on his outasite vacation was
(a) Bahamas;
(b) Manchester;
(c) New York;
(d) Hawaii.

4) Micky was best man at the wedding of
(a) Mike Nesmith;
(b) Ric Klein;
(c) John Lennon;
(d) George Harrison.

5) On one wall of Peter’s house you’ll find the words “I love you”
(a) painted with psychedelic paints;
(b) carved by Mike;
(c) written by Micky;
(d) slapped on in Davy Jones stamps.

6) Davy’s nickname back home in England was
(a) D.J.;
(b) Jay;
(c) Jonah;
(d) Jones.

7) When Mike was in his first year of high school he signed up to be
(a) on the student council;
(b) on the swimming team;
(c) in the choir;
(d) on the football team.

8) If it’s true that a person’s features indicate his personality, Davy’s thick, dark eyebrows indicate his
(a) intelligence;
(b) energetic personality;
(c) artistic tendencies;
(d) love for people.

9) Peter wears his belt buckle
(a) on his right side;
(b) on his left side;
(c) upside down;
(d) backwards.

10) The two Monkees that are really night people are
(a) Peter and Davy;
(b) Micky and Mike;
(c) Peter and Micky;
(d) Davy and Micky.

11) Davy had a part on a television show in
(a) Ben Casey;
(b) The Fugitive;
(c) Man from U.N.C.L.E.;
(d) Bonanza.

12) Peter’s real last name is
(a) Thorston;
(b) Torkman;
(c) Thorkelson;
(d) Thornstein.

13) Micky has a sister with each of the following names except
(a) Coco;
(b) Debbie;
(c) Kathy;
(d) Gina.

14) Davy’s height is
(a) 5 feet 2 inches;
(b) 5 feet 3 inches;
(c) 5 feet 4 inches;
(d) 5 feet 5 inches.

15) The most conscientious Monkee is
(a) Peter;
(b) Davy;
(c) Mike;
(d) Micky.

16) Mike’s favorite type of music is
(a) Rock and Roll;
(b) Country and Western;
(c) Show tunes;
(d) Jazz.

17) The freakiest dressing room on the Monkees set belongs to
(a) Micky;
(b) Mike;
(c) Peter;
(d) Davy.

18) Marilyn Schlossberg is
(a) Micky’s best friend;
(b) Monkees costume designer;
(c) National fan club president;
(d) The girl behind the Monkees.

19) Peter’s birth sign is Aquarius which means he
(a) never gets angry;
(b) has a leadership power over people;
(c) is very easy to please;
(d) always has to be with people.

20) When Davy returned to visit England one of his favorite pastimes was going back to the pub and playing
(a) checkers;
(b) chess;
(c) cards;
(d) darts.

21) The Nesmith dogs are named
(a) Spotte and Wool Hat;
(b) Fraak and Wool Hat;
(c) Fraak and You;
(d) Spotte and Fraak.

22) Micky has gone crazy over
(a) scuba diving;
(b) oil painting;
(c) sky diving;
(d) photography.

23) When Davy and Micky lived together they had a pet
(a) chimp;
(b) parakeet;
(c) ocelot;
(d) raccoon.

24) The one thing in the world Davy least desires is
(a) success;
(b) marriage;
(c) power;
(d) peace.

Micky Dolenz

25) Micky has a dog named
(a) You;
(b) Cat;
(c) Dog;
(d) Fluffy.

26) Davy recently got together with mates from England and
(a) went horseback riding;
(b) spent a night on the Strip;
(c) played soccer;
(d) threw a big party.

27) Chip Douglas is the Monkees’
(a) costume designer;
(b) record producer;
(c) director;
(d) song arranger.

28) Micky’s real name when he was in his TV series as a child was
(a) Micky Dolenz;
(b) Jimmy Braddock;
(c) Micky Braddock;
(d) Corky Dolenz.

29) Micky was born in
(a) Los Angeles;
(b) New York;
(c) Chicago;
(d) Texas.

30) Davy’s favorite reading matter is
(a) The Bible;
(b) Shakespeare;
(c) “A Tale of Two Cities”;
(d) poetry.

31) Peter is studying
(a) Spanish;
(b) Yoga;
(c) Russian history;
(d) chemistry.

32) The only Monkee who could act as an interpreter on the Monkees’ Paris visit was
(a) Peter;
(b) Davy;
(c) Mike;
(d) Micky.

33) Mike attended college in
(a) Houston;
(b) Dallas;
(c) Fort Worth;
(d) San Antonio.

34) Mike’s son’s name is
(a) Christian Michael;
(b) Michael Christian;
(c) Christian Du Val;
(d) Robert Du Val.

35) Davy’s fave color is
(a) purple;
(b) blue;
(c) red;
(d) chartreuse.

36) Davy has a treasured ring which is
(a) solid gold;
(b) two diamonds in a silver setting;
(c) a ruby;
(d) a black star sapphire in a silver setting.

37) The only married Monkee is
(a) Micky;
(b) Mike;
(c) Davy
(d) Peter.

38) The one thing Peter dislikes about doing the show is
(a) learning lines;
(b) having to get up early;
(c) being made up;
(d) sitting around between takes doing nothing.

39) Micky once starred in a TV series called
(a) Circus Life;
(b) Lassie;
(c) Circus Boy;
(d) Dennis the Menace.

40) More than any other quality in a girl, Mike values
(a) honesty;
(b) physical beauty;
(c) intelligence;
(d) sense of humor.

41) Davy really digs
(a) coconut candy;
(b) coffee candy;
(c) chocolate candy;
(d) cotton candy.

42) Micky buys many of his clothes at
(a) Charlie’s Clothes Store;
(b) Jacques Men’s Shoppe;
(c) Lenny’s Boot Parlor;
(d) The Londoner.

43) The lead on the Monkees’ first two singles was sung by
(a) Davy;
(b) Micky;
(c) Peter;
(d) Mike.

44) Micky named his oldest sister
(a) Coco Marie Sunshine;
(b) Coco Marie;
(c) Marie Sunshine;
(d) Coco Sunshine Marie.

45) Peter was born in
(a) Columbus, Ohio;
(b) Germany;
(c) Washington, D.C.;
(d) New York.

46) The most extroverted Monkee is
(a) Micky;
(b) Davy;
(c) Peter;
(d) Mike.

47) Davy is a Capricorn which means he
(a) is a loner;
(b) is never moody but always happy-go-lucky;
(c) is not easily hurt;
(d) is changeable.

48) In London, the Nesmiths spent a weekend with
(a) John and Cynthia Lennon;
(b) Maureen and Ringo Starr;
(c) George and Patti [sic] Harrison;
(d) Paul McCartney.

49) The style of clothes that is very big in London—AND with the Monkees is
(a) Carnaby Street;
(b) Italian;
(c) East Indian;
(d) Western.

50) The easiest Monkee to photograph is
(a) Mike;
(b) Davy;
(c) Peter;
(d) Micky.

Mike Nesmith
Mike loves to have fans remember his birthday.

Answer by circling T for true, F for false:

1) Micky has been making his own Indian beads.

2) The easiest way to get Davy to do something is to tell him he’s afraid to do it.

3) The Monkees definitely have an official leader.

4) Mike used to play at the Troubadour.

5) Micky digs wearing love beads.

6) Peter’s handwriting shows that he’s the most UNcomplicated Monkee.

7) Davy dislikes traveling so he usually keeps to himself and doesn’t talk much on the plane.

8) The thing Micky least desires in the world is money.

9) Peter has always been an avid reader and was one of the best even in grade school.

10) A long-time friend of Mike’s is Keith Allison.

11) Davy digs sweaters better than shirts.

12) Micky’s forward-slanting, even-flowing handwriting shows his outasite sense of rhythm.

13) Mike used to play in a group called “The Missing Links.”

14) Peter used to play and sing in the Troubadour in Hollywood.

15) Mike was once in a school production of “Oklahoma.”

16) The song on their third album called “Early Morning Blues and Greens,” sung by Davy, was written by Peter.

17) Davy knows how to play the drums.

18) Peter’s favorite food is potatoes.

19) Mike misses black-eyed peas like they’re made down South.

20) One of Micky’s favorite foods is chili.

21) Davy has tea-time everyday like a good Englishman should.

22) Backstage Mike is always worried about whether the equipment will work.

23) The idea of the Monkees show was conceived when the producer saw “A Hard Day’s Night.”

24) There were even more people at the Monkees press conference in London than attended Winston Churchill’s World War II Conference.

25) Mike is working on his pilot’s license.

26) Peter prefers candles to light bulbs in his house.

27) Davy played the part of “Oliver” in a musical in London and New York.

28) Peter composed and preached a sermon in his fourth grade class play.

29) Micky and Coco used to do dance routines and put on skits together.

30) Mike’s FAVORITE nickname is “Wool Hat.”

31) Peter has an ambition to become President of the U.S.

32) Mike is the tallest Monkee.

33) Davy DEFINITELY does not want his wife to have a job or career.

34) Micky and Coco were seriously thinking of cutting a record together at one time.

35) Mike has a violent temper.

36) When Davy was little he was a perfect angel and never teased his sisters.

37) Peter always wears socks that don’t match.

38) Micky has a small amount of American Indian in him.

39) Peter once spent three years of his life in Switzerland.

40) Mike believes the Monkees represent the American sound of today.

41) Peter’s life revolves around music.

42) Micky is a Pisces which means he’s a born actor.

43) Davy has said, “I’m looking forward to marriage, but I don’t want more than one or two children because I won’t have time for them with my career.

44) Peter says that “God is Love” is not his motto but his life.

45) Peter has an interest in electronics.

46) Davy was born in Liverpool, England.

47) Peter gets less sleep than any of the other guys on tour.

48) Mike always meets the butcher where he buys meat because he’s so particular about the meat his family eats.

49) Mike was born in Dallas and raised in Houston.

50) Davy would rather spend a quiet evening at home with a date than go out on the town.

Davy Jones
Davy is amazed by the facts fans know about him.



  1. T MS #7
  2. T MS #7
  3. F MS #2
  4. T MS #7
  5. T MS #7
  6. F MS #5
  7. F MS #2
  8. T MS #1
  9. T MS #2
  10. T MS #7
  11. F MS #7
  12. T MS #5
  13. F MS #4
  14. T MS #4
  15. T MS #3
  16. F MS #4
  17. T MS #4
  18. F MS #7
  19. T MS #7
  20. T MS #6
  21. F MS #7
  22. T MS #7
  23. F MS #7
  24. T MS #7
  25. T MS #7
  26. T MS #3
  27. F MS #1 (Artful Dodger in “Oliver”)
  28. T MS #2
  29. T MS #2
  30. F MS #1
  31. T MS #1
  32. T MS #1
  33. F MS #1
  34. T MS #2
  35. F MS #7
  36. F MS #4
  37. T MS #1
  38. T MS #3
  39. F MS #3 (Germany)
  40. F MS #5
  41. T MS #1
  42. T MS #6
  43. F MS #1
  44. T MS #1
  45. T MS #1
  46. F MS #1 (Manchester, England)
  47. F MS #1
  48. T MS #7
  49. F MS #1
  50. T MS #2


  1. c MS #1
  2. c MS #2
  3. d MS #2
  4. b MS #3
  5. d MS #4
  6. c MS #3
  7. c MS #3
  8. b MS #7
  9. b MS #6
  10. d MS #4
  11. a MS #1
  12. c MS #1
  13. c MS #3
  14. b MS #5
  15. c MS #1
  16. b MS #1
  17. b MS #7
  18. d MS #6
  19. b MS #5
  20. d MS #2
  21. d MS #5
  22. d MS #7
  23. d MS #7
  24. c MS #1
  25. a MS #1
  26. c MS #6
  27. b MS #4
  28. c MS #2
  29. a MS #6
  30. a MS #7
  31. b MS #7
  32. a MS #6
  33. d MS #7
  34. c MS #1
  35. b MS #1
  36. d MS #4
  37. b MS #2
  38. c MS #1
  39. c MS #1
  40. a MS #1
  41. a MS #7
  42. c MS #4
  43. b MS #4
  44. d MS #3
  45. c MS #1
  46. a MS #1
  47. d MS #7
  48. a MS #7
  49. c MS #6
  50. b MS #6

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 20–21, 38, 66