Peter’s Secret Home

Peter Tork

The blond Monkee reveals his plans for an outasite house

“The house I live in now is so close to everything that I’d like to keep it and get another house out in the country with lots of room.”

Peter, just like you, has an image of the house he’d love to live in. The one he has now is convenient for his work, and it’s got lots of greenery around it. There are many things he likes about it. So his dream house combines the good features of the one he lives in now with his added individual touches that flow from his unique, creative mind.

The color orange dominates his present house. He likes it because it’s warm and blends well with the atmosphere of his house, which means candles and peace and quiet.

He would probably drag his heavy, sturdy coffee table and his color television set with him when he moved, because he digs turning the dials around and seeing green people, red people and purple people.

He wants it to be away from the smog and hassles. “Not a couple of hours, but maybe one hour. In other words, I’d like to be able to go there from work. The drive would be worth it if I wouldn’t be in the city. I would also like it to be very private.”

Space and comfort are key words to Peter. “Comfortable means that I don’t have to take torture routes to get to the kitchen. I just want to walk from here to here easily. And I want a lot of floor space and things that I don’t have to watch out for too carefully.

“I would rather have something that was plain and ‘touchable’ than something that was pretty and terribly fragile. Mike’s buying a beautiful house and he’s having it filled with all kinds of groovy gadgets. I’m going to go over there when it’s done and spend some time just fooling with all his gadgets, if he’ll let me. I might have to go out and buy them myself for my house!

“Candles, instruments and a room for amplifiers are definitely going into my dream house. And I want all the nature that I can stuff into a house. Like, I’ll remove the formica and put down wood. I’ll get rid of the vinyl and put down wood. If I go down this road much further I’ll just have candles and no electricity at all. I don’t think I’d even miss it! Maybe I’ll even put a horse in my garage instead of a car!

“If I had a week to go to San Francisco, I just might do it by horse and camp out. It’s much more fulfilling and enjoyable and it’s fun! When you get down to nature, your life is not so shallow and you’re really participating. Once you’re willing to participate, the world is ready to participate with you.

“We’re using so many substitutes for naturals in houses today. I don’t like artificial things, I like the real thing! Like, plastic board are being used instead of wood. That may be filling up our lives, but I really think that the people are getting closer to nature. Everywhere the people are getting more natural, especially with the flower child movement. It’s getting better all the time.”

Peter’s got such a fantastic imagination that, with all his ideas, his dream house has got to be the most outasite one ever! It won’t be really elegant with all types of showy ornaments. Instead, it’ll be the kind you’ll really feel at home in, the kind you’ll want to visit again and again because you’ll feel welcome—where you can go in and think and be surrounded by warmth, color and music.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 18