Monkee Data

Source: Season 1 DVD Extras Gallery

REAL NAME: Robert Michael Nesmith
HEIGHT: 6 feet 2 inches
WEIGHT: 155 pounds
BIRTHDATE & PLACE: December 30, 1943 (Actually 1942), in Houston, Texas.
COLORING: Brown hair, brown eyes
FAMILY INFO: Mike’s mother’s name is Mrs. Bette Graham. His stepfather is Mr. Robert Graham. His father is Sergeant Major W.A. Nesmith, U.S. Army. Mike has no brothers or sisters.
MARRIAGE INFO: Mike married Phyllis Barbour, his college sweetheart, on March 16, 1963, in San Antonio, Texas. They have one son, Christian Du Val, who was born on January 31, 1964.
HOME INFO: Mike and Phyllis have one of the loveliest homes in Southern California, located high on Mulholland Drive, with a view for twenty miles in every direction.
MUSICAL TALENT: Mike composes, sings lead and harmony, plays lead guitar, pedal steel guitar, electric organ, and produces records.
COLOR: Blue, dark green
FOODS: Plain home cooking or very elegante haute cuisine
SPORTS: Hunting and Fishing
PREVIOUS OCCUPATIONS: Country music singer and composer.
HOBBIES: Cars! He has one of the fastest GTO’s in Hollywood, a customized Riviera, and a British Radford Mini-Cooper.
GREATEST WISH: To continue to enjoy a happy, active life—and to share it with others.

REAL NAME: George Michael Dolenz, Jr.
BIRTHDATE & PLACE: March 9 (Actually March 8), 1945, in Los Angeles, California.
HEIGHT: 6 feet even
WEIGHT: 135 pounds
COLORING: Brown hair, brown eyes
FAMILY INFO: Three younger sisters: Coco, 19; Debbie, 12; and Gina, 8. His mother and step-dad are Dr. and Mrs. Robert Scott. Micky’s father is deceased.
HOME INFO: Micky shares a luxurious Hollywood Hills apartment with his little dog “You.”
MUSICAL TALENT: Micky sings lead, plays drums and guitar.
COLOR: White
ENTERTAINMENT: Educational and documentary shows.
ANIMAL: Ocelot
SPORTS: Sports car racing and body building
DISCOTHEQUE: The Whisky a GoGo
FOODS: Home-made pizza
PREVIOUS OCCUPATIONS: Star of the television series “Circus Boy.”
HOBBIES: Making metal sculpture, collecting old movie posters, electronics, and motorcycling.
GREATEST WISH: To become a seasoned world traveler.

REAL NAME: Peter Halsten Thorkelson
BIRTHDATE & PLACE: February 13, 1942, in Washington, D.C.
HEIGHT: 5 feet 10 inches
WEIGHT: 150 pounds
COLORING: Blonde hair, brown eyes
FAMILY INPO: Peter’s mother’s name is Virginia (“Ginny”); father, H. John Thorkelson. Peter has two brothers, Nick, 22; and Christopher, 14; and one sister, Elizabeth, 11.
HOME INFO: Peter’s Hollywood Hills home has a long balcony and is walled in glass, providing a sweeping and beautiful view of Los Angeles.
MUSICAL TALENT: Peter plays banjo, piano, organ, recorder, and French horn.
COLOR: Red, orange, yellow… “fire” colors
ENTERTAINMENT: The Beatles, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Buffalo Springfield
ANIMAL: Arctic Tern
MUSIC: Singing, playing, and composing.
HOBBIES: Reading up on current events and sociology; sports car driving
GREATEST WISH: To become President of the United States.

FULL REAL NAME: David Thomas Jones
BIRTHDATE & PLACE: December 30, 1945, in Manchester, England.
HEIGHT: 5 feet 3 inches
WEIGHT: 110 pounds
COLORING: Brown hair, brown eyes.
FAMILY INFO: Three older sisters - Hazel, Beryl, and Linda. Davy’s mother is no longer living. His dad, Mr. Harry Thomas Jones, is a retired railroad man.
HOME INFO: Davy lives in a spacious new home in Hollywood… with an elaborate antique pool table right in the middle of the living room.
MUSICAL TALENT: Davy sings lead and harmony, plays percussion.
ANIMAL: Horses
SPORTS: Golf, Pool, Fishing
FOODS: Fish and chips, and lamb chops
DISCOTHEQUE: “The Cellar,” in London.
PREVIOUS OCCUPATIONS: Jockey in England, musical comedy star.
HOBBIES: Davy collects unusual cuff-links and autographs of the famous people he meets. He’s also a dedicated motorcyclist.
GREATEST WISH: To own a small but choice string of thoroughbred race horses and train them himself.