The Lo-Down

Bad news, bubie! The one and only BILL COWSILL is going to marry his long-time steady KAREN LOCKE (19) in late June or early July. BILL met KAREN, who hails from Allentown, Pa., two years ago in Newport, R.I. KAREN is a college student and plays the cello. Now, let’s see—MINI-MOM ought to be able to figure out a way to fit a cellist into the group! . . . Speaking of COWSILLS, DICK enlisted in the Army! He was not drafted. If you would like to write to him, here is his address: Pvt. Richard Cowsill, CO-D 6th BN, 2nd TNG-BDE, Ft. Gordon, Ga. 30905. He would love to hear from you! . . . MICKY DOLENZ and SAMANTHA JUSTE did not break up. She went home to visit her folks. MICKY’s farewell present to SAMMY was a return-trip ticket to Los Angeles . . . PETER is moving from the Hollywood Hills to Studio City (where he will now be neighbors with PHIL VOLK). PETER is semi-steady-dating a girl named ZELDA. She is short, petite and has dark hair. Don’t panic—it’s nothing serious! . . . DAVY is still seeing LINDA, his semi-steady, but he is also making the rounds—girlwise, that is. DAVY still isn’t sure that he’ll be able to get home to visit his dad this spring. Too bad! . . . And speaking of PHIL VOLK, when he was on the road with the BROTHERHOOD recently, one of 16’s sneaky photographers got into the dressing room and snapped the picture of DRAKE shaving off the former FANG’s mustache! That’s SMITTY peeking out of the shower, and the groovy cat on the right is the BROTHERHOOD’s new organist-pianist RONNIE COLLINS.

Muchas gracias to wonderful WOODY WOODBURY! First—for presenting SAJID KHAN with his GeeGee Award for Best TV Actor on his show (Gloria especially thanks you, SAJ, for the beautiful words!). Second—thanks to WOODY for presenting the wonderful ROONEY BROOTHERS, singing their new hit I’m Left To Wonder. It’s on Columbia records and I suggest that you run out and grab a copy right now! . . . Meanwhile back in beautiful Bel Air, SAJID played host to NAZZ drummer THOM. Hope you dig this shot of them. The beads THOM is wearing are a gift from SAJID! . . . It’s going to be a great year for presidents, and it’s just a crying shame that you’re all too young to vote!! Not only has PAT PAULSEN thrown his hat into the ring—so has MICHAEL J. POLLARD (hope you remember him as C.W. MOSS in Bonnie & Clyde). MICHAEL is shown here with deejay JIM LOWE as he signs a list of campaign promises (but why is he signing with a pipe?). JIM and MIKE have just released a record on Buddah—Michael J. Pollard For President. If you dig that absolutely fab poster of MIKE (in fact, if you dig any far-out and fantastic posters), send for the ABSOLUTELY FREE PETER MAX poster catalog. To order same, print your name and address clearly on a postcard and mail it to Peter Max Posters, 316 East 45th Street, New York City 10017.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 3
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 52