We Squeeze Love Secrets Out of Each Other

Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz
Coaxing! Confessing! One way or another, they tell us the truth!

Hold on to your plunkity-plunk heart-strings! You’re about to be shocked, startled and bamboozled by the most groovy, hot and sizzling love confessions The Monkees can confess!

It’s strictly “shh-don’t-tell-a-soul-or-your-life’s-not-worth-two-cents” stuff! And the best part about it is that it comes straight from the mouths of The Monkees themselves! (See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil—but tell plenty!)

All guys, even the Monkees, tend to get a wee bit shy when they talk about their own love lives. But when they talk about somebody else’s—that’s sumpin’ else! And the info you’re going to read dealing with what The Monkees had to say about each other (love-secret-wise)—that’s sumpun’ else, too!

You’re going to read, for example, about something that makes Davy just about flip his cork love-wise. No, Davy didn’t tell us about it… another Monkee or two did (And wild horses couldn’t drag the guilty culprits’ names out of us!) Same goes for the info on a special wedding Micky has in store! He didn’t tell us about it, of course… some other “little people” did! Then there are Peter’s female problems. And the Saturday and Sunday Mike took off for some lovey-dovey-ing. Well, Peter and/or Mike didn’t confess those things… their “furry” friends did! It all goes to show just what can happen when a bunch of Monkees start chattering!

If you’re interested in the most personal love-talk ever—start reading!

Davy Jones
Davy’s got a wicked grin on his face and perhaps a few naughty thoughts on his mind. We’ll let you in on em!

Something is driving Davy mad! It’s a very unusual—but very urgent—desire!

If you should see an attractive, tall, blonde girl walking down the street, chances are you’d be looking at the very “object” of Davy’s passion. In fact, there’s a good chance you’d see Davy, too—right behind her! Tall blondes just turn him on—so much so that he often can’t turn off again!

The way Davy sees it, there’s something awfully special about a beautiful girl with long blonde hair. And if she happens to be extra-tall, that’s even better! Davy’s been known to flip his mind over a few six-footers!

And one thing’s for sure, his 5'4" stance doesn’t hinder him in the least from winning the hearts of gals who are bigger than he is! According to The Monkees, girls (all girls) find Davy cute and lovable! And it’s not hard to understand why!

Once, we were told, all The Monkees were having lunch over at the studio. Davy was just about to take a bite out of his sandwich when, all of a sudden, he put it right back down on his plate. Before any of The Monkees could ask him what was the matter, Davy was up on his feet and walking toward the beautiful blonde starlet who’d just walked in the door.

She was at least a head taller than Davy, but that didn’t seem to bother either of them. It had all seemed to happen in a split second, and before the guys knew it, the young lady had joined them for lunch! And she and Davy were chatting and laughing as if they’d known one another for years.

Obviously, this kind of thing happens all the time. Davy just has a knack for meeting groovy-looking girls!

The incident that strikes the boys as the funniest happened one evening when all The Monkees were over at Micky’s house. Micky wasn’t feeling too well and his dog, You, had to be taken for a walk. Good-hearted Davy volunteered to help him out! So far, so good!

But one hour later he still hadn’t returned, so Peter decided to go downstairs and look for him. When he got outside, he had quite a surprise in store for him. There was Davy, with You, talking to one of the prettiest gals Peter had ever seen. Apparently she’d been walking her dog, too! Peter assured us that she was every inch as tall as he is, and Peter’s 5'11"!

After meeting two Monkees, the girl asked if she could meet the rest of the group. So Davy and Peter took her upstairs to meet Micky and Mike. Though she enjoyed being with The Monkees, there was no doubt that her eyes were on Davy! Davy’s dog walking turned out to be a fun evening. And it paved the way for a few dates to follow!

There isn’t much doubt that Davy has a winning way when it comes to girls—especially big blondes. And that’s not small talk!

Micky Dolenz
You can laugh now, Micky, but what about later? Like to guess?

Look! Here comes the groom! But what’s Micky thinking at this fateful moment? This fitful story tells it all!

What’s this? Is it true? Is Monkee Micky Dolenz really married? Of course he’s not, gals, so rest your minds. But when he does get married, he’s going to have a very special kind of marriage ceremony!

You see, Micky’s been to absolutely tons of weddings and he thinks they’re pretty much alike. Since Micky isn’t pretty much like anyone else, though, he’s not about to get married like anyone else, either. His marriage is going to be strictly Micky! *This all came to light, by the way, after Micky had been an usher at a friend’s wedding. Between takes on the Monkee set, he told his buddies about it… and about his personal wedding feelings, too!)

To begin with, it’s going to be a flaming, roaring extravaganza! It’s not that Micky doesn’t think that marriage is something which is sacred and personal—because he does. But, he also believes that if things start out right, they’re going to end up that way!

He thinks that the best kind of beginning is one filled with fun, humore [sic], people and a touch of seriousness. After all, these are the things that make up life!

Micky’s going to invite everyone he and his future bride (whoever she might be) like to his wedding. And that’s going to include an awful lot of people. But the way Micky figures it, “the more the merrier!”

Of course, there might be a problem in finding a place that’s big enough to accommodate all those people. But, Micky’s got the answer to that, too! He just might have his wedding ceremony right on one of California’s beaches. (You’re reading it right!)

It will be a late-afternoon wedding—lasting well into the night. Everyone will be dressed in casual attire. The ceremony will be simple and traditional. Micky thinks he might like to have his step-father officiate—he’s a minister, you know.

After that, there’s going to be the swingingest part that’s ever been thrown. There will be live orchestra, and lots of food and champagne.

It wouldn’t do you much good to look for Micky, though, while the party’s going on. He has full intentions of sneaking away with his bride to take a long walk on the beach. Micky’s sure that the moon will be full that night, and he and his new wife will be strolling under it—hand in hand. There will be no need for words, because the night will be so extra-specially beautiful.

Of course, Micky is still very much unattached as of now, so all of this is just a dream. And by the time that he’s ready to give up his bachelorhood, he might have a different kind of wedding in mind—a quieter one. And if he doesn’t his future wife might have some wedding ideas of her own.

Of course, Micky will want to take her feelings into consideration.

But, for the present, this kind of wedding ceremony is an awful lot of fun to think about!

Peter Tork
Peter doesn’t look too disturbed over his problem! Maybe he’s enjoying it!

Uh-Oh! Peter’s in hot water when it comes to women! Let’s see if we can give him some help…

Poor Peter Tork! He’s one Monkee who really has a problem—girls! It’s gotten so bad that he hardly knows what to do about the situation. But before you gals get to feelin’ too sorry for him, it might help you to know that it’s one problem most guys wouldn’t mind having!

You see, Peter’s got so many girls chasing after him, he doesn’t know what to do about all of them! They wait outside his house, come to visit him at home, write him tons of love letters and even call him on the phone!

Peter never knows when some gal’s going to call him at 3 o’clock in the morning (by the way, his number’s unlisted—but that doesn’t stop girls from getting it) to tell him how simply adorable his dimples are! Some girls ask him out, and some girls even propose to him!

And to make matters worse, (???) Peter’s got a girlfriend of his own. Her name is Leah Cohen and she’s awfully pretty and nice. Peter and Leah have no marriage plans as of yet, but still, a girlfriend’s a girlfriend—and sometimes she (like any other girl), can get a little jealous!

The Monkees told us about one night in particular that Peter certainly won’t forget too quickly! Leah was over at Peter’s Spanish style home, in the Hollywood hills, making him dinner. Peter was taking a shower, and Leah was in the kitchen cooking. The phone started to ring, so Leah answered it for him. Of course, it was a girl. Then another girl called, and another, and another and another.

Of course, Leah knows that Peter cares. But still, all those calls can get to a girl. And reading love poems that other girls wrote to your guy can really hurt, too!

At any rate, Peter and Leah had a “lovers’ spat” that evening over the other girls in Peter’s life! (The Monkees not only heard all about it, they practically heard it!)

Of course, that happened when they were first going out. Now Leah understands that Peter’s a Monkee and it’s only natural for him to have girl fans who love him. But, still, sometimes…

As we said, poor Peter Tork—he has some girl trouble!

Mike Nesmith
Ho-ho! Mike really put one over on his mates! For the details, read the tale!

They looked high and low, but he was not to be seen! These were two lost days when Mike found something important!

One Friday night, Micky, Davy and Peter went over to Mike Nesmith’s house to hear a new number Mike had written. To their surprise, no one seemed to be home!

They rang the doorbell for about ten minutes, but there was no answer. The guys just couldn’t believe it, cause they knew Mike expected them. Finally, they started to creep around the house and peek in the windows, but there was no sign of life—no Mike, no Phyllis, no Christian DuVal!

It was all very strange. Davy had seen Mike leave the studio and had even reminded him that the guys would be over about eight. It really wasn’t like Mike to disappear like that! The Monkees began to get worried. Could anything have happened? They called everyone they could possibly think of to ask if anyone had heard from Mike—but no one had! The concern mounted!

While Davy, Micky and Peter were worrying and search for Mike, The Nesmiths were having a simply marvellous time in San Francisco! In fact, they were having so much fun, they never stopped to think that people might be worried about their disappearance.

Here’s how it happened…

When Mike had gotten home that night, he and Phyllis decided to go out to dinner. But when they got to the restaurant, they were recognized and mobbed by fans! They didn’t stay for dinner—they just left.

The Nesmiths are a close family and they like to be able to do things that other families do—ordinary things, like eating out or going to a movie. But they never can, cause they’re always spotted and attacked by fans!

When they got back in the car that night, they decided they were going to have a weekend with just the three of them! They started to drive and before they knew it, they were in San Francisco.

Of course, there are plenty of Monkee fans in San Francisco, so they stopped off at a novelty store and Phyllis went in and bought Mike a fake beard and funny-looking dark glasses. That really did the trick.

Even Christian DuVal wasn’t sure that Mike was really his Daddy!

Then they checked into a hotel under an assumed name and spent the weekend like any other family on vacation. They went for dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf and took Christian DuVal to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Like all tourists, they went to Twin Peaks to catch a glimpse of the notorious prison, Alcatraz, and they went to Chinatown. It was one memorable, fun-filled weekend they’d never forget!

Mike had a little surprise in store for him, though, when he walked into the studio Monday morning. The whole place was in an uproar over the missing Mike Nesmith. The other Monkees were the first to surround him: They were all happy to find Mike safe and sound, but they were just a little bit angry at him. After all, Mike could have at least let them know where he was going, to they wouldn’t have worried!

But after they heard the whole story, they understood. Mike and his family had lost themselves for a couple of days and lived the way that other families do. For one entire weekend, Mike had just been a husband and father—and not a Monkee! The boys all agreed that it had been a groovy escape!

Magazine: Teen World
Editor: Elaine Moss
Volume: 10
Issue: 6
Publisher: Reese Publishing Company, Inc.
Pages: 6–10