How The Monkees Live

Because the Monkees’ homes are the only places where they are not Monkees, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith have probably put more of their real selves into their homes than any other facet of their lives. For this reason, by taking a look at how they live you can actually see a little more of the person behind the image.

More than any of the other Monkees, Mike’s home is a total extension of his philosophy and the realization of the dreams he had of “home” as a boy.

  • Mike Nesmith
  • Mike’s house
    Info Mike’s gorgeous home is what he’s always wanted. The peace and quiet that Phyllis needs to raise the children is right here. There’s a lovely yard to run in and the privacy Mike needs to do his composing. The Nesmiths have also become very gracious entertainers at home. It’s a groovy experience to be invited here for a party.
  • Mike’s house
  • Mike Nesmith

Mike grew up in the very poor section of Dallas, Texas. His mother worked to raise her son like other children, but still Mike felt the sting of having raggedy clothes, the feeling of hunger and the hope of something better for him and his mother.

Along with Mike’s longing for something better came his present philosophy which is greatly influenced by his religion, Christian Science. Both he and his wife, Phyllis, believe that if you desire material things and you have them, then they become less important. So, they spared no expense in building their beautiful home.

Peter Tork lives in the smallest and simplest house of all the four Monkees. He has mentioned, “When I went to look for my first house I thought of hills and cool green.” And so he found it.

Material objects to Peter are the least important things in his life, so his house and its furnishings are simple, yet very, very comfortable. Peter is currently looking for a bigger place since his current house can’t accommodate all his friends.

Micky Dolenz has a “thing” about children—he loves them, he loves their fairy tales and he would love to be one again. The house in which he lives is probably the closest he’ll come to returning to childhood himself.

Mick’s house sits half-way up a steep hill in Laurel Canyon and looks like a cross between a Swiss Chalet and the gingerbread house from Hanzel and Gretel. He’s currently building treehouses for the trees behind his house; and when he entertains he’s a very warm host who makes sure that everyone is having fun at all times. He serves his guests popsicles of all flavors and entertains them by showing movies like “Alice in Wonderland” in color. But as you can see, Micky’s house is a wonderland all on its own.

If Davy Jones’ house is an extension of him, as he says it is, then you’ll know right away his heart is still in England. He chose the house he now owns because to him it looked like an English country house.

At first Davy had a full-time housekeeper and cook, but when he missed doing those things himsef [sic], he let them go. Now he does almost everything himself. This is one of the ways Davy relaxes. Like the other Monkees, the times they seem to enjoy most are those spent at home with friends and family, because the houses themselves are sort of friends, too!

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 15
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 28–31