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Monkee DataUnknown
Mike Nesmith Speaks Out161967/02
The Story of My Life by Mike NesmithTiger BeatMike Nesmith1967/02
My Life in Pictures by Mike Nesmith16Mike Nesmith1967/03
Is Mike Nesmith Another John Lennon?Monkee Spectacular1967/05
The Monkee-Mailbox16The Monkees1967/06
76 Very Personal Fax About Mike NesmithFlip1967/06
Mike Talks About His ChildhoodMonkees MonthlyMike Nesmith1967/06
Monkees QuizMonkee Spectacular1967/07
Mike—“I Get Knocked Out..”Teen World1967/07
Monkee RumorsMonkee SpectacularAnn Moses1967/08
Mike Nesmith: “I Won’t Settle for Just One Woman”Movie MirrorRichard Lyon1967/09
Monkee RumorsMonkee SpectacularAnn Moses1967/10
75 Facts About The MonkeesMonkee Spectacular1967/11
My Four Days with The MonkeesMonkee SpectacularAnn Moses1967/11
Meow…w!Tiger BeatAnn Moses1967/11
Fun Time with The Monkees16Lynne Randell1967/12
How Well Do You Know The Monkees?Monkee Spectacular1967/12
Monkee RumorsMonkee SpectacularAnn Moses1967/12
You Travel with Me and The MonkeesFlipRic Klein1968/01
Our Friends The MonkeesMonkee SpectacularThe Sundowners1968/01
Fave RavesFave1968/02
Giant Answer IssueMonkee Spectacular1968/06
The Monkees’ Unauthorized BiographySuperTeen1987/05